CM: Atalanta ask for De Ketealere resale clause to be removed – the response

By Oliver Fisher -

Charles De Ketelaere is hoping that he will become a permanent Atalanta player, a report claims, but they are trying to move the goalposts of the operation agreed with AC Milan last summer.

According to, De Ketelaere is waiting for a call from his agent to understand if he will play for Atalanta again next season. The final day that they can use their option to buy is June 14, so there is a bit of a race against time.

The Belgian forward hopes to continue his adventure with Gian Piero Gasperini in Bergamo and this is the priority that La Dea are hoping to use as leverage, despite the fact some enquiries from the Premier League and LaLiga having arrived in recent days.

CDK immediately felt at home with Atalanta and wants to keep playing for a club that put faith in him and allowed him to get a Europa League winner medal after their 3-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen in Dublin last month.

Atalanta’s first request to lower the €22m option to buy was not accepted by Milan and their sporting director D’Amico has now asked the Rossoneri to remove the 10% resale clause, but the feelings are negative.

At the moment Atalanta seem increasingly convinced of using the option to buy by the 14th rather than letting it slip away, even if their attempts to get a better deal will be rebuffed.

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  1. So they agreed to these terms after he failed with us, but want to remove them because he is now succeeding ? I mean wtfff is this logic? Are dumb in Atalanta HQ?

    1. It’s so clear that Atalanta also didn’t expect CdK to perform at this level. The ‘greatness’ of loan with option to buy that’s agreed by our management, is the opposing party have all the freedom. And now when they’re facing the real issue to buy the player, they have to rationalize their offer.

  2. Boy, Atalanta are determined to turn this into another CDK summer of insanity if we let them. Here’s an idea: why don’t they take some of that money they just won from the freaking Europa, pay us what they agreed to pay us nine months ago and then we can all get on with our lives.

    1. Atalanta is trying to play smart because they know we are desperate to source for cash to make moves for our targets . They won Europa Cup which should give cash to make this deal go thru, but they are still trying to prove smart.

          1. Uhh no. For the clause to triggered there is still administration to be done, the contract to be signed, the money to be deposited, the transfer need to be reported to lega etc…

            Basically they can delay it to last day if they want to but it will be hard if they wait until last 5 minutes. It needs some time.

  3. The whole point of resale clause is that we get some aditional money if player suceeds with a loan team. Idk if Atalanta are dumb or what is the problem but i think that we should stand our ground and ask for agreed terms. If atalanta doesnt want that, sell him to premier league team.

  4. I don’t understand why Atalanta is trying to nickel & dime us here… the sell on clause is what makes this whole thing worth it as it might actually yield a profit on the whole operation. Otherwise it’s a wash without it.

    Alternatively, I don’t know why Milan wouldn’t be able to just offload CDK elsewhere themselves.

    Atalanta on the other hand may end up without Koopmeiners and CDK.

  5. This must be fake news. He has performed very well for Atalanta. Makes no sense that they aren’t willing to buy him.

    If this is true it’s good for us. We get to keep him and Atalanta has helped us to develop him.
    With a new coach that can see how we can use him he might be important for us.

    Keep him!

  6. If it was other way around, when we ask their priced player, they will be asking hefty just because its milan.
    milan shouldnt buy this bluff from atalanta, either they pay based on agreement or our club re-sell to highest bidder

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