CM: Bayern begin talks with Theo’s agents – why he doesn’t have a price tag

By Oliver Fisher -

Theo Hernandez continues to be one of AC Milan’s certainties during a season of ups and downs, but in the last few days his future has become the subject of speculation.

From December onwards, Theo raised the level of his performances, placing himself completely at the service of the team and of Stefano Pioli, even offering to play a role that he has never played before when he moved to centre-back amid the injury crisis.

As recall, in recent days German sources reported Bayern Munich’s strong interest in the Frenchman, and their checks confirmed that the Bavarian club tested the waters with the agents of the former Real Madrid man to understand the situation and his future plans.

Talking about untransferable players in reference to Milan is out of place because the policy is clear: everyone has a price, but there are players that they will try to keep barring exceptional offers.

This is why at present Theo does not have an asking price. The Rossoneri hopes to have him for a long time to come and are working on the renewal of his contract which is currently set to expire in 2026.

Above all, they will leverage the will to improve his current salary of €4m net per season fixed plus €500k in bonuses, a reward that is not the direct consequence of Bayern Munich’s interest but of what he demonstrated on the pitch and in terms of attachment to the shirt.


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  1. It would be hard to imagine the team without Theo. He gives so much to this side ,I hope he remains as long as possible. He must be worth at least a 100 million now.

  2. You gotta love how the media only talks about Milan as a club who doesn’t have untransferable players and how only at Milan everyone has a price tag.
    It’s like inter players doesn’t have a price tag and most of them have not been sold even against their wishes over the last couple of years. Just last summer they were trying to sell Barella before he turned down Newcastle.
    It’s not like Juventus isn’t trying to sell Vlahovic and Chiesa, or Bremer. Basically their 2 best and most valuable players, plus Chiesa.
    It’s not like just yesterday Pep was talking that they can’t keep De Bruyne if he wants to leave for Saudi Arabia or saying last year the same thing about Bernardo Silva. Haaland is also rumored about possibly leaving for RM or PSG.
    No it’s only Milan under the big bad US ownership.
    No such thing as untransferable player in football. Everyone can be had at the right price. Doesn’t matter if it’s Milan or RMadrid, or ManCity.
    Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the 2nd best player of all time, was sold for profit by 2 of the biggest clubs in the world, ManUtd and RMadrid.
    At the end it all depends on the player. If Bayern offers 10 + mil a year to Theo and he wants to leave, Milan can’t keep him, just like the Tonali situation.
    No one in serie A is making nowhere near 10 mil a year. Even inter is not offering that much money to Lautaro, who arguably is the best player in Europe this season.
    Money talks and serie A clubs can’t compete financially with the clubs from the more profitable leagues. That’s the reality of the situation. It isn’t just a Milan issue.

    1. The difference is that Inter or Real or Bayern or the other top clubs sell when they have a replacement ready to fill in. We sell like Atalanta or Sassuolo.

      1. That difference is because when they let players go it’s usually because they have ‘chosen’ not to match the new wages therefore saw it coming and have had chance to plan, whereas we fully intend to keep Theo but can’t control or likely match what Bayern offer him.

        A recent non-Milan example of this would be Fabinho at Liverpool. That took them by surprise and they spent the summer scratching around for a replacement, even with their riches (which we don’t have).

        Man City also made a late(ish) call on Gundogan, and neither Nunes or Kovacic felt like a usual, thoroughly researched Pep signing – neither are worthy of wiping Gundogan’s behind.

        We will certainly have a plan B, but for now it seems that plan A is Theo stays and here’s hoping he does.

      2. Really?
        Who did they have to replace Lukaku when they sold him? Dzeko. Ha ha 😂.
        How about Hakimi? Dumbfries.
        Onana? Sommer.
        If Milan signed those players, you’d be out here complaining that they are signing trash.
        Hakan fell in their lap by the incompetence of Milan’s technical director at the time, to replace Eriksen.
        We sell like Atalanta and Sassuolo? Milan sold 1, ONE PLAYER.
        If Milan had a competent person in charge at the time who could get money in return for Hakan, Kessie, Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Milan also would have had replacements ready to fill in.
        You need money to buy players. Your options are limited if you lose high value starters for nothing.
        Inter, Real Madrid and Bayern don’t lose 40% of their starting 11 for ZERO and then wonder why replacement ready to fill in right away are not signed.

        1. Dzeko, Dumfries, and Somer are all performing well. Without ever spending excessive amount of money. That’s what we call a smart transfer, isn’t it? And still, there are members here saying that our transfer is better than them.

          That happens when your team have strong playing identity. It’ll be helpful on how we choose players in the market as well. Unlike certain manager who’d like to change the identity that had been built for several years. And we still question why certain new players don’t fit to our team.

          And don’t forget that Inter also lost their key players for free. Skriniar and Perisic to give names. But then again, they have identity so it won’t be hard to find replacements. Also, contrary to us, they got good free players to complete their smart transfer move.

          Competent person in charge also do not pursuit a free player for months just to loose him for a couple of hundred bucks. Competent person in charge also do not wasting his time in negotiating with wrong rep.

  3. I’m optimistic about Theo (and I’m usually a pessimist). He seems very content with us. I think if we offer him the same contract that Leao is on, he will renew. It will effectively double his salary. I think we will also refuse all offers for Leao that aren’t his release clause. My hunch is that Maignan will be the sacrificial lamb, as his demands are for a salary higher than Leao and his performances this season haven’t justified them. And I think that’s fine, given that GK is ultimately the most replaceable position. Renew Theo, get 60m for Maignan and use that money on a striker. All of if if need be. We’re still going to be getting ~30m for CDK, and maybe another 10-15m from players like Saelemaekers and Colombo, and we’ll have another 30-40m from the “usual” budget for a GK replacement and the CDM that we so sorely need. 1 player out, 3 players in (and maybe an actual usable LB to backup Theo), and then I think we’re good to go for 2024-25.

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