CIES: How Milan’s post-Covid net spend compares to rivals Inter and Juventus

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are among the top ten in Europe when it comes to net spend since 2014, far surpassing that of their Serie A rivals.

The CIES Football Observatory (International Center for Sports Studies) takes a look at the balance between purchases and sales on the market in the post-COVID period, i.e. starting from the summer of 2020.

Since that point Inter boast positive account of €134m thanks to some big sales, while Milan and Juve are -€146m and -€149m respectively, which is a huge difference.

The results on the pitch have rewarded the Nerazzurri, who have done better both in Italy and in Europe, reaching the Champions League final and winning domestic honours.

Also considering the start of the 2020-21 season, Inter have collected a total of 256 points, 12 more than Milan (244) and 29 more than Juve (227) without counting the 10 penalty points.

In the last three years the Nerazzurri have won five titles (one Scudetto, two Coppa Italia and two Supercoppa), the Bianconeri two (Coppa and Supercoppa) and Milan just one: the Scudetto.

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  1. Considering Inter have had policy of making a profit on The transfermarket this does not come as a suprising thing and beside Vlahovic I would not say Juventus have spent much money either.

  2. and do you know why our net spend is bad?

    Its called 4 of our big assets going for free and then directors and fans alike making every single excuse under the sun about how it wasnt possible to sell, players now only go for free transfers for bigger money blah blah

    Doesnt matter, Milan as a club cant survive without player sale revenue, commercial we arent that strong yet.

    1. LOL. You mean like when key players leave for free because they aren’t offered enough money, like Skriniar, Perisic and so on? What matters is that you have one and the same comment for anything bad because you are 1D person. It is a 3D world.

          1. and you have to be 10 years old to be this dumb, if you are an adult, god help you

            Actually no one can help you you are screwed.

    2. Finance and bilance doesn not going that way.
      Of course it is better to sell player, but only for fee – like in terms of Tonali sale.
      Milan used all players who left for free, and in return get players for huge potential, who in terms of value would be much more expensive in near future.
      For exmple Kessie left, we get Musah who is 20 years old.
      Kessie wanted yearly salary, which coest more of Musah salary+ammortisation combined.
      In terms of finances, thats why Milan left Romagnoli, Calhanoglu, for Kalulu, and now Ruben Loftus or Reijnders.
      We can see in last market, we managed to sell Tonali, and in next mercato, probably we will sell Saelemaekers, and maybe Origi for capital gain.
      Krunic could be easily sold this year, but he can be even sold for fair capital gain in next year.
      So there is the time, when club will be able to easily sell players, but untill now club was handling finances and how to save the money, in terms blocking huge players salary requests.

  3. The biggest factor here is that Inter is trying to buy top players. Yes, they sell but they spent 75M on Lukaku just a few years ago. 48M on Hakimi and so on. They pay for the players they want and sell for even more money. Same with Barella, they got Frattessi to replace him and he will probably be sold for 100M next summer. Whatever people say, there seems to be quite a clear plan there.

    1. Meh, they have no idea what they doing. Thats why they are in the red and Milan is not.. Sure they have strong players. But is it worth it on the long run? They won about the same as Milan did in that time. Except, we an build up and they will still be in the same buy/sell cycle

        1. its only because they have Marotta they are any sort of competitive atm.. once he is gonne the whole club will sink.
          How can i say what i said? Because its fUUUCkIIIng true.
          And no, he is not doing better than ours. Ours do it better simply because Milan is not in the red!

    1. Not saying he’s lining his pockets but Gerry has had basically one season and pretty much a net spend of zero with the sale of Tonali and UCL money from last year being used to fund the players we have now.

      1. are you dumb? We cannot spend money we don’t earn, Redbird cant magically erase our debts and comply with FFP at the same time.

        We are still under settlement agreement for 2 more years, if we break the rules in the period we get fined, why should they take the risk?

        also we arent Saudi club that illegally pumps up their finances through illegal sponsorships

          1. They are in debt you idiot, do you just wake up and decide to be ignorant and dumb?

            Must be nice ignoring everything and pretending everything you know is 100% right lmao, 10 year old kids’ mindset

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