CF: Inter take a €27m+ investment off Milan’s hands with Calhanoglu signing – the figures

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have avoided paying quite a large gross wage with Hakan Calhanoglu’s departure, but have failed to generate a transfer fee.

Calcio e Finanza (via MilanLive) writes that Calhanoglu has been receiving €2.5m net per season since joining the Rossoneri back in the summer of 2017 from Bayer Leverkusen, which becomes about €4.6m gross. Milan will save that amount, even if they will have to invest to replace him.

However, the source adds that if the 27-year-old had renewed with Milan under the terms offered by Inter – €5m net per year plus €1m bonuses – the new salary would have weighed about €9.25m on the budget. A possible sale in the 2022 summer transfer market would have made it possible to make a good capital gain too.

Therefore, Inter will pay out €9.25m per year gross for Calhanoglu and it must be understood if there are any commissions for this deal to his agent Gordon Stipic, as there almost always are in these kinds of amortisation. Three seasons at €9.25m gross means €27.75m in total.

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    1. and we will also have the great talent of hauge on the bench or he will be sold and we will have Ballon D Or hopefuls salesmakers and samu on the right wing. we will win champions league with this team

  1. 98 – Hakan #Calhanoglu is the player with the most chances created (98) in the Top-5 European Leagues in 2020/21.

    1. There has been a lot of attention paid to a certain statistic concerning Hakan Calhanoglu, namely regarding the number of chances he creates.

      Journalist and stat man Stephen Drennan has provided an excellent thread on Twitter in response to the surprising revelation that Calhanoglu ranks number one among players in the ‘top five’ European League for chances created with 98.

      While this statistic is technically true, it is somewhat misleading as the Turkey international ranks 20th in Expected Assists (or xA), from we can infer that the chances he creates are not of a very high quality.

      The top players in terms of chance creation from just open play are: Thomas Müller (81), Bruno Fernandes (75), Filip Kostic (63), Jack Grealish (60) and Sadio Mané (58). The top players in terms of xA from just open play are: Filip Kostic (11.58), Bruno Fernandes (10.77), Memphis Depay (10.15), Josip Ilicic (9.71) and Thomas Müller (9.38).

      He adds that the top players in terms of big chance creation from just open play are: Filip Kostic (17), Bruno Fernandes (17), Josip Ilicic (16) then Iago Aspas, Memphis Depay, Federico Chiesa, Ángel Di María, Roberto Soriano and Rodrigo De Paul (all on 14).

      Drennan adds: “There are many different ways people can try to measure a player’s creativity and often using just 1 metric can be misleading. Using solely ‘chances created’ without acknowledging chance quality or set pieces most of all.”

      Finally, it is remarked that Calhanoglu created 42 chances from open play, an expected assists of just 3.4 and just 4 big chances created in open play.

        1. And which ‘all the top clubs’ are you referring to? Of ‘all the top clubs’, only inter made him offer. And it’s only because he is free lol

        2. Not counting the offer from Qatar and of course Milan, offer from Inter was literally the only one. I mean sure there were a few imaginary ones his agent invented trying desperately to get someone to bite, but in the end the only offer that was made was because Inter panicked.

          Fun fact, his manager even offered him to Inter in January and Conte said NO, of course.

          Sadly he was a great talent once, and I really wish he would at least be half the player he once was, now that he is in Inter. But right now, the way he has been playing, it’s not looking good for him.

          1. Sooo not sad he left. I’d like for someone to give me 4 games in 4 years that he has been with us against better opposition (inte, juve, lazio, napoli etc) where he excelled?

    1. Maldini wants to find players that averagely gets at least 6.5 points ratings. The player must be in good form 3 out of 4 matches. Calh belongs to 1 top match out of 4 he plays. The stats show it all. Milan cannot win championship with Calh.

  2. I don´t get this calculation. You´re acting as if the player we signs as a replacement wont be paid wages? If we for example sign Ziyech as his replacement, wont we pay Chelsea like 20+ million. And Ziyech 4 million a season. Which in the end would be far more expensive.

  3. Stil not in transfer window and already lost three TOP Stars – Ibra, Donnarumma and now Calhanoglu. Dream of glory under Eliot – profit maximizing machine, no more, no less.

    1. So you don’t know that we have invested in current transfer windows? Or pretend that you don’t know? We have already spent more than 40 millions to buy Mike – Donnarumma’s replacement – and to make Fikayo permanent. If that’s not spending money, or ‘in the transfer window’ I don’t know what is.

  4. The point is value for money.

    For me Hakan is a liability and he does not worth the wages requested for.

    Those talking about signing him and sell by next summer do they really think that any team will be willing to pay transfer fee to sign Hakan in this current footballing environment?

    Also, a free signing with high wages does more damage to the balance sheet compared to a player signed with a transfer fee with half the wages of the free signing.

    The player signed with transfer fee will have a Net Book Value on the balance sheet.

    Smart move Milan

  5. Me I will tell him to look at Sanchez in manunited. Sanchez left asernal for Man United hoping it was the right move but later saw it was a blunder. Man United gave him good contract did he justify it half way. He should gerrat. Should I continue to mention players like that? Willian nkor. He should gerrat with Donna in short football is something you can’t always predict it. I see him get serious injury in inter. He left a growing ship to join a sinking ship how ironic

    1. Sanchez, did great at Inter, and on the contrary he left a sinking ship to join a fast sailing ship Man U wont win a thing for the coming years, Milan is just trying to justify not being able to keep Hakan, or any player that leaves on free transfer. Its a good deal for Inter, if they had to sign a player like him they would need to pay 25-35 million excluding salary. Not necessarily he will do good with Inter but the deal is good, and they can always sell him for 25-35 Mill exchange him or loan him out . So stop kidding yourselves,

  6. sometimes i cannot understand the strategy of milan management, letting calha leave is a good idea but we neither have quality academy with top players like LA MASIA neither we have enough money for buying top players neither could milan scout cheap talented future players and even if we do so we bench them for fucking krunic and samu to play in the team. i wonder how the club is still running and were able to qualify for UCL in the first place? top clubs like dortmund, bayern may have a little more money but are crazy scouters, best example is atalanta with cheap but amazing management strategy for love of football.

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