CF: Milan to net small windfall from Kessie’s Barcelona exit – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

Franck Kessie’s move from Barcelona to Al-Ahli SC has been made official, and AC Milan will actually make something from the transfer.

Kessie left Milan a year ago after the Scudetto win to join Barca on a free transfer given his deal with the Rossoneri ran out, and yet despite the fact there was no sell-on involved because it was a Bosman, there are still some sums to pay out.

As Calcio e Finanza report, Barcelona recorded a net capital gain from the sale of the Ivorian. As such, a solidarity contribution will in fact be given to the clubs that have had the player in question as a registered player from the 12th to the 23rd year of age.

It consists of 5% of the amount of each transfer, which means Milan will collect €187k for having had the player from 21 to 23 years of age. Atalanta and Cesena will also receive money, while below is the breakdown:

➤ Milan: 187,500 euros
➤ Atalanta: 62,500 euros
➤ Cesena: 62,500 euros
➤ Stella Club d’Adjamé: 312,500 euros

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    1. I can totally understand, he knows he is not technically on world class levels.

      60 million in 3 years sets him and his next few generations for life, he has to think about his family and that is well ahead a football accolades.

  1. What afall from grace to grass! Kessie story and donnarumma is so similar and tells you that a virtuous path always pays off….now go and end your career in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula.

    1. Fall from grace to grass?
      He went from making 2.2 mil a year at Milan, to 6.5 mil at Barca to now making 20 mil at Al Ahli.
      Donnarumma makes 12 million at PSG.
      Yeah they really fell from grace to grass

      1. He meant in professional way.
        If he would stay with us, he would earn the same 6.5 but would be a starter and loved by the fans.
        His agent ruined his career. Maybe made him rich but I don’t think money is everything for him.

        1. In what would would Kessie have earned the same 6.5 mil at Milan?
          Were you going to pay the extra 2-2.5 mil a season on top of what Milan was offering him?
          Milan isn’t even paying Leao 6.5 mil, but supposedly some believe that Milan and Barca offered Kessie 6.5 mil and he chose Barca. That’s hilarious

        2. Yes, poor Kessie is just a zombie, doing whatever his agents tell him. Google the small town he’s from. You will see mud huts and corrugated tin roofs. Football is a game. The money he’s making in Saudi will guarantee his family’s future in real life for generations.

    1. Nah. Clubs will be doomed with players like Origi, and believe me they will find a way to avoid the rule, like: sign a free player for 1K 🙂

  2. I see this move from a slightly different angle. I think Barca did the rest of Europe dirty, albeit in a legal way. Barca had no plan to give Kessié significant playing time, but they wouldn’t sell him to any team they might meet in the UCL playoff either. So, they shipped him outside of Europe. Teams do that all the time, they sign players to keep them away from from competitors.
    Kessié handlers understood that Barca wouldn’t deal in Europe. So, they took the next best option – the cash.
    I wish Kessié had a little more pride and chose to play in a more competitive league, but pride don’t pay the bills and playing somewhere is better than not playing at all.

    1. I wish Milan would’ve swallowed their pride and taken Kessie back. We still have nobody that can do what he did for us. I think Barca would’ve sold him back to Milan. Inter wanted him as well but Kessie would not go there. All these fools on here killing Kessie would never say a word about Tonali leaving for more money.

  3. I wonder if any of the folks criticizing Frank ever consider something like this. Let’s say he makes 60 mil in 3 years and sets up a charity, or just plain buys some meds, toilets and food for a community in Africa. How does that stack up against chasing the ball in the hope of having adding more metal cups to the trophy cabinet like so many have done before.

    He never had a shot at being Pele, and it’s up to anyone to discover their purpose. Stop being salty; he’s not our player and it’s none of our business.

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