Tuttosport: Cardinale likely to watch Sassuolo game from New York – RedBird’s plan for Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

The game against Sassuolo is one of the most important in the club’s history, but off-field matters continue to get column space in the newspapers.

Tuttosport (via MilanNews) report that Paul and Gordon Singer will most likely be present at the Mapei Stadium from the pivotal match this evening between Sassuolo and Milan, with the Rossoneri needed just a draw to be crowned champions.

It must be noted that a few thousand miles away Gerry Cardinale, the founder of RedBird, will almost certainly be watching from New York having become the latest big admirer of Milan.

Once the season is over, there will be a potentially short wait to nail down the final agreements with RedBird. The American fund will pay €1.3bn to buy from their compatriots and their plan is one based around continuity, meaning the good work of Elliott will not be undone and the management of Maldini and Massara should remain. As for Gazidis, the situation is postponed to November as his deal expires then.

RedBird are a fund specialising primarily in the world of sports, with interests in the NFL, the New York Yankees, the XFL, Toulouse (who got promoted last week) and a stake in the Fenway Sports Group which owns Liverpool.

Their strategy is in place and it has a track record of being successful, but for Milan’s growth it will be important to increase revenues and get the stadium project moving, which in turn would trigger a €500m ‘earn-out’ bonus in Elliott’s favour.

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  1. “and it has a track record of being successful”. Which track record? They own a club that was promoted from French 2nd league and New York Yankees that have last won the title 15 years ago. They do make money out of all of their investments, but they aren’t really successful in terms of titles. And no, having a minority stake at Liverpool means nothing, they do not run the club, they haven’t been asked a a single question. I hope I’m not right, but the policy of funds like these isn’t to win titles but to make money for themselves. They do not really care about winning, but increasing profit from matchday revenue, merchandise etc.

    1. Ok, so they really don’t have anything to do with running the Yankees as well. They just own the Yankees network. They have a “track record of being successful” by buying Tolouse, and getting it up, that is it.

  2. So what was the track record of Elliott Fund? And where did they take us? Yeah. Better judge them already even before the sale. We’re doomed. DOOOOOMED!

    At least the previous owner slashed out money and Milan became glorious again. Right?

    1. As a Milan fans , we’ve already seeing bad management for long time , so the main reason I’ve still believe in redbird is they were still keeping maldini mascara mocanda and gazidis , and the rest of it just want n see , and let our Milan being sustainable on revenue terms , and hope they were buying a good ST , CAM , and RW. So pioli system can fullfil his full potential

    2. Listen, there is a clear difference between the 2 funds that wanted to buy us. You can use your halfwit sarcasm but that doesn’t change the fact that Milan could spend more with the other company as they would get new lucrative sponsorships in 30 seconds and bring money into the club and American fund will take money out of the club, like they do anywhere they invest. They don’t need to win titles to do that. You don’t even have to be smart to understand the difference, so I hope you got it.

    3. And if that wasn’t clear to someone like you, I was obviously refering to the part of the article that says they “have a track record of being sucessful”, which is a lie. So you could also direct your halfwit sarcasm towards the author and ask them why are they mentioning the track record when Elliot had none. You idiot.

      1. “the fact that Milan could spend more with the other company”

        How is that a fact? It is a complete unknown based on a hypothetical situation. Not saying you are wrong, but hardly the basis to call someone an idiot for sharing a differing opinion to yours. Surely we can be more civil seeing as we are all cheering for the same team and are all entitled to our opinion.

        For the record, I suppose I must be an idiot as well because I am not opposed to giving redbird a fair chance before passing judgement on them. Much like I wasn’t when Elliot took over.

        1. I like your passion for milan but sir we don’t have time for giving fair chances…elliot came out of necessity…it was a forced take over nothing we can do or have our say on….but this is different take over its jumping ships yes we should be civil and choose our words wisely I agree but buying and selling clubs are no easy things either….from one American to another dont you think milan deserves someone like haland who are man city but what we lack is investments….this is a point football has become a business your revenues increase on performances or either by having own assets….which we both lack we got lucky this year but if we don’t invest like bits we loosing players like kessie we will be back to square one….I love milan but against this take over I know it will be elliot 2.0

          1. I understand your point and while luxuries like Haaland would be a dream for any club as you astutely suggested, they are luxuries which only 7 clubs in the world can afford who all have very different revenue to Milan. I would suggest that no prospective owner would be able to sufficiently circumnavigate FFP to make that happen as Milan simply does not generate sufficient revenue and I suspect (could be wrong) that state-owned sponsorship will be clamped down on moving forward after this debacle with Mbappe. My point is that no owner will be able to spend freely on Milan as we would all want. I am also Canadian, so hello neighbour!

          2. And he will be called an idiot every time he uses that idiotic passive aggresive sarcasm on me. He did the same as I did, but by being sarcastic, I’d slap him if he said it to me in person.

          3. @Honest truth, what kind of revenue did City have before Sheikh Mansour came? Who actually knew anything about City? This was my whole point, they build clubs, American owners bought clubs at the top, find one they’ve built from bottom to be successful in sporting results, not making money for them. Stop being ridiculous, Redbird has 0 real experience, if you think French 3rd or 2nd league promotions are similar to getting Milan to fight for the title every year and being relevant in Champions league then we really don’t have anything to discuss. I’m not saying they can’t do good, but long term they want money, not fame or validation like Arab owners do. They don’t need more money, the come to spend. It isn’t about spending 300M per year but I’d always rather have someone who is looking to spend own the club, compared to someone looking to profit from it and every fan should.

        2. It takes about 5 minutes to find which clubs are owned by Arab owners and how exactly have they worked. And another 3 minutes to see who is behind Investcorp. Exactly like that. And Redbird has a strategy which is public, and yes, it doesn’t involve decreasing their investor profit for fan happines.

          1. I will tell you who is behind investcorp it’s a Saudi investor and connected with uae royals….yes investcorp is an engine which is used to buy milan….lesser scrutiny more feasible situation for Club to operate…my honest friend ffp rules can be easily managed if you know how to use money….ppl will spend freely this club isn’t joke the foundations are already there. I am not saying you spend 100 m plus to buy single player but instead have 100m to spend on each transfer, lift salary cap reasonably and then see how charismatic Maldini charm takes its effects. It was our good luck kalulu stepped in or we wouldn’t be here at this stage of almost winning title but you can’t be this thin if you wana aim high…..if you simply say ffp rules will held us back well its forgone conclusion for some state supportd entities….yes billionaires entities will be under scrutiny unless they have their own companies to sponsor but for state enterprise its different which investcorp is…..BTW Bahrain is a sister state of both uae and Saudia….bless

  3. We are lucky to progress this far and kudos to Maldini and masara plus the man pioli….with Middle Eastern fund I tell you again these guys are crazy in single year revenues will jump from 200 m to 400 m how? their state sponsored entities will invest there goes your ffp rules….they are different to Chinese and Americans. Americans well they have a history of taking money out of clubs they will cover looses but common ppl they are prudent and savy investors…with no stadiums you cant generate revenues and hoping to qualify for champions league every without substantial investments….all of us know we over achieved this year and proud of this fact…..but we need investments that won’t come from these so called American funds….their only job is to increase retail values in years time.we have Maldini and masara two magicans now look at bigger picture with enough funds they will make us conquer seria a….I am totally shocked what track record are we talking about lol american football is different to European ones so as markets we operate lol height of stupidity what this articles says….

    1. Exactly, you can see where Man City is and where Man Utd is. Glazers bought Man Utd at the top, and they made great money while messing up the club in the process. Big part was Ferguson leaving but they were incompetent to do anything about it while Sheikh Mansour bought Man City and built one of the top 5 clubs in the world. He didn’t make any money from it.

      1. They recently bought palermo which is a part of their sporting empire but they won’t be provided with hush money its simply for investment propose but churning out talents for future..this is called vision buying bits and maintaining city fc as their trophy club well sometimes luck runs out you don’t win but they are managed more better than psg which has a toxic environment….milan deserves someone better not against American funds but past makes us say they are not we all expect….roma was there for us to see and even now…..middle east is crazy about football these days because because of Qatar World Cup which wasn’t even possible a decade ago…..but well what ever fans i want milan to dominate and get their lost prestige back….

  4. Just incase you guys don’t know but am sure you do. Milan is winning the title this season only because inter and juventus messed up. Come next season we should not expect the same luck

  5. First I appreciate Elliot’s work in cleaning up the mess that Li/Fassone/Mirabelli left us. Kudos for cleaning up the books. However cleaning up the books to make us more attractive as an INVESTMENT for a new buyer is one thing. Running a successful club year in and year out that WANTS TO COMPETE FOR TITLES is another. They are NOT one in the same and many ppl on this chat don’t understand that. Atalanta is a prefect example. They balance the books every year and are actually one of the ONLY clubs in Serie A and in Europe that make a PROFIT. But Atalanta doesn’t win sh*t every year and sell their best players after a few seasons. Now is that the club we want to emulate??? Elliot’s goal was turning us into Atalanta. Great they accomplished that and made us a very attractive INVESTMENT. Question you all should be asking is what will Redbird do? Will they make us become a profitable club that doesn’t win anything and sells our players to bigger clubs OR will they SPEND$$ and take us to that next level. Because without spending we will not win anything. Keeping the same model as Elliot (as Redbird indicated they will do) won’t get us there. The clubs that spend the most $ 90 percent of the time win. This year IMO was a masterful coaching display by Pioli and creative business my M&M. We cannot and should not expect that every season. Let’s face it none of us thought we would be a tie away from our first Scudetto in 11 yrs w the team we assembled. Many things went our way (most importantly was the development of our young players like Tonali Kalulu Tomori etc…) The NEW players we are bringing in Origi Sanches and Botman are great signings by M&M – but essentially they are REPLACEMENTS for Ibra (whether he plays again or not we need a replacement for him as his body won’t hold) Kessie and Romagnolli. They should all be upgrades potentially or at the very least the same caliber. But who are we ADDING to the squad to take that leap in quality and depth? CAM RW back up LB etc…we must ADD to sustain our position at the top of the league let alone CL. Those that are on this chat praising Elliot for their work are fine but realize the model they created is not a model for titles but a model for investment. I’m not saying the new owners need to go crazy and spend 300M at all. But I would hope they reward the players we have that deserve it (Tonali Kalulu Leao Bennacer Mike, etc…) and don’t take a hard line w a 4.5M wage ceiling so as to risk losing our young talent – and they actually give M&M a solid budget to help continue to BUILD upon what they created to take that next step and return us to glory. Build a new stadium of our own (not shared) would be ideal as well. Investcorp was going to do that and build a youth sector. I have a feeling we fans will be disappointed in a few seasons if Redbird keeps the same Elliot model. We are all excited now because we could win a title – but I wonder if we would all have felt same way if we were sitting in 5th right now. Would we still feel Elliot were these amazing owners? Lol. I think not. We were all pissed when we sat on our hands in January and Juve bought Vlahovic. We took a huge gamble we would have enough to compete without any signings in Janauary and guess what we made it. But do you think that will happens again next season? We were fortunate everything panned out and again hats off to Pioli who performed miracles w this roster. Anyways let’s hope for the best w Redbird but I am not as optimistic as some are on here about them (their experience in “sports” as an argument they would make great owners is laughable btw) and think most will be disappointed having them as owners instead of Investcorp. Time will tell and I hope I am wrong. We will see

    1. Exactly you said it all what I am trying to say its not about Red Bird and being investcorp supporter its about the betterment of milan….trust me juro this club is something if you once get attached with it simply takes your breath away. We all know what elliot did appreciable but what Red bird will do will most probably be the same….right as you finished fingers crossed who ever owns it better aim high they should shoot for the moon if they will miss they will still land amongst the stars…..

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