CM: Choices in 2022 summer window under scrutiny as attack continues to misfire

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s attack has struggled to fire consistently and the choices made on the transfer market are being called into question.

As report, Milan have seven forwards in their squad who have combined for 26 goals in 27 rounds of action, with Oliver Giroud on 8 goals, Rafael Leao on the same, Brahim Díaz 4, Ante Rebic 3, Divock Origi 2, Zlatan Ibrahimovic 1 and Charles De Ketelaere.

Milan are struggling enormously to score goals in a way their rivals do not seem to be, even though it was problem that was already evident last season but went unnoticed thanks to the Scudetto win.

The title win was almost an exception to the rule considering that all champions have generally always had a 20 plus goal scorer, like Victor Osimhen is at Napoli.

Signing Origi on a free transfer and hoping he could fix the attacking deficiencies was naive because he has not hit double figures in goals for a few seasons now. The decision to go all-in on De Ketelaere by spending 90% of the budget didn’t bring the desired results because age doesn’t make discounts even for absolute champions.

In a few months the Rossoneri management will have the opportunity to try and fix things by making an investment in a centre-forward who can guarantee goals, with Folarin Balogun of Arsenal (on loan at Reims) and Mateo Retegui of Boca Juniors (on loan at Tigre) in the viewfinder.

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  1. When you have a limited budget you cannot afford to spend 45m on a players that are sitting on the bench.

    35m spent on CDK and 10m on Adli and yet none of them can break into the starting 11. That’s a waste of 45m on 2 players that are adding zero quality to the squad.

    Why doesn’t Pioli use 433 that would get the best out of CDK, Pobega, Adli, Bakayoko, Bennacer and Tonali?

    Why spend 35m on CDK for AM when you already spend 10m on Adli?

    What is the logic in doing that? When we could have invested the 45m on a player to replace Kessie and find a better RW.

    Then bring in Dybala on a free transfer. So that we have Dybala and Diaz as our AM?

    Renew Romagnoli for another year and bring in Thiaw as a deputy. sell Gabbia since Gabbia has proven he’s not good enough to be a starter.

    Then we can slowly integrate Thiaw into the team. SMH

    Maldini and Massara don’t know what they are doing and they are just lucky some of these signings like Kalulu are panning out.

    1. Why aren’t you working as a manager? Because you have no idea what you’re talking about. How many teams did you manage and how many players have you integrated into any team, including lowest possible league of any nation anywhere? 😀

      Yeah, they are lucky and you know. Makes sense…

  2. Once again I put the blame on redbird. Cdk wasn’t maldinis first choice. I don’t even think he was the top three. He wanted botman and was deemed too expensive. Wanted ziyech, berardi, asensio, scamacca and all were too much or not up to the expectations of redbird so we go and give the green light on a kid that plays in the Belgian league for 40m. How does that look now? Judging by this season cdk wouldn’t even be worth 10m. also tried to get midfield where was also told that we don’t need to be focusing on that department.

    End of the day I put 85% of the blame on this horrible season on red bird. What a way to start Gerry. The rest of the blame can go towards management and players.

    Typical milan we finally see the light after two good seasons and it all comes falling down quicker than we started. All we needed in the summer was 2-3 additions to the team that could be starters and we would have been challenging for the scudetto no problem

  3. In the next Summer you have players like Asensio, Kamada, Tielemans or Firmino at the end of their contract; Dybala’s clause is ridiculously low and he has not signed a new contract with Roma yet. Players like Kovacic will be one year from ending contract and it doesn’t look like he’s going to extend his contract. We literally had the chance sign Dybala in the Summer and we chose Origi. I don’t know why or how Pedro Gonçalves is still playing for Sporting Lisbon but if we have to sell Leao we could reinvest that money on him and we will not miss him one bit . There are always options available, whether or not the ownership is willing to act is a different story.

  4. Milan spent 500 million euros before winning scudetto.

    Let me write in numbers

    500 000 000 € Milan spent in several seasons to make squad more competitive against other teams.

    What Elliott did is release many of previous bought players just to keep some money on salaries.

    What Red Bird do ? Actually nothing. Zero investments equals to zero results.
    But Milan had big luck this season in Champions League, like in scudetto last year.

    But in serie a how much did they invested – that’s the results what they got. You can’t expect luck to bring result in 38 serie a matches.

  5. Maldini makes wrong choices ( as usual) but according to Maldini fans it’s Redbrids fault. They forced Maldini to sign CDK instead of Maldini’s targets.
    He missed on his targets because he sucks at negotiating and closing deals, not because of RedBird.
    But it’s funny, when some of us were saying that CDk was a reactionary signing by Maldini after he failed to sign Renato Sanches, the fanboys were saying media is lying and CDK was always the first choice.
    Cdk stinks , and now Maldini fans say that CDK wasn’t even Maldini choice but RedBird made Maldini sign him.
    Ha ha ha.
    When you are idolater, you don’t think straight. You go with your feelings instead looking at the facts.
    Feelings aren’t facts.
    The fact is that Maldini is incompetent, works without a plan and most of his signings are reactionary.
    The best defender of all time constructed a defense without a single left footed CB in it. So Tomori a right footed CB is forced to play on his unnatural left side and we see him looking worse. That’s how much planning Maldini does.

    “Oh he needed 2,3 signings but 50 mil isn’t enough”.
    Really? Napoli signed 6 players for 50 mil.
    One of them is the best player in the league and another will be the best defender in the league.
    Combine cost of the two was 25 mil. But RedBird forced Maldini to buy CDK for 35.

    But we know , it’s not Maldini’s fault, it’s everyone else’s.

    1. I’m not here defending Maldini but how many times did negotiations drag on because Maldini and massacre had to go and try to squeeze an extra 2m from the owners to get the deal done? Deals dragged on for weeks because of such crap and after all that we didn’t sign the players we wanted to so we went for another player.

      Maldini’s first choice this summer was to get botman which redbird thought was unnecessary. Maldini tried getting Renato Sanches which redbird didn’t want. Redbird thought ziyech wage demands were too high for milan. End result is every player he tried to get there was backlash. If I were him I’d quit and call out the owners tbh, how would you feel at your job that every thing you do your boss doesn’t agree with?

      If they let the poor man do his job his way and we had gotten botman, Sanches and a forward I can guarantee you this season would have been totally different. If it didn’t then I’d be calling strictly for maldinis head. But this is on redbird and I already can’t stand our new owners. They ruined this season no doubt. Nobody here is asking to spend 100s of millions but if Maldini is in a position the controls who comes and who goes then let him do his damn job!

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