CM: Brahim Diaz flourishing back at Real Madrid after Milan made other choices

By Oliver Fisher -

Brahim Diaz spent three seasons at AC Milan before returning to parent club AC Milan, and he has really kicked on since going back to the Spanish capital.

Carlo Ancelotti even thanked Milan for their role in the development of Brahim, who moved to Real Madrid from Manchester City in a deal worth €17m in January 2019 and subsequently he spent three years on loan at Milan (an initial one-year loan then a two-year deal). have published a report on the playmaker which starts with some news from Diario AS in Spain, who claim that he is about to change brand from Nike to Adidas and it will likely net him a few million.

The Spaniard has seven goals and three assists for Real Madrid this season so far and quite a few times he has come off the bench. The aspect that is worth underlining, however, is the decisive goals he has a knack for scoring.

Having bagged a few of them for Milan (a couple against Juventus, the winner in the Champions League tie against Spurs among others), he has continued the trend with Los Blancos.

Brahim scored the goal that won the Super Cup semi-final against Atletico Madrid and last weekend he netted again in the Madrid derby, a very big goal that had put Real momentarily four points ahead of second-placed Girona before the 93rd minute equaliser.

Who knows if at this moment the Rossoneri are rethinking their choice not to buy him permanently for €22m. However, it is clear that if it had been triggered, the Madrid club still had the possibility of a buy-back for €27m.

Milan made other assessments and it was clear at the end of the season that Brahim Diaz was not part of the planning for 2024-25. That money spent that money on other players, like Samuel Chukwueze.

The Rossoneri expect to see more from the former Villarreal player who has only shown his qualities in glimpses, but in the meantime Brahim is demonstrating his full value in Madrid.

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  1. Milan did not have say about he’s future. Because Ancelotti wanted him anyway
    + Even if we got him Real would trigger buy back clause because Ancelotti wanted him back so this Article is 🗑️🗑️🗑️😷

    1. This is incorrect.

      Real Madrid mgmt (not Ancelotti) wanted Diaz because his salary was cheap and they were planning to make a run for Mbappe which will require a large salary chunk.

      Ancelotti initially did not want him because he did not think he was up to the task of replacing Asensio.

      In the beginning of the season, Diaz didn’t play much. Once Vini was injured, he started to see more play time.

      Since Diaz was playing quite well, Ancelotti made a public statement about Diaz and admitted he was ready for Madrid.

      Honestly, good for Diaz. He busted his hump and worked hard to get where he is at. He’s earned it.

      I wished we had signed him instead of (take your pick): Chukwueze, Reijnders, Musah, Adli, even RLC

      but, we got Moncada doin Moneyball things!

  2. Well he was a Real Madrid player, and La Liga suits him better, he doesn’t get bullied out there as he did in Serie A by defenders. Glad he’s doing well. Serie A is a tough league to ply your trade, and it has always been that way, you need to be an exception Trequartista to flourish in Serie A.

  3. We had Brahim Diaz for peanuts for 3 years during a rebuilding phase. To honestly believe it was all a bad deal is just wrong.
    And agree with comment above -given Serie A – RLC is doing as good if not better in that role and his transfer fee was 5-10M less than Brahim’s.

  4. Diaz is flourishing.

    CDK is flourishing.

    Saelemaekers is flourishing.

    I wonder what the common denominator here is. I feel like it’s staring me in the face but I just can’t put my Pioli tactics on it.

      1. You can say that Saelemaekers is a limited player who achieved his maximum at Milan. It has nothing to do with big pressure at a big club.
        Saelemakers seems like a very confident man who isn’t bothered by pressure.
        He is showing the same performances at Bologna as he did at Milan, nothing more, nothing less.
        When it comes to CDK, one season at a new league, new country isn’t enough to say that he isn’t suited for a big team. Fans seem to forget how bad Tonali was in his first season and he was Italian who grew up close to Milano.
        Pioli messed up with CDK. Wasn’t patient enough.
        Leao needed couple years of adaptation, so did Vlahovic, Osimhen and a bunch od other players who now fans call big time players.

    1. Nah Diaz is ill suited for Italy. He’s much too weak, in Spain they play with the ball, in Italy football is a contact sport.

      1. He’s also playing with a squad that is a bit better than Milan’s. Can’t hurt having Vini, Rodrygo, Bellingham and co. taking defender’s eyes off of you.

  5. While I loved Brahim at Milan, it was frustrating watching him get consistently bullied in Italy. He thrives on having space & Italian teams will definitely not give you that. IMO it is why Chukwueze is struggling in A.

    Also, for a supposedly big side like Milan, we shouldn’t be buying a good player for 22m only to selling him for 27m. Doesn’t make any sense. We already developed him for 3 years, albeit for free (wages aside). It was a win-win for all parties. Good that we moved on.

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