CM: Cardinale wants Pioli successor identified quickly – Ibrahimovic’s thoughts

By Oliver Fisher -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants the next AC Milan head coach to be someone that he has worked with before and therefore can place his trust in, a report claims.

According to, Gerry Cardinale’s presence in Italy served to clarify some things about the future, with Ibrahimovic involved in the discussions along with Geoffrey Moncada and Geoffrey Moncada.

The idea of ​​the owner of RedBird Capital is to narrow the list of candidates to two or three by the end of next week. On the other hand, Milan’s philosophy will not change: the next coach, as it was with Pioli, will have a significant influence on transfer decisions.

This is why there is a need to speed things up so as not to arrive late to the table when all the promising coaches have gone, especially given the fact that Thiago Motta has a verbal agreement with Juventus.

Ibrahimovic would like to bring to Milan a coach he can trust, who he has already had the opportunity to know personally in his career as a player.

Zlatan knows that the choice of the next manager will be fundamental to restarting with ambition and he doesn’t want to make mistakes in his first big decision as manager.

Xavi responds to this identikit, as does Mark van Bommel. The candidacies of Paulo Fonseca and Sergio Conceicao still remain as well, the current managers of Lille and Porto respectively.

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    1. There is a good chance that xavi will stay at barca. He kinda took back his quitting remark and their management want to keep him as well.

  1. Xavi is a crybaby and he’s leaving his team for the sake of being a crybaby.

    Thanks but no thanks, I don’t want someone who’s going to let his team down and leave like an offended little snowflake when things don’t go his way.

    1. If he is leaving Barca cause things didn’t went his way, then he wont think twice to leave Milan when things don’t go his way. His big ego is a problem for sure. Im not sure about him, but compared with the other candidates he still seems like a better option. To bad we missed on Motta who ticks every box.

  2. Love Ibra. As a player.
    But I am not sure about what him in the role he has right now.

    I would love Xavi but he has another year with Leverkusen. If Pioli get another year (haha) then we can offer Xavi a high salary and maybe have him or Klopp.

    Conte usually wants a much higher amount to spend on players than we can offer unless we sell Leao, Maignan or Theo.

    1. Unfortunately we are not being linked with the good Xabi arguably the most promising young coach at the moment. But rather Xavi a typical great footballer turned a mediocre coach.

  3. We will end up with another journeyman, it’s all we can get. Elite coaches won’t accept the sit there and shut up while we choose the signings

    Moneyball doesn’t function any other way.

  4. Given the names we are linked with, and the fact Gerry will never hire a top top coach like Klopp, I’m on the Gallardo train.

    Lopetegui is just a Madrid failure. That isn’t what AC Milan is about

    1. being realistic, do you really think an elite coach would want to come? .. one side of the equation is would Gerry want to pay for one (or if we can), the second is, would an elite coach accept. Given all the EPL and big money clubs looking for coaches. I think the answer is no on both. ManU, Chelsea are always on the brink of firing a coach, Liverpool, Bayern, Barcelona. All looking for a coach. If you are an elite (or an in-demand) coach, would they pick milan over them? ..Heck Pochettino, who i dont think is an elite coach, preferred to wait a year than go to Juve.
      Point is, there are arguably better positions available now than Milan. It’s sad, but it’s reality. We are a good project, but not an Elite one yet.

  5. The reality is that Milan has been playing around for way too long. I understand the financial stability, but now is the time to invest some money. I’ve been AC Milan fan since I was born and seeing this type of behaviour from our players, is unacceptable. This team lacks ideas and leadership. Also, the way they represent this club is embarrassing and shameful towards their fans.

  6. The fact that we have Zlatan makes things more difficult. I remember he supported Pioli when we were to sign Ragnick and he also hates Guardiola, perhaps the two best to rap lace Pioli.

  7. The coach they pick will tell us a lot about their ambitions. But all eyes will be on Gerry and the moves he sanctions.

    Personally the only top candidates I’ve heard mentioned have been Motta, Conte and Emery.

    The rest seem like smoke.

  8. Svakako bi uzeo nekog Njemačkog trenera !! Milanu treba čvesta ruka strogi režim i napadačka igra s puno presinga !!Klopa pa koliko košta da košta !!

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