CM: Atalanta lead Aston Villa and Marseille in De Ketelaere pursuit – the reason

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are looking to find accommodation for Charles De Ketelaere and Atalanta are the frontrunners at present, a report claims.

According to, Atalanta know that Milan will sanction the sale of De Ketelaere if an offer of €28m or more were to arrive, given the disappointing debut season the Belgian had following his move from Club Brugge for €35m including bonuses.

After signing striker El Bilal Touré, La Dea are still looking to invest in their attacking department with money to spend following the sale of Rasmus Højlund to Manchester United.

They have set their sights on De Ketelaere for the playmaker role but they face competition from Aston Villa in the Premier League, PSV Eindhoven in the Eredivisie and Marseille in Ligue 1.

However, Atalanta have one point of advantage because De Ketelaere himself has made it clear he would prefer to stay in Italy and in Serie A.

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  1. If Pioli doesn’t plan to use CDK or Adli, how about CDK + Adli for Teun Koopmeiners.
    No money needs to exchange hands.
    Milan gets the regista they need.
    Gasperini cab cook with CDK and Adli and then sell them in couple years for some stupid amount of money, like they always do

    1. No. Becaus you need to avoid a capital loss on him. Player exchange is too speculative for that to balance the books. That’s how Juve got in trouble.

      I think Milan will try to monetize CDK’s exit.

      1. I think that is incorrect, the rules have just changed. The value of both players in a transfer is based on the remaining value that is in the books for the existing players. You’d be able to claim a profit only when you sell them the next time for cash.

        Juventus swapped players and claimed a profit to be able to say that they were not in the red for the year and be able to subscribe to the league.

        1. And even under the old regime, it wouldn’t have mattered as CDK+Adli is very nearly equal to Koopmeiners, if not possibly a bit more.

  2. Selling CDK is desperate move, best to loan him out for the first half of the season(if possible). This will ensure he gets some play time in the same league. Otherwise, if we sell him now his and he gets regular playtime his value with double.

    1. Too many assumptions. What if he tanks again? His value will plummet. It’s clear he doesn’t fit in with our setup AND he not be what we thought he was. Where is he going to play in the next 3 years? All of the spots he could possibly play in are taken by better players that have all just signed 5 year contracts (Leao, Pulisic, Chukwueze). And no, he’s never going to be a Serie A striker or False 9 or whatever. He doesn’t have the physical chops. If a club is willing to take him for 28m or whatever we need not to book a loss then he can go. Even if people are in denial what we’re having this summer is nothing short of a revolution. And to finish it we need a striker, a CDM and a CB. There. is. no. space. for. CDK. Close the book.

  3. We shouldn’t sell him, or any of our players, to our direct rivals in Serie A.

    It’s one thing to see these players perform at another club. It’s even more frustrating when they help our direct rivals finish above us in the table (see the 4 former players at Inter, 2 former players at Juve, 1 former player at Lazio…..).

  4. Milan should only be concerned If the transfer allows Milan to get better, not if the deal makes one of our “rivals” worse or better.
    If Atalanta offer is the best, you take Atalanta’s offer.
    Roma used that silly tactics when they sent Zaniolo to Turkey for less money just so they don’t send him to Milan, thinking that they will be strengthening a direct rival.
    They still finished behind Milan and lost several millions in the process by worrying about not strengthening Milan instead of thinking about what’s best for themselves.
    A good compromise is when both side feel a little dissatisfied.

    1. I actually think both you and maldinis heir has valid points here but both with some modifications as well.

      Maldinis heir: Selling him to atalanta, it would be a shame to see him blossom with them and then later on getting sold for the double to further reinforce them but at the same time he could also hurt our oppositions in the league so could also benefit us to some extent.

      🔴⚫️As much as i can agree with your assesments as well roma will actually have a farily large resale clause so they will get around 25-30% in the event of a sale which propably will exceed above what we was willing to offer to begin with,

      1. Again if we step back to what happens in the real world, businesses don’t sell their top employees to their rivals!

        I know businesses don’t generally “trade in” in workers (unless they’re recruiters) but isn’t that actually the point?

        Why are football clubs trading players in the first place?

        Is that really the only way to get talent – when you have a massively expensive infrastructure for scouting and developing young players that has a success rate of less than 1%!

        And let’s say football is different and transfers are part of the “game”. Fine. I’m not against transfers but the name of the game is actually improvising your squad to play football NOT just engaging in transfers for the sake of transfers (which is now about 75% of football transfers).

        When you take a step back and you look football and you compare it to businesses and other sports, it’s quite clear that the transfer market is completely out of control.

        1. Ive never argued against coherency or consistency as ive always strongly believed in those elements of the sport or for that matter any sport, Just like muscle memory is a factor in sports, Neither have i ever argued against giving homegrown youths from our own ranks a chance.

          I agree though that coherency is extremely important and the difference being great or decent sometimes comes down to small margins and that includes how well for example players know eachother and how they move and when they does.

          I wouldnt exactly say its out of control except for the fees and salaries involved in modern football but regardless that i actually like the incoming transfers there are still some questions to be asked, iffor example if the team will gel fast enough but i still think there are some promising signs there minus the last match against juventus,

          Well im of the view that the transfers done this summer seems fairly well planned even though i disagree with the first two decisions of the summer but i expect us to fight for the scudetto this year and go far into the cl but who knows it might not happen but on paper this team should be able to fight to the end as i see it.

          1. I think it’s all relative to the overall madness of football.

            So the transfers this summer seem fine. I don’t have any issues with any individual signings, and if it all clicks great. I hadn’t realised Napoli last summer signed lots of players and managed to make it work, but that I’d say was a very unique situation.

            But taking a step back, in the grand scheme of things, where there are literally thousands of players being transferred across the top 5 leagues, when players are staying at clubs for 1-2 seasons, when youth teams just seem like a waste of everyone’s time, then I think the volume is a bigger issue than the fess and the salaries.

            If Man City are only signing one player for 100m then there’s still a ton of others for everyone else. The problem is that all the others to compete with Man City’s 1 x 100m signing spend 100m on 10 signings…..

            Contrary to popular belief Milan have spent a fortune this century. Over 1.5b.

            And we have 3 Scudetti and 2 Champions League to show for it and 10 years in the wilderness.

            But the biggest issue is there is zero scrutiny because the media feed off the transfer market and then fans demand more and managers and directors respond to fans (and agents and players’ bank accounts do very well).

        2. ‘”Again, if we step back to what happens in the real world, businesses don’t sell their top employees to their rivals!”

          Top employees?
          Since when is CDK Milan’s top employee?
          And you are talking about the real world while you live in a fantasy world

          1. How is an asset that we paid over 30m for not a “top” something….

            The ability for the media and fans to just write off endless players and millions of euros is really quite breathtaking…

          2. The Media and Fans?
            It’s the coach and the club that want to get rid off the player and write off millions of Euros..
            It’s quite breathtaking that you can’t understand that.

          3. This is driven by the media setting the narrative, fans then make the demands, and clubs responding to that demand (as well as the egos of owners).

            In this environment there is no scope for clubs to calmly plan for more than half a season ahead.

            The only way to we can return to some normality is for fans to start demanding a change. It’s on us to demand better.

    2. If our rivals get better we by definition get worse or at least it doesn’t make our job easier.

      Inter started with 3 of our former players – a quarter of their team! One of those players was the former captain of our primavera – Darmian.

      And let’s not pretend football clubs are run in any kind of fiscally responsible way. If we were concerned about money we probably wouldn’t be writing off a EUR 30m asset or whatever after one season when they failed to settle into a new job (new CEO’s apparently are given 6 months!).

    1. How can we fit this guy in the side when we also have Okafor and a million other players?

      The squad is supermassive.

      We have to sell players now or else we’ll just smoother all of the talent.

      This is like putting too many cows in the same paddock (except farmers tend to keep cows for a few years to fatten up but then again farmers are business people not idiots who think they’re playing computer games).

  5. Most of the comment here shows most of the fans don’t understand football. We sold Pacqueta to Lyon to avoid capital loss a season and a half later Lyon sold him twice the price. We never believed in him. The same happens to Chelsea in the case of KDB but today Man City is reaping the rewards. Look at Nathan Ake he was a Chelsea player but today Chelsea has spent more to replace him than Man city has gained. CDK is just 21 like Madrid why not loan him to Atlanta for two years to get Kooperminers for the immediate and insert an option to buy back at a price ceiling? Just like the case of Brahim Diaz. We help Madrid build him and Madrid avoided a capital loss by giving us the option to buy at a price. Italian clubs need to learn the business side of the transfer market. If we did that with Paqueta maybe he will be in Milan today and we would have sold him instead of Tonali. CDK is a talent he is just having the usual big team, big league fright. We might regret selling to Atlanta who has successfully bought players and sold them at an exorbitant price. We like to play we should stop criticizing CDK we should give him space to breathe we might just have our next kaka. Football is not played by strength but by intelligence and skills. Silva, Iniesta, Ozil, and Bernardo Silva don’t have strength but they will punish you. What this kid needs is belief and reassurance. We might just have a gem but are not patient enough to unlock it. Paqueta was one but he had a tumultuous first season we started criticizing him later we regret not keeping him for a season. Let CDK breathe he deserves some air.

    1. Paqueta is not a good example to use, he’s not World Class, he’s a good player, nothing more. You would struggle to name match winning performances against good teams. He’s still largely anonymous. He’s had 2 good seasons in the farmer’s league.

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