CM: Chelsea and PSG want Maignan – the player’s stance and latest on renewal

By Oliver Fisher -

Mike Maignan has made it clear that he wishes to stay at AC Milan despite the interest of some clubs abroad, and soon his agents will meet the management.

According to the latest from, Maignan’s representatives will arrive in Milan for a meeting with CEO Giorgio Furlani inside the next three weeks and it is from there that concrete discussions over a contract extension will begin.

There is not really intense time pressure given that his current deal runs until 2026 but the idea is to shift that deadline until 2028, while doubling his current €2.8m net per season salary.

The priority of the France international goalkeeper remains to stay at Milan, despite the interest of Chelsea and PSG. Furlani and the management want to show recognition for Maignan’s status as not only one of the best in the world in his position but also a player who has become a leader in the dressing room.

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  1. Maignan is great but Maignan is also the Dybala of GKers. Every game you pray you don’t see him sitting on the ground without being touched, asking for a sub.
    He is way too injury prone for a GK.
    Unpopular opinion, but I would cash in on him and use the money to replace him and fix the defense. Milan needs at least another CB and definitely needs an upgrade at RB.
    A GK is as good as the defense in front of him. Defense was awful vs Inter, Maignan couldn’t do anything to stop those goals.
    Inter cashed in on their GK, replaced him with someone who cost 10% of what they sold Onana for, and they still have the best defense in the league.
    They should be smart here, not emotional.

    1. Are you comparing Inter Onana to Mike?and trust me, it’s too early to claim Inter has best defense. Time will tell Wakeup pal

      1. Where did you see him compare Mike the player to Onana the player? Lmao 😂😂 you guys really don’t read eh. He said they sold Onana and replaced him with a keeper who btw has probably been one of the best in the Bundesliga for 10+ years for a fraction of the cost. And their defence is still in tact..
        And yes Inter does have the best defence so far in the league and we’re mid table at best in terms of defence. We have to vastly improve on defence to get to Scudetto form. Wake up pal

      2. This ” Z ” say : IM sell onana but buy his replacement old GK with just 10% price from onana but still their defence still strong even with that old veteran GK . Nobody compare onana and mike . ACM back four not strong enough interm of defence

        1. We are dependent on Tomori to cover for mistakes committed by Thiaw, Theo, Calabria and our midfielders. This is why he is seen to commit some blunders leading to goals.

    2. It’s more about leadership quality Mike brings to this team. Especially now with so many new faces. He’s a born leader and we need that kind of players, considering they already sold one with same character qualities.

    3. How about being smart is to renew with Magic Mike by increasing his salary maybe more ln bonuses to meet his demand and also Milan can pay less if he is injured

      Just by his goal keeping skills we advanced from last 16 to quarters to semis in champions league–> which gained 40m

      Its not just Mike the reason they gained 40m but with someother goalkeeper we couldnt go past these 2rounds except it is Magic mike

      Inter has to sell Onana because of their financial situation and currently Yan sommer is not same level as Onana,they will know this difference when its time.

      Maignan is ball playing goalkeeper, if he doesn’t have to send the ball to other end 10times a match, he will not be injured. This is something our great Pioli should manage

  2. He can play like Leao, for 3 or 4 more years, and than if continue to be better by years, can leave for good fee and huge salary. He is still young for goalkeeper

  3. He’ll extend this year and leave next year of results and performances are good.

    All we can hope for is that our best players are sold and not lost for free.

    We are not going to see another bandiera under this ownership. Our asssets are only worth their value when realized… we don’t have players anymore, only assets. Not a squad, merely a portfolio.

    So sure, extend his contract see if he can finish this season with a 2nd or 3rd place and sell him on to someone who is trying to win trophies, just please make it a foreign club and insert a 25% clause against selling back to an Italian club.

  4. Onana just had another Disaster Class performance in Champions League.
    Manure is going to want an upgrade soon also.
    Sell Maignon to Manure for 150mill, re-invest in some truly great CB, RB, and striker players
    Seeing as how Milan’s entire defense against better teams depends on Tomori playing at his best to cover for the mistakes of Calabria, Kjaer, Kululu, etc., Milan ain’t winning the scudetto against Inter unless they get a better defense

  5. I love Mike, I thought he was the most important player for us. However, having said that, I thought he was the one to be sacrificed on the last transfer window instead of Tonali, as he was arguably rather injury prone as a GK.

    Now that our balance sheet is healthier than ever, I doubt there’s a pressing need to sell. Unless, Maignan is injured again *knocks wood*.

  6. Give your best offer contract to mike. If Mike still refuse then sell him fast next summer. No need to give him his demand 8-10m euro nett / season. It is just simple mister furlani .

  7. The guy who played for Lens vs. Arsenal last night looked excellent – ready-made replacement. Hilarious to see how shit Onana was against Galatasaray, by the way….

  8. PSG again, I thought they got their dream keeper in Donna the money 💰 catcher?
    While they are at it why don’t they bid for San Siro and Cardinale?

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