CM: Castillejo decativates social media account after becoming target of fan abuse

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan winger Samu Castillejo has deactivated his Twitter account following the abuse he was receiving from fans, a report claims. writes that the Spaniard was the target of many insults on Twitter by some Rossoneri fans, who accused him on several occasions and in a vulgar way of blocking his own sale and therefore further potential signings to bolster the squad.

The former Villarreal man remains in the sights of Getafe, but in the meantime he has decided he will no longer endure the treatment of some supporters and has decided to deactivate his Twitter account, as well as turning comments off his Instagram posts.

It comes after the Curva Sud displayed some threatening messages at Milanello towards Gianluigi Donnarumma, but there was also some solidarity with Castillejo on social media as many fans took to the defence of the 26-year-old and condemned those who attacked him.

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  1. But why doesn’t he finally leave? It is obvious to everyone he is not good enough for Milan. 108 matches as a winger, 10 goals and 13 assists. I would be close to those numbers.

    1. I don’t see what your question has to do with the article. It doesn’t justify personal attacks.But anyway, the answer is:

      Because he and Milan both signed a contract until the end of 21/22 season and so far he’s had no offer that he prefers to cancel that contract and sign another one. No doubt if a club offered him double his salary he would move tomorrow, but it’s unlikely any other club will match his current pay. So why move? If he moves on a free transfer next year his next contract will be higher anyway.

      1. What is a personal attack? I haven’t seen the comments and can’t find them. If they told him he needs to leave and isn’t good enough of a player for Milan it is the truth. If what you wrote is his plan telling him he is doing that is also true. I don’t support if someone is threatening him or his family, or anything that is really insulting without any backing but you are all becoming snowflakes today. If you are hurt by the truth that is your problem, not anyone elses. Change it, don’t cry.

  2. This is BS, even if he is blocking his transfer on purpose, which I seriously doubt, no one should be subject to any kind of abuse, especially someone that gave all he has to the club. Granted Milan outgrew him, but that is no reason to treat him like that. I’m sorry, but that’s just not okay.

    1. Depends what they wrote to him, I did not see it. If they told him it is time to leave it is not abuse. If they told him he is a bad player that is also not abuse, he is. If they told him he is pretty useless in attack, also not abuse. That is what he showed during his time at Milan, that is the truth. If someone wrote they will kill him, beat him up or something like that it isn’t fine, of course. He does try hard, but he just is not good enough.

        1. Cool, another snowflake. Telling someone the truth about them is not an insult. If someone hurt your feelings that is only your problem, grow a pair.

    1. Indeed!

      Castillejo may not be the super star we’d like him to be, but he’s been always a professional and given all his efforts whenever he’s called to action.

      This social media abuse of him should stop.

  3. Why is he blocking his sale? The moment it becomes clear the club wants to move you on..just prepare a new home for yourself so that you get enogh time to organise a new life….what is the point of staying in a place where no one wants you around?

    1. Firstly, don’t believe the idiots that say he’s blocking a sale; no club has offered Milan a suitable amount to take him yet, so it’s not even at a point where he can make a decision.

      Secondly, he and Milan have a contract, so it’s for both sides to respect that. If no other side can match the financial contract he has at Milan, why should he leave?

      There’s no excuse for abusing a player, but especially not in the case of one that works hard and tries their best for the team.

  4. People like u are ungreatful ,this guy has work tirelessly in this team,bench suso,and added energy to the team ,mark and recover possession and help the defense wen needed ,he is not a bad guy at all ,he only needs to work on his finishing and key passes, which is y the coaching crew have work to do,that’s they paid them

    1. Work on it? Added energy? He runs like a headless chicken and he is a winger that is 26 years old. He has had 1 good season in his entire career, after which Milan bought him. It would be better to play Maldini, he might actually develop into a good player, Castillejo is completely useless in attack. I have never seen him go past a player. His crosses are a joke, I know kids of 16 that have a better shot. So what exactly is the point of having him? Who needs an defensive winger in that formation? Be serious, he is awfuly bad. I am not talking about what kind of a person he is, but clubs don’t pick players by that LOL. He should have left as soon as any club asked about him, he will never be good enough for Milan.

      1. I can’t stop laughing,
        A headless chicken 🐔, he run with out a goal.
        The most painful thing to me is the fact that he wears our no7 jersey.

    2. What world do you live in? He didn’t bench Suso and he’s way below Suso’s level to be honest. He runs around but he’s very talentless. He provides nothing to the attack and his stats are very poor. He can’t even make a good cross for god’s sake. Literally Milan’s worst player.

  5. To be honest I feel more and more ashamed of fellow fans. After Curva Sud’s attack on Gigio, now this happens to a player who is still in Milan. No matter how great the team we had, there were always fringe players whom some might think not good enough, but never were they disrespected this way.

  6. This so stupid and shameful.
    He has limitations in attack but he is hardworking and always gives his all and even contributes to the defense.
    It is absolutely cruel to insult him after he gives his all for milan

  7. Milan never respected their players from the banter era, whether it is the management or us fans. But guess what? Most of the promising players which we thought would thrive in Milan shirt but later disrespect became successful in other clubs. Most recent examples are Andre Silva, Suso, Çalhanoglu etc. Milan is not the top club anymore, that is the reality and if we cannot develop our players like Bayern do, how can we become a top club again? Think! Say no to on-line abuse. 🙅🏻‍♂️

  8. Castilljo still remain in Milan because Milan has no plans to achieve a target,the administration no plans to achieve a goal, You we never a player like in big club in and top league

  9. Castillejo has played with all his has to offer but the problem is that he has more tattoos on his legs than the strength in his boby. He falls down too easily.
    Can’t believe the Milan’s past management bought him from Villareal for $25M. I just doubt that Pioli has a sentimental relationship with Castillejo, that’s why he is still staying.

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