CM: Budget, autonomy and delays – Maldini has concerns as he waits for renewal

By Oliver Fisher -

Given the uncertainty and simultaneous radio silence from AC Milan at the moment, it would be fascinating to get inside Paolo Maldini’s mind at the moment. report that Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have not yet signed their contract because no one has told them to do so. Last weekend Maldini spoke on the phone with Gerry Cardinale and the RedBird Capital founder offered a two-year extension with the option for a third season and a slight pay rise.

Maldini was convinced to accept the proposal and carried on working regularly, waiting in vain for someone to call him to sign, but it has not happened yet and the end of June is approaching. In the meantime, he has some concerns.

Firstly, the budget for the market is €45m and the ceiling on how much each player can earn (an internal salary cap) will be the same as today, which raises questions regarding the renewal of Rafael Leao and possibly the idea of pursuing market opportunities like Paulo Dybala.

Maldini is currently away in Ibiza and his birthday is on Sunday, so Ivan Gazidis – who is in London – should resume talks with him again on Monday, if not Tuesday. What will happen in the next two months will say a lot, because Maldini has big ambitions for Milan and he hopes for them to be matched.

The former Milan captain knows he needs to give Stefano Pioli a strong central defender, a midfielder of international quality to replace Franck Kessie, an upgrade on Brahim Diaz for the No.10 role, possibly a centre-forward who can guarantee a certain number of goals per season (not Origi therefore) and a quality right winger.

Then, it must be understood what the composition of the new Board of Directors will be and the weight that Elliott Management will have on the running of the club, as well as the future of Gazidis beyond his contract expiry in November.

There are differences between Maldini and the club on certain things because the technical director wants a starter-level central defender, that would allow Pierre Kalulu to shift to the right-back role. Instead, Gazidis is pushing for a more unproven player and in the meantime Sven Botman has slipped away after six months of negotiations.

The chances of signing Renato Sanches – the chosen target for the midfield- are slo strongly at risk because there is not an ability to move concretely on the market yet. The bottom line is that there are doubts that Maldini hopes to be resolved.

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  1. Oke bye Leao, sad for you that you play the best season of this whole team and give us a Scudetto but that bastard of a owner still won’t give you the salary you deserve. Stupid owner, I hate him already

  2. What the heck gazidiz thinking to give AC Milan young unproven defender to replace romagnoli,did he think this is sassoulo that growth youngster as cattle then sell them for capital gain? Maldini plan already good to buy starter CB so kalulu can take RB spot from calabria. Gazidiz should just focus increase revenue club ,finding sponsor and accounting not manage sport/signing player

    1. What the F*** does Gazidis know about football really? Or the players Milan should buy? How many trophies did he get for Arsenal? And how many has Maldini brought to Milan with a pathetic budget?

      Gazidis should just leave already.

  3. For long I said Elliott are not after Milan, but after their interest. They deliberately put us in this mess knowing fully cardinale has no money of his own. Elliott did nothing to improve Milan squad.

    1. You might want to rethink that. Or do I really need to list the signings that occurred until Elliot’s watch and the success Milan has had? First scudetto in 11 years and all you can do is complain, you must be fun at parties.

      1. Wining once and sustaining are two very different things. Maldini knows this. Some on here apparently do not. some of us who complain about Redbirds lack of urgency on transfers and renewals (player and M&M alike) get bashed on this site (by sheep) and those sheep hide behind the fact that we won the Scudetto after 11 years. Yes that’s amazing and we are all happy. However, like Maldini, we are concerned that the new owners only wish to run this club to make profit but not want to win (like Atalanta). My how our standards have fallen. Do Real Madrid fans say well we won this last season so we don’t need to worry about next season lol? This past season we were fortunate to win IMO and like Maldini do not think we will nor progress far in CL UNLESS we buy players. This is what MALDINI believes (and I agree with him) and based on this position and knowledge of the game – we should all listen to him as he knows what’s needed to WIN more than any of us.

        1. What the hell do you know about what Maldini thinks? Have you been invited to his dinner table lately? The window is not even open yet, and you have no F’ing idea of what they may or may not be working on. EVERY SINGLE rumor posted on here is just that, or in reality complete BS, and if you believe any of it you are naive at best.
          Oh and Atalanta wants to win? Remind me again of what they have ever won. They are the prototype of a selling team. Great youth sector and scouting, then sell at a profit. Proved your complete lack of knowledge again.
          Admit it, you just like to complain because in your deluded mind you think that you know better, when in reality you are as in the dark as everyone else.

        2. Old team need new additions to stay relevant as they have pass their peak and declining.

          On the other hand, young team continue to improve each year as they are not at their peak yet. If the team is complete, no signing is needed.

          Is Milan young core complete? Every positions have young player, but 3 position have not convinved and 2 position even lack experienced starter. The positions are RW, AM, and ST.

          This is exactly why at last month interview, Maldini said Milan need 2-3 signings and CONSOLIDATION of the squad. Other positions only need consolidation, RW and AM need to be improved immediately while ST can wait a bit.

          Defender is not one of the position Milan need new signings, consolidating Romagnoli is more than enough, he is just 4th choice CB anyway, even if he don’t renew, there are still Tomori, Kalulu, Kjaer, and Gabbia. Remember that last season Milan has the best defensive record despite missing Kjaer for half season. Moving Kalulu back to RB? Calabria and Florenzi is already there.

          DM is also a position where Milan is well covered. Kessie leave but Milan still has Tonali and Bennacer, both of them starter level. Furthermore, Pobega return after successful loan spell and he is a physical player. If Sanches arrive, he is more likely to play at more advance position such as AM.

  4. Here is what Maldini told Ambrosini in March (revealed by Ambrosino in interview):
    “Kalulu has become a serious player. So why do I have to spend money to get another defender.”

    I don’t believe the claim in this article, who need 3 right-back anyways? If Maldini want Kalulu to return to right-back position, he would not need to sign Florenzi.

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