CF: Milan’s squad cost up €6m from 2022-23 – the full breakdown

By Oliver Fisher -

The cost of AC Milan’s squad has increased by a relatively small amount compared to the 2022-23 campaign, a report has revealed.

According to Calcio e Finanza, the increase in squad cast in 2023-24 is €6m compared to last season, and it is worth noting that data for the past season was updated in June, in order to be the most as close to reality as possible.

To estimate the impact on the players’ accounts, gross salaries (when paid by Milan) and the amortisation fee for each individual player is taken into account. It is worth adding that no players were signed on loan.

The figures show that the club’s squad will cost just over €150m this year, barring any adjustments in the January transfer window which could affect the figures considered. The total figure is slightly up compared to last season, mainly as a result of the 10 summer signings.

However, it is up by only €6m because the club managed to offload Sergino Dest, Ante Rebic and Sandro Tonali among others, who were high earners. Marco Brescianini, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ciprian Tatarusanu also left, as did Divock Origi, Charles DeKetelaere and Junior Messias.

On the signing front, however, several players arrived on permanent deals. Christian Pulisic has the highest cost (again, this is gross salary plus fee amortisation for this season), with Samuel Chukwueze and Ruben Loftus-Cheek completing the podium.

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    1. It’s also a completely made up stat and is entirely dependent on the performances on the pitch….

      I do wish the media would stop pretending football clubs are like businesses. If they were they would be far better run and not mostly trading whilst insolvent.

      No, a business doesn’t change 50% of its workforce every few months.

      1. Football club are business, an entertainment business at that.
        Problem Is that you identify with that business like it’s a religion.
        Can you go to the stadium for free or you gotta pay for a ticket? Business.
        Can you watch it for free on tv or you gotta pay? Business.
        Do they give you the club jersey for free or you gotta pay? Business.
        Customers (fans) pay the salaries of the employees, the owner just handles the money.
        It’s an entertainment business just like going to the movies or a concert.
        All last for couple hours.
        People wear jerseys or shirts from the club, the band or the movie franchise they like.
        They sing or chant during the game or concert.
        They argue if this or that movie franchise, or this or that misic artist, or this or that club is better.
        When a new IPhone or a new Android phone comes out people can’t wait to buy tye new one even though they already have 1 still working. Same when a new Milan jersey comes out, people can’t wait to buy it.
        Just like Milan and Inter fans going at each other who is better, same goes with the Apple and Android people who support one or the other platform or products religiously.

        And Milan doesn’t change 50% of the workhorse every few months. This was a first turnover in 4,5 years.
        Also, stop putting football and whatever you do on the same level.
        Football is a performance based business..if you don’t perform you get replaced.
        Most business will keep an employee just because he shows up and does the bare minimum.
        If you are a salesman and don’t generate sales, you get replaced.
        Should a business keep around employees that don’t perform?
        They would be dragging that business down and the business will fail.
        If you ran Milan, underperforming, overpaid players like Rebic, Ballo, Bakayoko etc would have still been on a Milan payroll because they were in the squad when Milan won the last title and you are still emotionally attached the the “19ers” as you call him.
        One of the reasons why Milan went in a banter era is that they hold on to players who were past their time for too long and when they all retire basically at the same time, Milan had to start form scratch.
        There has to be a healthy turnover every year.

        1. No I identify a ‘business’ as a something that is a viable going concern…

          Nearly every football including Milan is struggling financially.

          Interestingly after the collapse of the Super League (which was a desperate attempt to rescue the top European clubs who were all in mountains of debt) Agnelli claimed football clubs were losing money because they were struggling to attract fans – young fans followed players not clubs. It’s not really surprising given players stay at clubs for about 5 minutes.

          PS The ‘Banter Era’ was less about the players and more about the fact we didn’t have a qualified coach between Allegri and Pioli. It always amuses me how clubs that would never dare take a chance on a primavera player take endless punts on novice coaches when the coach is the single most important person at a football e.g. see Man Utd post-Ferguson.

          1. Milan is in a very healthy position financially. I don’t know what you talking about.
            Also, a lot of businesses run successfully on debt, loans, and credits.
            When it comes to the Primavera. The issue is that Italy, just like you, is stuck in the past. They wanna talk about history and tradition while they are falling behind everyone else when it comes to infrastructure, technology, resources, means, and training methods.
            Just look at how the firing of Maldini was covered by the media and what was all written against Milan ownership and new management just because people are stuck in the past.
            They made jokes about algorithms and moneyball for a month, and now they are quiet.
            Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it is wrong or bad.
            Milan played Bologna in the first game. People complain that Milan doesn’t have enough Italian players. Bologna, who is a mid to bottom table team, had NONE in the starting lineup. Not a single one. Udinese as well.
            Don’t you think that if they had good Primavera players, they would play them instead of spending money on foreign players? The Primavera players are not up to the standards of today’s football.
            It’s much cheaper to grow your own then buy.
            That’s why even the NT has to import and play naturalized players from other countries.
            So, either you can fix the problems that are holding you back or accept the reality of the situation, but stop complaining and whining about Primavera players.
            When it comes to fans following players and not clubs. That’s their choice.
            With the formation of EU ,borders opened up and players have the freedom to change the place of their employment. In the past players stayed longer with one team because of the rules. No team could field more than 3 foreign players and majority of the team were constituted of domestic players. With EU that changed and if a player, just like an employee, wants to leave and work somewhere else for more money or better situation, you can’t hold him.
            That’s how things are.
            As the saying goes
            Adapt or perish.
            Just enough whining.

          2. Milan struggling? Lol.Made up stats or not they still have better opinion then your sh1t.Dunno what you smoking or take.But your imagination is remarkable.

        2. Milan, like most football clubs, are not run as the primary business of the investor, but as an ego-trip.

          If you want to make money go into property or fashion or fossil fuels, don’t buy a football club.

          Spending hundreds of millions on players every few months is hardly the best approach to ‘business’.

          That’s like an actual business starting a multi-million Euro IT project, changing its mind after a few months, starting another multi-million Euro IT project, nope change our minds again, starting a multi-million Euro IT project, erm, nope, let’s scrap that and start again, and so on.

          I mean most businesses generally plan beyond the next few months. The people brought in a year ago with great fanfare are usually intended to stick around.

          As for the GREAT THINNING incident that occurred in Italy circa 2006 – when suddenly a footballing mad nation of 60m people forgot how to play football – I’m sure neither you nor I can ever hope to solve that great mystery but I would suggest chaotic conditions are probably not conducive to developing elite athletes.

          Like those Russian gymnasts who are trained from 2 years old or something and do the same thing every single day. I reckon they probably couldn’t do as many handstands if they were moved around like seasonal workers.

          But that’s entertainment…..

      2. @Maldinis Heir How is that a made up stat ? You’re saying they didn’t lose a bunch of players from their wage bill and replace them with almost exactly the same in cost ?
        I didn’t say anything the performance on the pitch. What does that have to do with keeping the wage bill neutral?????

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