Telegraph: Chelsea striker snubs MLS move as Milan eye summer reunion

By Oliver Fisher -

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has turned down the idea of a move to Los Angeles FC on loan to fight for his spot at Chelsea, but AC Milan are reportedly monitoring his situation.

According to what is being reported by The Telegraph, Aubameyang is not interested in joining LAFC despite the fact they were keen on making a move work given their desire to replace Gareth Bale.

Instead, he is determined to try and get his way back into the reckoning under Chelsea boss Graham Potter after being left out of the club’s Champions League squad for the knockout stages.

In the meantime, there are also top clubs from around Europe such as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid who are ‘all considering summer moves’, as well as Milan. The Gabon international spent time with the Rossoneri as a youth player but left before making an appearance for the first team.

Aubameyang does not feel like it is ‘the right time of his career’ to play in the MLS and knows there are teams keen on him even at the age of 33. He believes he still has plenty to give, with Karim Benzema and Luka Modric references among those who have excelled ‘late in their careers’.

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  1. At this point Maldini might as get Balotelli back, maybe see if Pippo is up for a comeback as well. They can’t be any worse than what we’ll have at that point.

  2. If Barca releases him or at least asks for some minimal fee, and he accepts a salary of less than 5 million, I would absolutely sign him.
    At 33, he still has at least a couple more good years in him, especially playing in a lower level league like serie A. He is still a pretty good athlete.
    Plus, he will count as a homegrown player in UCL.

      1. So if you say that the Serie A is 3rd or 4th league and Aubameyang plays in EPL this year, Spanish league last year or Bundesliga 6,7 years ago, doesn’t him coming to Italy next season means that he is coming to a LOWER level league 🤔

          1. thats not how this work brah.. its not a lower league. and contrary to popular believe, game intensity is no lower than in the other two. I’d also add spain is overrated af, take barca and real out and you have a league on par with portugals league..

          2. You lack awareness . Fans from other leagues would say the same thing about serie A over the last decade. You take Juventus out, and serie A is on the level of the Belgium league.
            They won 9 title in a row without any real competition.
            How many Europa league has La Liga teams won over the last 15 years. How many of their clubs including Atletico Madrid and Villarreal has gotten far in the UCL, Atletico played 2 finals.
            Now tell me, what has Italian clubs done in Europe since inter won in 2010.
            And don’t even talk about gane intensity. Outside of Napoli, and maybe one or 2 other club, the rest of the teams play slow and boring football

          3. ” You take Juventus out, and serie A is on the level of the Belgium league.”

            So, the three Italian clubs (Napoli, Milan, Inter) are amongst the last 16 in UCL this year. I don’t see 3 Belgium clubs there.

            I guess you are wrong then.

          1. You need to Google the definition of the word LOWER.
            If he leaves EPL, which is the best league in the world , and goes to the Spanish league, which is the 2nd ranked league, then by definition he is going to a LOWER LEVEL league,. And Serie A is 2 more levels lower than that.
            We are not anymore in the 80s 90s and early 2000s. Things change. You either get better or you get worse. EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga have gotten better over the last 20 years, serie A has gotten worse.
            If Aubameyang leaves Chelsea or Barca ( whoever owns his contract) and come to Milan and serie A that’s a step down for him. That’s the reality

      2. soccer leagues in the world is based on TV views/popularity, the presence of top players, social media buzz generated from league games, and the success of clubs from these leagues in various continental tournaments.
        Now due to financial problems italy has which definitely affecting all above factors. But in term of technicality, Serie A is top no discussion. Have doubt, listen to what Giroud( WC winner). Lukaku or even top manager said about serie a technicality.
        Stop talking no sense as it serves no purpose but to make fun of yourself

        1. Great examples, @Toni. Let’s listen to a career back up like Giroud talk about the technical quality of serie A, where he is finally a starter in that league, something that he didn’t have the technical quality to be in higher level league. And yes he was part of the team that won the WC by scoring Zero goals.
          And Lukaku, someone who in Italy looked like the best striker in the world and in a higher league he couldn’t get in the game even of the bench.
          👍 great examples to back up your argument.
          Our most technical player in the team is probably Saelemakers and he talks about the high technical quality of serie A

          1. You have bad memory. why not mentioning Maradona? Cafu? Ziden? Ruud? more?? . These players achieve what other leagues teams combined couldn’t do. Don’t tell me cause their technical skills. it the way/method to win a trophy. its down to Technicality
            Guess who are best coaches in the world now or before. Name me one from England? or Spain. Just one
            By the way. Salemaeker is just being lucky to play in italy not afghanistan

        2. @Tony, we are talking about the present time and the last 15 -20 years. You are talking about ancient history.
          Serie A was the best league in the world up until the calciopoli scandal. No one is disputing that, but today, Serie A is trying to stay ahead of the French league in that 4th spot

          1. Serie A still above bundesliga( germany) & ligue 1 ( france). 3 team serie A are still among 16 participant CL. Competition are good on last 3season serie A after rubentus hegemony fall down , unlike EPL that dominating by manc city because guardiola. I believe there will be time that italian club back to winning champion league again

          2. I think you can’t even relate to what i’m saying. Its about football technicality not time . Read again and again to understand better

  3. I thought Milan had a youth project. Now they are signing other clubs rejects and leftovers? This signing makes no sense especially with Abameyang salary.

    But I’m sure Milan will do the needful to add him to the team. Smh

  4. honestly just use colombo next season then. its clear that were not getting a quality striker. might as well use our own player thats also a lot younger and wont cost 3+ mil. p/a. auba would be a worse fit than divock is

  5. I dont think this RedBird willing to pay player more than 6m euro / season. He is good but have bad attitude , thats why he failed in every club that sign him

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