CM: Boban, Elliott and Milan – the truth about the legal clash amid recent comments

By Isak Möller -

Zvone Boban’s time at AC Milan came to an abrupt end as his contract was terminated for just cause. It was the result of an interview he did, in which he openly criticised the Rossoneri owners, Elliott Management. 

Over a year has passed since but there is still an ongoing legal dispute between Boban and Milan. The Croatian legend believes that the interview wasn’t enough to terminate his contract for just cause, which is the basis of his argument.

In a recent interview with Sportweek, however, Boban decided to clarify that his legal dispute isn’t with Milan but rather with Elliott Management. “I am in dispute with Elliott, with Milan I will never be able to be,” he stated as cited by

According to sources close to the club, per, Boban’s lawsuit is in fact against Milan and not Elliott, despite his words. It may seem like an irrelevant detail but it obviously has weight, as Boban felt the need to clarify his lawsuit.

Boban doesn’t want to create any friction with the Milan fans and that’s perhaps the reason behind his words. The truth, however, is that the lawsuit is against the club on paper.

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  1. I never liked Boban and I am form Croatia. The guy is philosopher and a very calculating person. It is good that he is no longer in the club. That’s why we are winning! Forza Milan!!!

  2. Did Gadzidis contact Rangnick? Yes
    Did he do it behind the back of the sporting managers? Yes
    Did he clarify his position with the other managers? No
    Was Gadzidis at fault for underhanded moves? Yes
    Boban has always been outspoken and direct, Gadzidis avoided direct confrontation. Rangnick was later fired by red bull for such behavior while on contract. That sneaky, scheming attitude does not become a high level coach. The media indiscretions cost Rangnick his job and currently he not employed by any major club!!! He has slithered to locomotive moscow with his smart ideas.

    Boban was fired simply because he stood up to gadzidis who was in charge of commercial.aspect of Milan. Elliot did not want to lose face. Gadzidis was not supposed to interfere in the sporting side without due consultations with boban and maldini. That is also a fact.
    Gadzidis was the one that vetoed the request of gattuso to bring in IBRA earlier , same with fabrigas. That would have been a massive leap in quality. We would have made Europe in gattuso’s era. That was Gadzidis fault. Gattuso was fired instead.
    Maldini and co hired giampaolo, a clear mistake as reinforcements did not match the philosophy. They quickly tried to correct the mistake and hired Pioli. Gadzidis had lost faith in.the abilities of maldini and co, and decided to handle matters himself. Another mistake. It was when Pioli started wining and the media leaked the meetings with rangnick, thats when gadzidis backed down due to the bad press and possible low morale if Pioli was fired. After we qualified for Europe, he no longer had the excuse to fire pioli. The result was there for all to see and the players had improved.
    If an out of court settlement is not found, information that is not palatable will.filter out sooner or later. Elliot will not want bad publicity. Check out how quickly they backed out if the super league fiasco. Maldini and co were not consulted. It backfired. It had Gadzidis fingerprints all over it.

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