CF: How Milan would benefit from Paqueta’s potential move to Man City

By Isak Möller -

Lucas Paqueta has been linked with a move to Manchester City over the last few days and AC Milan are keeping an eye on the situation. The Rossoneri, in fact, could be entitled to a compensation fee. 

Paqueta joined Milan in a deal worth around €38m back in January 2020 but he never lived up to the price tag with the Rossoneri. As a result, he was sold to Lyon for a fee of around €20m one and a half years later.

As reported by Calcio e Finanza, Milan were paid a solidarity fee when the player moved from Lyon to West Ham and could be paid once again. The fee is for clubs that have developed a player between the ages of 12 and 23, which is a mechanism to protect the academies.

In Milan’s case, they would be entitled to 1% of the transfer fee and if Paqueta were to move to Man City for €80m, or £70m, then the Rossoneri would get a total of €800k. That fee will not be paid by he buyers, but rather by the selling club which is West Ham in this case.

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  1. This is bollocks. If you’re talking about benefits, it should be if we managed to develop and utilize his potential and if we’re in a pinch could actually sell him for a massive capital gain. Just like Tonali’s case.

    1. The failure to utilize and eventual sale is another Pioli fail, aided and abetted by Maldini and Massara. Then we spent two years messing around with Brahim and later CDK to try to sort a playmaker. Paqueta should be playing in our midfield right now.

      1. Honestly i chock this one to the fans who never gave him time or patience, this is a reminder of why we shouldn’t be so quick to get rid of CDK

        1. So you’re saying the club sold Paqueta because the fans didn’t like him? Even worse reflection on the decision makers.

    1. We had a policy back then (still do in fact) of having not 2 players per position but 3….

      It was the auld Montolivo/Cristante – quick sign Essien.

      Montolivo/Locatelli – quick sign Biglia.

      Honda/Saponara – quick sign Kaka.

      Bonaventura? Let’s sign a player just like him in Hakan and Paqueta for good measure.

      Let’s keep causing players to trip over each other because we can’t focus for more than 5 minutes. Goldfish would probably make better decisions than some football directors going around unsolving problems all day long.

      1. Then maybe you should apply for the job since you know everything about football. Rather you seem more like the type who plays football manager and claims to be an expert.

  2. How would we benefit?

    It would be another reminder of how stupid we have been with transfers over the years?

    And yes this happened on Maldini’s watch. He was as guilty as many others with his impatience and excesses on the transfer market.

    We could’ve sorted the No 10 years ago but we just couldn’t stick. We had to keep wheeling and dealing.

    We’ve spent more money trying to find a No 10 and have just been going around in circles.

    Signings are supposed to improve a team and solve a problem so you can move onto the next position you need to sort. But how many times have we signed players in the same positions every transfer window?

    We could’ve sorted a holding midfielder position a decade ago with Cristante but faff, faff, faff. Off you go to our rivals.

    Then we promoted Locatelli. Faff, faff, faff. Off you go to our rivals.

    We eventually spend a fortune on Tonali but, no, can’t stick with that for long. Time to change plan again. Faff, faff, faff.

    We’ve signed at least one new striker for every season since at least 2008 (probably even further back).

    Faff, faff, faff.

    it’s almost as if these directors are deliberately unsolving problems to create work themselves. Like council workers who keep digging holes for no reason.

  3. hmmm i thought those development fees only was paid to clubs that lost their players on a free to other clubs within a certain age, like 21.

  4. Here’s a team of ex-Milan players currently playing for top clubs including our DIRECT rivals:

    Donnarumma (PSG – nobody’s fault)
    Darmian (Inter – he was free I think he left Milan around the time we signed Kevin Constant)
    Bonucci (Juve) – we took a serial Scudetto winner and broke him and sent him back to win a Scudetto and European Championship for good measure
    Acerbi (Inter) – ok probably was more his fault due to his issues.
    De Stigliò (Juve – could’ve been our LB still for a decade)
    Bellanova (Inter – we faffed)
    Locatelli (Juve)
    Cristante (Roma)
    Paqueta (Man City – at this rate there’s going to have been 5 of our former players involved in last season’s Champions League final FFS)
    Pessina (Monza but won the Euros and frankly could’ve been awesome if he’d been backed)
    El Shaaraway (Roma – still love the guy)

    I mean whatever about bad calls here and there, these are 11 positions which could’ve been sorted decades ago in some cases.

      1. This dude loves stiffs like De Sciglio, Krunic the donkey and headless chicken Saladmaker. Hes clueless, needs to stick to watching MLS

        1. I can’t believe he named El Shaarawy. He’s a cokehead who went to China to chase money and then came crawling back to Roma when he flopped.

    1. What European championship did Bonucci win?

      De Sciglio was mediocre and accomplished much of nothing.

      Bellanova? Who lol?

      Locatelli? Oh the same Locatelli that gets routinely steamrolled by our midfield?

      Cristante lmao.

      And then you name El Sharaawy. That guy has a lot of character. He goes to China to chase money and then comes crawling back to Roma to take him back.

      You’re really an amazing judge of character not.

    2. I think in regard of darmian at least, back then there was co-ownerships so the two clubs who each owned half of the players rights had to outbid eachother in a blind bid or simply refrain to make an offer so thats at least a factor i think in his case if i remember correctly.

  5. MH, I think some of these are dropped balls, for sure, but many of these players were 20 or younger when they left, some of them because they wanted to go (see Locatelli who “dreamed” about playing for Juventus, and De Sciglio who wanted to follow Allegri there as well). My point is that to be able to continue to succeed clubs like Milan, Juventus, Inter, need to win now, always. Cristante was sold to Benfica at the age of 19, because Cristante at the age of 19 wasn’t ready to be a starting midfielder for the club, and arguably didn’t reach that level until he was 23 or 24. I get what you’re saying, but having 4-5 raw 19 year olds starting for us will result in mid-table finishes, and if those players who potential they will demand a lot of money to renew and we won’t have it because we’re finishing mid-table, which will then cause them to leave anyway (see Donnarumma).

  6. If we got to the CL semi finals with Krunic and Diaz, what would have happend if we had a midfield with Kessie, Calhanoglu and Paqueta? We got 20 mil in total for them, the same amount we paid for Musah.
    Ok, Maldini got sacked, but how long will Pioli be allowed to not get anything out of obviously talented players like Paqueta, CDK, Adli?

  7. You’re completely wrong and if you actually watched football you would know this.
    Bonucci was the wrong signing, he didn’t want Milan at all he did all that to spite Juventus.
    De Sciglio spent more time on the injury list than actually playing same as he is now.
    Paqueta isn’t as good as you think he is, he showed that at West Ham, he’s nowhere near a champions league level player and would ride the bench at Man City.
    Same goes for Acerbi, slow and ponderous.
    Damian was young, flopped at Man United when the heat was on, was decent at Torino but nowhere near a world beater.
    There was no patience with either Locatelli or Cristante due to the players ahead of them in the lineup, and in all fairness we got better midfielders in Kessie and Bennacer. Which is why both Kessie and Bennacer are more valuable than both of them.
    El Sharaawy had 2 injury hit seasons contributing very little, went on loan to Monaco where he did the same. Sold him to Roma for 13m who then sent him to China where he was paid the big bucks. No loss there.
    Pessina is another player plagued by injuries if he was in our squad you would be the first one crying that he is done.

    So think through what you are saying, most of these players you’re talking about aren’t the level we require to reach the top, remember even players like Zaccardo, Barone, Peruzzi, Iaquinta have world cup winners medals and they are nowhere near Milan quality even when we had Zaccardo he was not a good signing for us only making 15 league appearances in 2 seasons with us and got relegated in the next season.

      1. The guy gets everything wrong all the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the guy who compared Krunic to Ambrosini😂😂

  8. Paqueta’s sale had nothing to do with the fans but Maldini trying to prove he’s now in charge right after Leonardo left. I think most of us fans were shocked at the sale of Paqueta & Piatek who were both very young & had a fantastic first 6 months while playing for Milan & also for their respective national team. They lost form for a couple of games but were still pleasant to watch unlike Diaz, Krunic & so on but Maldini sold them off for cheap as he did Hauge despite the fans wanting them to stay. It was all Maldini

  9. I wanted Paqueta to stay at Milan and was really disappointed when he was sold. By the way, it’s shocking Paqueta commands this fee as he didn’t have a great prior season with West Ham.

    He was better with Lyon.

    1. West Ham had a really bad season last year. But Paqueta was one of their best players, so it is no suprise that his price would go up.

  10. CDK ist ist wirklich ein verlorenes Kind.
    bei brügge hat er wirklich gute leistungen gezeigt aber die erste division ist auch etwas anderes als die Serie A

  11. Paqueta is not physical enough for Serie A. Milan were right to sell him though they were wrong to buy him in the first place.

    Same situation with CDK.

  12. Paqueta was very young by that time…and he was showing good signs of becoming a good player…but Milan can’t give chance to such talent. Charles is another player whom the want to sale without thinking on their past errors they have made. Our coach is also a problem…let him learn how to integrate young players.

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