CF: Blue Skye’s latest legal challenge against Elliott fails – the details

By Euan Burns -

The latest legal challenge against former AC Milan owners Elliott Management from Blue Skye has been rejected by an Italian court. 

As has been reported by Calcio e Finanza, the Civil Court of Milan recently rejected the third and potentially final case that Blue Skye has brought against Elliott over the sale of the club to RedBird Capital Group.

Blue Skye is a company owned by Gianluca D’Avanzo and Salvatore Cerchione and they have brought legal action against Elliott three times. All three have ended in failure and it is understood that they will be made to pay legal costs.

Blue Skye was Eliiott’s partner with 4.72% of Project Red Black. That was the company that controlled 100% of Rossoneri Sports Management and essentially owned AC Milan.

It was through one of these actions from Blue Skye that the sale of Milan by Elliott to Red Bird was investigated. There have been raids by the Guardia di Finanza at Milan’s headquarters, with current CEO Giorgio Furlani and previous CEO Ivan Gazidis both being investigated.

Naturally, the failure of yet more legal action from Blue Skye against Elliott further suggests that there was no wrongdoing with the sale of the club, but the investigation has not been concluded.

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    1. Yeah how stupid, business bankers and corporations are known for their integrity and respect of human values, and they love to pay taxes. We should just trust them, and hug them.

      1. Right, because governments are known for their integrity, respect of human values, and of course their love of collecting taxes. You should trust and hug them.
        You are a fan of a club whose owner was Silvio Berlusconi for 30 years.
        Need I say more? Google him if you are not informed.
        All the clubs owners, be that a single person or a corporation operate in the same way.
        At least some of us don’t pretend that some are good and others are bad.
        When did you develop this high moral conscience, before or after last summer?

        1. Yeah man I agree with you on current governments. But in theory the government is the people, and taxes are meant to fund public services, so I would rather trust public institutions than private bankers. Maybe not the right place to speak about this though.

          For the rest, I was too young to understand politics when I started to watch football. Then I’m not a fan of Berlusconi as a human being.

        2. Well said Z. Some people in here try to live in a dream and they ignore the reality of this world. By hating the actual Milan management. You hate also AC Milan because they are the ones deciding and representing the Club. By wanting them to fail, you embrace Milan s failure. Because you didn’t like that they parts ways with Maldini, you want them to fail, even wish Milan finish in the bottom to play in the Series B so you can prove that they are bad for Milan. I’m telling that they are on the right track to bring Milan back among the well-known and admired Club they used to be. Give them 5 years and you’ll see

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