From Cardinale and Levine to Singer – Milan’s entire board of directors

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan have got a new personnel member on the board of directors after the arrival of Randy Levine who is the president of the New York Yankees.

The American has been the president of the baseball club since January 2000 and he has been a huge part of creating what is now a globally recognised brand.

He was also the driving force behind the Yankees moving into a new stadium in 2009. This is prevalent given Milan are trying to build a new San Siro stadium with Inter.

He was also the lead negotiator in the sale of 80 percent of the network to 21st Century Fox and in 2019 led the negotiation to buy the YES Network from the Disney Company along with partners Amazon, Sinclair Broadcasting, Blackstone, Mubadala and RedBird Capital, who now own AC Milan.

Before his work with the Yankees, Levine was the deputy mayor of New York when Rudy Giuliani was in charge. Before that, he worked in the Department of Justice during the Ronald Reagan administration.

With Levine joining the club, here is the new full list of Milan directors:

  • Paolo Scaroni (AC Milan, Chairman)
  • Giorgio Furlani (AC Milan, Chief Executive Officer)
  • Stefano Cocirio (AC Milan, Chief Financial Officer)
  • Gerry Cardinale (RedBird, Founder and Managing Partner)
  • Randy Levine (New York Yankees, President)
  • Alec Scheiner (RedBird, Partner)
  • Niraj Shah (RedBird, Principal)
  • Isaac Halyard (RedBird, Vice President)
  • Gordon Singer (Elliott, Equity Partner and Managing Partner)
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    1. Honestly…I don’t know how they want to take Milan back to the top with this attitude. Am sure they are happy that Juve has gone down to 10th position, with the hope that they can at be within top 4

    2. The amount of times you talk about being ashamed to be a Milan fan is quite revealing about your true character. Milan is ashamed to have you for a fan…

  1. LOL you whiny lil wankers… 😀 😀 😀

    “The Yankees have won 27 World Series in 40 appearances, the most in Major League Baseball in addition to major North American professional sports leagues”

    “Through 2021, the Yankees have an all-time regular season winning percentage of .570 (a 10,548 – 7,953 record), the best of any team in MLB history.”

    “The Yankees have won a record 27 World Series championships. ”

    Yeah… What do these Yankees know about sports, right? 😀 😀 😀

    1. And I’m sure all you whiners would be qualified to run an actual football club as you have played a couple of hours of FM on your consoles, right? You know how it’s done, right?

      Paratici & Agnelli have done soooo much better lately too, eh? 😀

    2. Haha right, Milan adds someone who knows how to navigate a bureaucracy in order to build a new stadium to increase revenue so the team can actually sign quality/immediate impact players and some wankers act like that’s a bad thing! Some ppl are just irrational and expect instant gratification.

    3. Ok and Yankees have won world series only twice under LEVINE as president. Once in 2000 when he took over and second 2009. They HAVEN’T WON anything since. Besides this past season they have been horrible, the were somewhat better last season due to a great player. They have been milking those stats that you mentioned ( Yankees brand) for a long time now. Yes YANKEES brand is a money maker machine, but not titles. That kind of gameplay doesn’t work in eu, period. MAN U brand lasted a few years after Ferguson golden era. But eventually went down significantly.

      1. Also, no one is in position to judge these owners yet since, our economic situation is not good compared to big clubs in englan, spain. Germany, france etc. Im not rushing into judgment yet. Time will tell. One thing is for sure baseball and other american sports franchises differ from the great game, economically speaking.

        1. man utd pretty much proved money isnt everything, How much has they spend the last decade ? a billion or two billions or maybe more and with what to show.
          If milan had the spending power utd has we would propably have won several serie a and cl trophies in the last decade.
          A club can be run smart with smaller ammounts than just splashing cash on whatever player that might be hyped after one or two good season to show.
          In the end though only time will tell if this ownership will come out good so giving them time to prove themselves certainly seems ike the wisest standpoint. For what we know they might reases the squad before the summer where they might shows their clear intentions.

  2. Andrea Agnelli may have since entered the sin bin for other reasons, but he absolutely hit the nail on the head earlier this week when he said in a speech at a meeting of Juventus’s shareholders: “European football needs a new system, otherwise it risks a decrease in favour of a single dominant league which within a few years will attract all the talent of European football within its league, completely marginalising the other leagues and the others are already marginalised.” He was, of course, referring to the EPL’s economic domination of European football. The broadcasting revenues of the EPL dwarf those of the continental leagues and is the chief reason why there’s a growing and alarming disparity of wealth between EPL clubs and their continental rivals. The only way continental clubs will be able to rectify this structural imbalance and match EPL broadcasting revenues is to form a merit-based, multi-divisional pan-European league (EL) to replace existing domestic leagues. EL will capture the imagination of football fans and advertisers around the world and attract huge broadcasting revenues. English clubs should be invited to join the EL, but their participation, whilst desirable, isn’t essential. The Champions League, given its current format, isn’t the solution to the extreme financial inequality at the heart of European football so long as the EPL remains in existence. Europe has arrived at an historic fork in the road. Continental leagues must merge or they’ll likely be relegated forever to a marginalised status, exactly as Agnelli has said. This is a revolutionary moment that requires radical and enlightened remedial measures. What’s the position of AC Milan’s board of directors on this issue that so critically affects the future of the beautiful game in Europe? Do they support the formation of an EL to replace Serie A and the other continental leagues, or do they want to keep the status quo? Building a new stadium, just as Juventus did, won’t be enough; nor will Cardinale’s plans to turn AC Milan into an entertainment company. If he and the board want to restore AC Milan to its former glory as masters of the universe, the Rossoneri will have to bid farewell to Serie A and, along with other continental clubs, ply their trade in future in the EL. With their strong American connections, the board appear to be well-placed to lead efforts to transform the structure of the European game. Are they visionary, ambitious, and entrepreneurial enough to do that?

  3. “Building a new stadium, just as Juventus did, won’t be enough; nor will Cardinale’s plans to turn AC Milan into an entertainment company. If he and the board want to restore AC Milan to its former glory as masters of the universe, the Rossoneri will have to bid farewell to Serie A and, along with other continental clubs, ply their trade in future in the EL.”

    Nostradamus, is that really you? Naaah, it’s not. Cardinale’s plans will be enough.

    1. they better not join a super league and abandon serie a, The vast majority of fans wouldnt accept such a move and i think they would risk getting lynched by a mob if we were to go as far as abandoning the league.

    2. I must assume you’re being sarcastic. What are “Cardinale’s plans” apart from turning AC Milan into a global entertainment company? (The new stadium isn’t his plan – he inherited it from Elliott.) What kind of show-biz razzle-dazzle does he have in mind in order to generate greater revenues so that he can keep the unique generational talent that’s Leao, win the Scudetto and the Champions League year-after-year, and turn Milano into the capital of world football again? If you can answer that question satisfactorily for me, then I may be persuaded that “Cardinale’s plans will be enough.”

      1. “The new stadium isn’t his plan – he inherited it from Elliott.”

        The new stadium is a crucial part of the project. It doesn’t matter whose idea it originally was (actually, it was already Barbara Berlusconi’s…).

        I dunno if you’ve noticed but Cardinale has already hired plenty of “revenue professional” who aim to increase the … you guessed … REVENUE. They know how to do that – even if the fans on some random website think they know better how to run an actual football club and how to make millions into billions.

        “What kind of show-biz razzle-dazzle does he have in mind in order to generate greater revenues so that he can keep the unique generational talent that’s Leao, win the Scudetto and the Champions League year-after-year, and turn Milano into the capital of world football again?”

        Unfortunately Gerry changed his phone number recently and didn’t send me the new one so we haven’t talked about his plans lately. But he assured me before buying Milan that he had big plans and told me to “trust me, my friend”.

        Good enough for you? The f* do I care? 😀

  4. Why woudn’t the majority of fans in Italy accept such a move? Don’t be emotionally and intellectually reflexive and make false assumptions before you’ve considered all the facts and done a careful analysis. The EL idea isn’t to get rid of any clubs in Italy’s and the continent’s other leagues, but to have them play on a bigger stage – a European League – instead of in the existing national leagues, which have a limited global appeal and are thus unable to generate much larger TV broadcasting revenues. EL isn’t Florentino Perez’s and Andrea Agnelli’s “Super League”, where certain clubs appear to be assured of places in its first division regardless of their results each season, but a league modelled exactly on current national leagues in Europe where teams are promoted and relegated on performance. The key difference will be that in the EL, clubs throughout Europe will be competing each season against other continental clubs instead of those only in their own country. Europe has become one country, and it’s time the structure of its club football competition reflected that reality. Imagine how exciting it will be for fans not just in Europe but all over the world – and how lucrative it would be for the clubs involved – if great teams like AC Milan, Inter, Juventus, Real Madrid, Atletico, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern, Benfica, and Ajax were to play against each other twice each season – assuming they’re all in the EL’s first division? No club in Europe will go out of business by joining the EL; no one working in the football industry will lose his job. On the contrary, Europe’s football economy will grow and the EL’s more substantial broadcasting deals will strengthen all its clubs financially. EL will become the “world league”, replacing the EPL which currently enjoys that exalted status. The EL idea is driven by the imperative to eliminate the growing and extreme financial imbalance between EPL and continental clubs – which is bad for football. Only PSG – a Qatari para-statal – and Real Madrid appear currently to be on an equal financial footing with top EPL clubs; though even in Real Madrid’s case, Perez is saying its long-term competitiveness is in serious jeopardy. Money can’t always buy success in football; you also need wise administration, astute talent scouts, great coaches, fit and happy players, tactical savvy, and luck. However, without money, it’s very difficult to win the most sought-after trophies. Currently, eleven of the 20 wealthiest clubs in the world are in the EPL. Only 3 Italian clubs are in the top 20. No wonder EPL clubs are dominating the Champions League and Italian clubs are falling by the wayside. No wonder the very best coaches and players are increasingly gravitating to the EPL. Talent goes where the money is. Occasionally, continental clubs may punch above their economic weight and do well in Europe, but more often than not these days it’s the EPL clubs that are ruling the roost. If you’re an AC Milan fan who has the Rossoneri’s best interests at heart and wants our club to reclaim its position as one of football’s superpowers, you must call for not just the immediate construction of a new stadium in Milano, but also the urgent creation of a more level playing field in Europe.

  5. Will somebody – anybody – please tell me what are “Cardinale”s plans” for elevating AC Milan to the summit of European football again, otherwise my imagination is going to run wild as I contemplate what he has in mind when he recently said that he wants to transform the club into an “entertainment company”. Does that mean he’s going to buy the famous Teatro alla Scala in Milan and stage operas there to be broadcast to a world-wide audience via Milan TV? Will these productions – soap or serious – feature current and former AC Milan stars (players, coaches, owners, administrators)? Will the Ultras be allocated special seats in the theatre? And why limit the diversification of the brand away from its core football business to entertainment? How about also launching a Rossoneri fashion label in Milan – the global capital of haute couture? In other words, turn AC Milan into an international conglomerate, with interests ranging in everything from entertainment and fashion to natural resources, IT, aviation, and manufacturing (eg. Milan Oil; Milan Mining; Milan Tech; Milan Air; Milan Auto). Develop the AC Milan brand (Planet Milan) and exploit it to project the Rossoneri into all spheres of economic activity. And from the exponentially greater revenues that will almost certainly flow into the coffers, pay Rafael Leao whatever he’s demanding to keep him forever at the club. Will that be the strategy Cardinale and his board adopt to try to restore AC Milan’s primacy on the pitch if they’re unwilling to take the initiative and press for the formation of a European League to replace Serie A and all other national leagues on the continent?

    1. TL;DR

      I trust Cardinale who knows how to run a business and what needs to be done to make Milan have better financials than keyboard warriors like you who acts like he knows anything about running a business and a football club.

      So shut the F up kid and let grown up do their job.

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