Chiesa bitter over Milan’s UCL qualification: “We deserved that stage”

By Oliver Fisher -

Federico Chiesa has revealed some of his bitterness that Juventus are not able to compete in the current edition of the Champions League.

The penalty inflicted on Juventus last season means Bianconeri cannot play in European competitions. Juve would have finished fourth without a point deduction, and therefore in the Champions League placed, above Milan.

However, it must be remembered that Juventus had originally been given a larger deduction which was appealed and reduced to 10 points, though this does not seem to be a factor considered by some who clearly expected them to escape punishment-free.

Chiesa spoke during an interview with Tuttosport and below is an extract where he spoke about being ‘annoyed’ having to watch European football from his sofa, with his comments relayed by PianetaMilan.

“Eh… I watch them, I watch the Champions League matches. And I even get annoyed a little, but only because we deserved that stage and it was taken away from us,” he said.

“Milan finished fifth and are now playing in the Champions League only because it was taken from us…”

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    1. Sorry but Chiesa is better than our wingers, unfortunately we have to accept it, without the point deduction we wouldn’t be in champions league

    2. It seems that Milanelo does not know what corruption really is!!
      It is a shame on the most successful Italian team to take the place of another team which finished before them. That is corruption, my friend.

  1. He is not wrong though. Milan last season was abysmal. And while we did improve much of the team, we’re still being dragged down by same subpar players and coach from last season. It is pointless to list them, we all know who they are.

    1. Juve do not deserve UCL qualification, they commit illegal act to keep their squad. Without the illegal act, they can’t keep the squad neccessary to accumulate those points.

      1. I don’t give a monkey’s toss about Juve. Juve is irrelevant as a club and in this discussion.

        I am talking about how horrible we were last season and that the way we played we didn’t deserve to to qualify for Serie C cup.

        Maybe next summer we finally get rid of the remaining cancer of mediocrity that is eating at Milan. We get a competent coach, finally bench or sell Pobega, Calabria and retire Giro.

        1. At least either Pobega and Calabria don’t cost anything, instead of Chukuweze, Pulisic, Musah and Reindjers a sum of 93 millions euros, ‘it’s a shame, nonenofnthem could score or had an impact against Newcastle, BVB or Intermilan

      1. I list them in almost every post and morality has nothing to do with it. But sure, for those i in the back row that are only just catching up…

        * Giroud was brought in as a substitute for Ibra, should have remained a substitute and should have definitely retired last summer. He is along with Calabria one of the biggest liabilities Milan has. With him on the pitch Milan is playing with 10 players, that is when he is not actively playing for the opposing team

        * Pobega is what mediocrity looks like. His peak should have been a 2nd substitute in Torino. The only reason he is on the team is the home-grown quota.

        * Calabria is not a captain material, is not a Milan material, is not even Serie A material. Like Pobega he is there for the home-grown quota. He is the last connection we have with our banter era and sadly he never outgrew it and he never will.

        * Pioli stubborn as a mule but a lot less useful and competent than one. Milan outgrew that glorified placeholder long time ago, but because Maldini in his infinite wisdom renewed his contract just month before Pioli showed us the level of his incompetence it was deemed too expensive to get rid of him. Hopefully as time goes by penalties club would have to pay for terminating his contract will go down and club will finally get rid of him.

  2. Lol. Juve accumulated those points by commiting illegal actions to keep their squad, it was right that their points were deducted. Justice is served.

    1. No Mancanda & Co hate recruiting serie a talent, they préférer fodder from foreign leagues like Chukuweze, Musah, Pulisic and Reindjers

  3. Milan didn’t ask to be there. If Chiesa has a bone to pick he should direct it at his Juve directors for their indiscretions and the football authorities who punished them. Mathematically Milan was next in line, how else were they supposed to react, step aside in support of Juve’s transgressions. If Chiesa wants to have a discussion about their rights instead of what is right then Milan would be the scapegoat, rather than asking his bosses what goes on behind the boardrooms…

  4. Why he mad at us? Be mad at Lega and UEFA and his team’s management. Lega determined they would be 5th due to their wrongdoing… wrongdoing which btw resulted in them getting more points than us. If they had finished 4th it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because UEFA kicked them out of competition in any case.

  5. Lots of ifs and buts but the reality is when you break the rules, you have to be punished accordingly. And those infractions by the Vecchia Ladrona gave them an unfair advantage, specially for a club that is public and sell stocks. Federico, be mad at the disgrace your management is

  6. Taken??? He conveniently forgets that had Juve not falsified their books they would not have been able to purchase the likes of Vlahovic nor perhaps Chiesa himself. So nothing was taken away. The players they purchased that help them get second place last season we’re not supposed to be there. They didn’t have the money to buy them – so Juve were unjustly enriched by signing these players who helped them qualify for UCL the year prior and they still continue to benefit from their presence in shirt sales, ticket sales, current wins, etc…AND when they are eventually sold they will pocket a tidy profit. And all they got was a one year suspension from European competition. Not bad business.

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