CM: Belotti only wants Milan move and Maldini schedules meeting with Ibrahimovic

By Isak Möller -

Andrea Belotti has been linked with a move to AC Milan for several years now, but this time it might be the best timing. The striker’s contract will expire at the end of the season and the Rossoneri are interested. 

As reported by Daniele Longo for this evening, Belotti only has Milan in his mind and that isn’t strange, seeing as he’s a boyhood fan of the club. Therefore, he has also rejected heave offers from Al-Hilal and Newcastle (€7-8m per year).

The striker obviously has a lot of experience and has shown that he can guarantee a consistent amount of goals over several seasons. For Milan, despite the signing of Marko Lazetic, he could thus be a great option.

First, however, the Rossoneri need to sort out the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede wants to continue for one more season and there will be a meeting between the parties in March. Milan, most likely, won’t be able to guarantee him a starting spot.

With that in mind, the Belotti option is concrete and the player is keen on making the move happen.

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  1. I honestly don’t think he’s enough. I don’t have faith in him. Any idea why he’s not played so much this season. Is he injured? Whenever I’ve seen him play I appreciate his hard work but I don’t see an out and out striker. We want someone who is gonna strike fear into the defenders whenever he picks the ball up. Belottis not it. He’s giroud, several years younger. On a free though I would still be happy and him being a rossonero counts a lot but I would want to see a predator beside him. Milan until 2010 has always been about goalscoring. Now we’re complete roll reversal. The best form of defence is attack in my eyes and we need more

    1. Agreed. Well said. Belotti is fine but not a game changer IMO. Better players out there – that is assuming we actually spend $$$ – which by what we’ve seen this transfer window we will not. So he may be our only option in summer – because he’s free. Sad

      1. “that is assuming we actually spend $$$”

        We? Lol bitch you didn’t contribute a single cent for Milan. So don’t act as if you help Milan by spending millions of euros into their account! 👎

  2. In my own opinion, Belotti’s form has dwindled over the years, he’s not the same player we once admired, maybe it’s due to age, or he hasn’t played around the right players. Well, I hope he can prove me wrong, I really wish so.

      1. He may have looked fragile, but he was nothing like it. Dude was a goal scoring machine, people seem to forget that too quickly. He showed up for the Big games and the Small ones. Always trust him to loose his marker 3 out of 5 times, and score with any part of his body. Hats-off to our best #9 in recent years, and the last till date to show what a true striker means. There will never be another Pippo.

  3. I mean it’s inevitable his form has dipped as Torino have got much worse. They used to be a decent team and over the years have been fighting relegation.. He was once scoring over 25 goals a season. Maybe a better team will bring that back. Let’s be honest, we ain’t spending money so let’s count our blessings that he’s turning down offers to come to milan

    1. I didn’t take Belotti serious unless couple of years ago I have seen him screwing down our defense like little kids. And that defense was the best in Europe under Gattuso’s management. He literally tore it apart as a piece of paper.
      With better partners (and for his dream club) he probably can shine much better and 25 goals for season may become just normal season for him.

  4. The number of Milan fans saying NO to this transfer is mind-boggling. Milan started the season with grandpa Ibrahimovic at 40, semi retired Giroud at 35 and Mr. Glass, Pellegri at 20. Bringing in Bellotti who just turned 28 and has scored over 110 goals in serie A, for FREE is an upgrade and a no-brainer, especially taking Milan financial state into consideration. We all would love to see the likes of Haaland, Vlahovic… in Milan jersey but they are not fiscally realistic targets.
    Milan should not hesitate and wrap this up fast

  5. > Milan bought a young striker
    > some Milan fans: NOOOOOOO!!!! we don’t want young unproven young striker. Pathetic transfer!😡

    > Belotti wants Milan
    > some Milan fans: He sucks at Torino, we don’t want him!😡

    Gosh, some Milan fans are seriously ungrateful and toxic af! 👎

    1. Totally agree with you. If Belotti wants to fight for Milan it is worth trying at least. Signing a skilled, experienced player who is a fan of AC Milan. Not an another mercenary who just wants to use the club for his next destination to rich one.

      1. That’s the problem. Some of these Milan fans only wants shortcuts and expensives mercenaries who doesn’t care about the pride of wearing Milan shirt 🙁

    1. Probably it would work.
      There’s a chance that Zlatan can kick his ass and help Mario put his shit together. Just like Zlatan managed everything with Cassano decade ago. But it may end up with big conflict in dressing room when Zlatan leaves the team.
      And Balo’s salary is low af.
      On the other hand Mario is 31 already and there’s Raiola’s shadow fading behind.

  6. If he wants to play for Milan then bring him. It is free transfer. And there’s a motivation in addition to his experience and skills. He is like an elder version of Tonali.
    We definitely need players who want to play for Milan because it is the Milan.
    In case he somehow cannot do his best we can just sell him and even make some cash.

  7. As many of the comments say, if he wants Milan and loves the shirt, then that wil count for a lot. Just to add on, Belotti can still score as many goals as Ibra presently does, will press far more aggressively, and cost half the salary. Last point, I’ve seen him live twice in the past four years against us, and he’s a player you keep noticing on the pitch, like “who is that guy? Oh it’s Belotti, he’s good.”

  8. Taking everything into consideration , quality, age , price(FREE) and Milan financial state, plus all the other holes in the squad that need to be addressed , signing Bellotti is a No-Brainer. Get it done

  9. Da uzet Belottija svakako besplatno ali ljudi moji nama fali DESNO krilo tu je največi problem Milana . Sve snage uprijeti da se dovede VRHUNSKI desni napadač poput DOMENIKA BERARDIJA ili nešto slično !!!! Ako nema toga onda cjela priča pada u vodu

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