CM: How Atalanta stole Scamacca away from Milan and Inter amid incredible form

By Euan Burns -

Atalanta striker Gianluca Scamacca is enjoying a rich vein of form right now but he could have ended up at either Inter or AC Milan instead.

As reported by, Milan and Inter may be regretting their hesitation when it became clear that Scamacca was on the market, and Atalanta are now being rewarded for taking a punt on the Italian.

He recently scored twice at Anfield to help knock Liverpool out of the Europa League, and he scored an overhead kick against Fiorentina on Wednesday to help La Dea reach the Coppa Italia final where they will face Juventus.

Atalanta decided to satisfy West Ham United’s request of €25m at the end of a loan spell and given how well he is playing, that looks like a very low figure. That figure cannot increase with bonuses either.

Both Inter and Milan wanted to sign Scamacca on loan last summer but were beaten to him by Atalanta, and they also both came close to signing him when he left Sassuolo in the first place.

Considering Milan must now replace Olivier Giroud, it would have been very fortuitous if they could have signed Scamacca this summer after a loan spell for just €25m.

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    1. Indeed, never understood why so many people think he is trash and i would absolutely love if he joined us or had done it years ago,

      1. Yes I still remember many (if not most) of the members here trashing about the link between him and Milan. Personally I like how he plays since his Sasuollo days and pretty glad to see he finally gets the attention he deserves.

        1. Yeah same here and agree he has always been a great talent and would have been an ideal replacement for both ibra and giroud. In the end a lot of people are more about the daily hype and will change their opinions about this and that player and complain endlessly instead of seeing the actual potential. Scamacca is a strong and technical gifted player for his size. It would be smart to see if we can strike a deal for him when/if atalanta buys cdk.

  1. If he had come on loan to us this season; I doubt Pioli would have got him back into form like Gasperini has.
    Pioli would have just kept playing Giroud and he would have scarcely got a game.

  2. It’s a big missed opportunity. Giurassy is the only one that will cost less, but is 28 and wants to move to the PL. Scamacca was the one. Oh well.

  3. If Scamacca came to Milan instead of Jovic we might have been able to compete with Inter. Not saying Jovic did poorly but Scamacca’s playing style is more like Giroud’s and he would have been able to cover for him more. Maybe even replace him.

    In fact of all the rumored strikers I’d take Scamacca this summer.

    1. Not sure considering out playing style or lack theroff…
      Also you have to assume that Pioli will give Scamacca enough time to get back to his groove like Gasperini did.

  4. Milan was not in the race for Scamacca.

    What this article leaves out is that the pursuit of Scamacca went cold once M&M left. He was on the way to Inter.

    Technical quality is not something Moncada looks for. It’s all about speed and power for him.

    I do agree that the best thing for Scamacca was going to Atalanta to play under Gasperini.

    I don’t know what his value is like now but he should be priority number 1. But we know he won’t be.

    1. Moncada doesn’t look for technical ability , just speed and power?!!
      Have you ever watched Scamacca play? Power and speed for a man his size are his best characteristics.
      The only striker pursuit that went cold with Maldini’s and Massara’s firing was their pursuit of Marko Arnautovic.

      1. You said it yourself, speed ‘for a man of his size’. In that qualification you are conceding that he does not fit the athletic profile.

        I am as much of a fan as Scamacca as anyone out there, not related to him. He has a very broad skill set but it’s generally not what has been valued at Milan.

        They’ve cooled on Sesko. Zirkzee is admittedly a very similar player to Scamacca but look at everyone else we are linked to. Completely different players.

  5. It’s funny how some fans treat 2 players with very similar career paths differently.
    When someone mentions how good CDK has been at Atalanta, people come up with the usual, no pressure, no bright lights, or no expectations to win trophies in Atalanta, plus he plays in a 2 men front instead of Milan’s 4231.
    Doesn’t the same rules apply to Scamacca then?
    The lights of London weren’t too bright for him?
    He didn’t flop big time over there, in a new country?
    Doesn’t he play and as of late performs well in the same 2 men front next to CDK?
    So , one of them is weak mentally, but the other Milan should do everything to sign.
    And this is not a knock on Scamacca. I have wanted Milan to sign him for at least 4 years since he was on loan at Ascoli and Milan was first rumored to be interested in him.
    But keep the same energy for both, because they are both thriving in the same environment after failing somewhere else.
    I hold hope that Atalanta maybe pass on signing CDK and he gets to come back at Milan and work with a coach that will know how to use him instead of Pioli

    1. I asked this question about Scamacca’s ability to fit in a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 system, this is the answer I got from the poster who nickname himself “Bruno” (he already has replied once in this article), I’ll paste it here :
      “He scored 16 goals as a sole 9 in a front 3 for Sassuolo 2 season ago, so, in short, no it’s not an issue.

      But I’d go further because even though he is playing in front 2 he is always the #9. It is Lookam, CDK or Miranchuk who is playing as the support striker.

      The potential limitation on the member of the front 2 playing as a lone 9 is on the support striker not the main man.

      The query is whether the 9 has the physicality to deal with the increased attention in a front 3. He’s otherwise got to play as a false 9. Watch Scamacca’s games this season against Inter (Oct/Nov last year in Bergamo), Juventus about a month ago (where he really troubled Bremer), against Napoli (where he bullied JJ and Rachmani) and even just this week against Cagliari (where he bullied Dossena who is a very physical CB even if he has his limitations).

      He’ll have no issue playing as a lone 9. In our system he’d be Grioud who can hold the ball up, contribute to the build up and shoot the ball from range. We would know ourselves with a functional 9.”

      1. This. Plus, @Z, Scamacca and CDK play in different roles, so their function in a front 2 or solo will be different within a given formation. It’s clear CDK thrives playing off of someone in a front 2 (just like Jovic), while Scamacca can handle both a front 2 and solo no. 9.

  6. Single tear rolls down eye. …
    This was the guy I wished we’d sign. Always like him since I saw him play at Genoa. He was head and shoulders above everyone and clearly need a step up to a big club. Tall and suited to our system

  7. He is very up and down… Gasp will have done well to revive him after his EPL failure. We need him firing on all cylinders for the sake of La Nazionale.

  8. Atalanta buy him 25m euro. There is ni way atalanta want to sell him 30-40m euro . Minimum 60m euro offer to take atalanta negotiate

  9. I said he was my number one target for striker last season. If he can get his injuries down and his attitude right this guy has everything we need.

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