Di Marzio: Castillejo leaves Milanello with Sampdoria close to sealing loan deal

By Oliver Fisher -

Speculation continues to grow suggesting that Samu Castillejo could leave AC Milan before the window shuts with Sampdoria pushing to complete a deal.

Gianluca Di Marzio reports how it has emerged the last few minutes that Sampdoria are trying to close their winter transfer window with one last important signing to give new head coach Marco Giampaolo some attacking depth.

The Sampdoria leadership are in contact with Milan for Samu Castillejo, and the report claims that the parties are in contact to seek an agreement and define the details that would see the 27-year-old move to the Genoa-based club on loan.

Samp tried to agree a deal with Sassuolo for Defrel but they were unable to do so, which convinced their management to try again for Castillejo who Giampaolo knows well. The negotiation was concocted at the last minute but it is already very well underway and the closure is very close.

The two clubs are in close telephone contact, the player has already left Milanello and future seems to be heading more and more towards being a Blucerchiate player.

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    1. First, you should create a Faivre website called “semprefaivre.com” instead of Milan because it seems that you are more fan of him than of the club.

      At Milan now seems more realistic than in the previous seasons before Pioli took over the team. At least, Milan can have the team to compete for the Champions spot. Also some players have grown because of being at Milan, such as Tomori, Theo, Calabria, Tonali, etc. Of course other ones left too such as Donnarumma or Kessie(which it will happen for sure). But those contracts of those players were made by the previous Milan management, not the current one. Milan is getting back their popularity and the team is still growing. Fans must accept that this is not the Milan of previous eras. In a way, it is a Milan that had to recover from nothing. It has taken long but all stories are different. Do you think that Juventus would be signing a player like Vlahovic back in 2012. I I do not think so. Now they are back in business after having bad times. The same for Inter, and Inter is still having financial issues. What saves Inter is that they have many players even in the bench and that they are the current Italian champions. So that is attractive for many players. For example, Julian Alvarez was bought by City for 17 M. Milan could have bought him, but why did he decide to go to City? Because City is more prosperous, and I am not talking about finance, I am referring to football. Most players now would prefer to go to the Premier because it is the best league at the moment. The Serie A is just reconstructing whereas La Liga is decaying. Although maybe with Mbappe going there will have some revival, who knows? And I know what you mean by De Ketelaere, but I am not sure if that is his value. Look at this website, https://www.transfermarkt.com/, they have the estimated values of many players. Zakaria chose Juventus, for example, because they have only had one bad season and the current one which is not over yet, but they have been Italy’s most successful club in the last ten years. Before 2020, Milan was not in good shape. So not many good players would choose the team. If Milan ends up doing well this season again like last one. More players will be attracted to join the project because there is consistency.

      1. Come on, if milan really want to go back where they were, then they should not just let key players leave for free. Keep the pillar, and tr to build a team around them. Donna,Hakan left probably Kessie and Romag wil also leave. They left void in the team which milan must fill it. It means milan keep reseting their project every season. Instead of strengtheing the squad every season, milan are busy to look for replacement. It is not the right way to build the team.
        And stop being naive by saying players chose a club just because the team is successful.
        Money, playing time are other factor. Do Ou think Vhlaovic moved to juve just because Juve better than Inter? Come on

        1. Of course, money plays a role, but not as you are saying. Look at how many players have refused Newcastle, and they have all the money that a team can spend, but nobody wants to go there because it is not prestigious. The same happened to clubs like PSG or Manchester City at the beginning. Now players want to go there because they have built a history. Of course, Inter is more successful now, but only after last season. Juventus has been Italy’s most successful team for quite a while. So only a season does not count. Why Mbappe dreams on playing for Real Madrid if PSG has more money????

  1. Oh my god, I am tired of people naming that Faivre. It seems that they are in love with him. Milan can find other options. He is not the only option. At least look at the positive side. Now Milan has been trying to get ride of Castillejo who was doing nothing for the club. Let’s see if Maldini can find someone quickly

    1. You seem to misunderstand my point sir but if you think I’m in love with Romain then how is that wrong? First of all, he has better numbers than all our right wingers combined and then he’s cheap too. The guy made his intention to join Milan clear which we could have used to our advantage. If you’re being honest with yourself then you’d admit that this current Milan team will get bludgeoned by 2015 Juventus. I know Pioli has done miracles but I also know that Juventus are on a decline. Right now I can only say they didn’t go for him because they couldn’t get rid of Samuel. That’s the only logical reason I can think but a honest version of you would admit that getting Romain was a no-brainer.

      1. Yes, I do see your point. Milan does not have a decent right winger. But this guy was not going to wait for Milan all his entire career. So I think the best for Milan fans to do is to move on. If Milan does not do anything to solve the problem in the summer. Then I think people can complain. All I am saying is that this Milan does not have the same financial capital as it used to. I just support the team because I have always been a fan of the team, either in good or bad situations. Now we are starting to see an improvement since Pioli arrival at the end of 2019. Also we cannot criticise this current Milan management for the mistakes that the previous management did, such as hiring Castillejo or not extending Kessie or Donnarumma contracts before as the current management is doing with Leao, Theo and Bennacer. So we have to use our heads sometimes and think objectively because people here think more with their heart than with their brains. Milan is not the franchise that it used to be when it won Champions League and Serie A more constantly. The team decayed and nobody knew how to recover until now when it has found sort of a way to improve. I just hope that the team classifies again to CL and it starts to get used to that because it had been 7 years of absence. I think that sums up how miserable Milan was before last season.

        1. Bro how’s it possible that we don’t have €15m to spend? You’re a fan, so am I. You love the club, so do I. If those are the cases then I think I have a right to complain about baffling decisions just as much as you have the right to complain about fans who complain about baffling decisions. I love Maldini and I know it’s not entirely his fault as he’s just acting according to instructions given by those higher-ups but still what’s the reasoning behind this one?
          I like to daydream about Dybala and hopefully, he’s the reason why they decided to forego Romain and yes you’re right if you think I’m drunken with disappointment and disbelief.

          1. Yeah, I fully understand your concern and you’re right about it. But I think that there has to be a domino effect. Some players have to go, for other ones to come. Look at Juventus. Zakaria came because Bentacur left. Maybe the same couldn’t be said for the Vlahovic case. I also don’t think that Milan spent during this winter because Milan spent some good money during the summer, more than some other Serie A clubs. Juventus let go Ronaldo. So they had to find, sort of a replacement, even though Vlahovic isn’t Ronaldo, but he might be a huge star in the future. For what the rumors tell, Milan is planning to invest big in the summer and some clubs do that. Look at Chelsea, they didn’t spend anything this winter either. I know those clubs aren’t a good comparison, but I’m just trying to find cases which didn’t get anything during this winter either. It seems that Milan might be getting Botman, David (I hope so), Sanches and Noa Lang in the summer, or at least I hope so. Maybe the plans will change after some months. I know that they are naming Isak as well, but I would honestly prefer Jonathan David and he is cheaper, but let’s see

  2. ****************Crap***************

    The champions League titles and other trophys won by Milan in the past was because the management decided to invest in the squad, that in turn attracted other well known stars knowing that they will be playing among the very best in the world at that time.

    You don’t win trophys by luck or chance or by placing huge responsibilities on players who are still finding their way.

    The strength and will power of the team is gradually waning due to lack of required manpower and it is for this reason that I seriously doubt if we would clinch a top 4 position this season.

    But I do hope I am wrong on this regard

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