Cassano claims Inter ‘could have won 7-0’ in the derby: “The Milan players were crushed”

By Oliver Fisher -

Antonio Cassano is a man who is known for not holding back when it comes to expressing his opinions on football, especially his two former clubs AC Milan and Inter.

Cassano spoke to the microphones of Bobo TV about the derby last Saturday between Inter and Milan which the Rossoneri won 2-1 thanks to a brace inside the final 16 minutes from Olivier Giroud. As often happens, Cassano’s opinion clashes with that of the general consensus, but this time he has gone very bold.

“Maybe the match didn’t look so good at home… Inter could have won 7-0, from start to finish. They conceded two goals in 5 minutes, a blackout in which they conceded two causal goals, the first after a deflection from Brahim Díaz and the second with Samir Handanović not good on Giroud’s beautiful play. Even in the second half, the Nerazzurri had 4-5 wasted starts. The Rossoneri have never shot on goal, except in those 5 minutes,” he said.

“Did Díaz change the game? Stratospheric Sandro Tonali? In this match I have not seen any of this. In the first half, all the Milan players were crushed. Second half, three minutes (70-75) and then again only Inter from 75 to 90.

“Inter deserved both in the first and second half. Milan did nothing. Junior Messias and Díaz never took it. The Rossoneri don’t even know how they managed to win this match. I didn’t see any difference between the first and second half as everyone says. Three minutes changed the derby, that’s all.”

You would be hard pushed to find anyone who would argue against the idea that Inter were the better side throughout the opening 45 minutes, as they generated a number of clear cut scoring opportunities, but only Ivan Perisic’s volley from a corner broke the deadlock.

However, Milan weathered the storm well, hung in there and in the second half – especially the final 16 minutes of the game – things changed dramatically. Giroud equalised with an instinctive finish from a deflected Brahim Diaz shot, and then he span Stefan de Vrij before firing into the bottom corner to win the spoils.

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  1. Our defense is good …and our attack was wake for few minutes…we won it…that’s all matter…when u enter a pitch as under dog…

  2. Facts are Inter had a few clear shots on goal that were saved by Magic Mike, and a few longer range shots that you would expect the keeper to save, Milan had a few longer range shots that were saved by their keeper and a few close range shots that we scored from. For him to say they should have won 7-0 is complete bs, we were better for at least 55 minutes in the whole match and we fought for every ball in that second half, we deserved that win, we fought for that win and its about time people gave this Milan team the respect it deserves, no one in this league is head and shoulders better than us and on our day we will beat any team

    1. They will not got The respect they deserve with players like Theo and fans who trow cigarettes and kick a young kid in the sector below the curva sud… and the last sentence.. you lost to Sassuolo, Spezia, Fiorentina.. on a good day of The opponent every team Can win against Milan also. Im not an Inter fan and not of fan of every serie a team but i came on this site, good site btw, on The Inter one there are a lot of ads. You cant win a Serie a if you lose against the small teams, im not surprised if Samp take Points from you in San Siro

        1. My English is more than fine, only I lost the text on a small part. But what do you think Milan is missing? In terms of players in which position do I mean? Definitely a striker I guess? The midfield is fine, maybe get Brozovic but I think he will extend.

          1. Last time I checked whoever had the most points vs all teams won the league not just Sassuolo and Fiorentina. Besides with some competent officiating Milan would have got some points from Spezia. But the real question is who do you support? You sound to me like some troll..,

      1. You’re absolutely right about winning “small” games, though there are not too many small teams in Serie A if any, but yes those are the game than win titles. If you have to play and win a derby to secure a title, either ligue is very strong and every game is a derby or you’re doing something wrong.

        And yes, despite us soaring high because of the win against our great rivals, we are painfully aware that our attack department is lacking. We need a young established striker, proper RW or two and a strong trequartista.

        Still, we are still intoxicated by our magnificent win, so cut us a little slack. Let us enjoy the moment a while longer.

      2. What Theo do are just similar with Chiellini do to bukayo saka in euro final ( result italy win ) or Valverde tackle Morata at injury time super cup final ( result real Madrid win ). Diego Simeone coach of Atletico Madrid not angry and say he will instruct his player do the same for winning. It is normal in sport as long what you do not injury harder opponent. We can see dumfris still healthy after Theo tackle . Ilermerda player are suspended 2 match because insult referee, Simone suspend 1 match because say bad word to referee,lautaro fined 10k euro ,is this still can get respect?

      3. Ill assume you support some team that will be lucky to get the europa league.
        Or a very cowardly interista. Fxxx off

        Theo is awesome. Dumb fries is nothing

      4. I would say it was an act of justice.
        In the first derby this season we were dominating over Inter. We were much stronger, but the game ended with a 1-1 draw.
        So it is fair we got 3 points this time even ‘Inter looked stronger’.

    2. Yes of course! As exactly as my facts
      I believe they dominated 45 minutes of the first half,but we came back in the second half, especially the last 16 minutes

  3. Look at the stats. We had more possession, almost 100 more completed passes and only two less shots on target, while commuting 6 less fouls.
    Sometimes the eye can deceive you. We played better for the entire 90 minutes and won deservedly.

    1. Did you watch the game? We had a nice period at the end of the first half, and we were slightly better than inter in the second, but first half? Better? No fucking way.

  4. What a f*cker….
    It’s a shame we had this piece of sh*t in our team once. Will say everything so people won’t forgive who the F he is.
    Yeah Inter were the better side, but there was no total dominance. We won it against all the chances but for some dumbas*es it’s still hurts to admit.
    Forza Milan!

  5. Milan – spezia played the whole game the result had to be 12 – 0 but spezia won the game , the ref gave them a present to win , cassano who do you think you are a piece of sh**t go f******ck yourself in 2 years time MILAN the pride of italy winners of thropys shall rise again till death Forza MILAN FOREVER

  6. Someone remind him that a match lasts 90 minutes.He’s been retired for awhile…A comment like this doesn’t change the fact that he was a great player.Just shows that once it’s over,all greats tend to say dumb things.

  7. Cassano has forgotten he used to be Zlatan’s little water boy when they both played for AC Milan. Because of Zlatan’s presence Cassano could play well because Ibra kept his discipline breakdowns tight. Otherwise no one would know who Cassano was.
    Anyway he still has that big mouth and little brain which ruined his career.

  8. This guy is an ungrateful mf’s!

    Milan treated his heart disease but what he did to repaid that kindness? He left Milan right after scudetto and joined Inter!

    Seriously F 👎 this guy!

  9. Bla bla bla, the final result counts. Maybe Inter played better for a bigger margin of the game, but nothing extraordinary. Maybe Cassano is watching a lot of fiction on netflix.

  10. Every public comment he makes is such a sad cry for attention. No one treats him seriously. He even kinda looks like one of those troll dummies.

  11. Cassano. Once a joke, always a joke. For a brief time that guy seemed like an “OK” guy (while in Milan) but then the reality struck again as that idiot left for Inter.

    Still a whining baby who knows nothing. Cassano makes even Balotelli look like normal.

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