CM: De Keteleare to Atalanta has not collapsed yet but pessimism transpires

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere’s loan move to Atalanta could collapse on the home stretch. In fact, the recent meeting between the player’s entourage and the Bergamo side has made the deal difficult, a report claims. 

De Ketelaere has been linked with a move ever since the start of the summer, given that Milan don’t have him in their plans for the future. When the Rossoneri reached an agreement with Atalanta, the move seemed to be just one step away.

However, as was reported by Gazzetta Dello Sport and Gianluca Di Marzio, the player’s entourage upped the demand during yesterday’s meeting. This has now also been confirmed by, stating that pessimism is filtering through.

De Ketelaere has asked for a higher salary (in case he’s bought permanently) than the €2.2m net he currently receives per year. Furthermore, his entourage has asked for very high commissions to make the deal happen.

In short, the deal has become complicated on the home stretch and it’s all because of the player. As the CM report concludes, Milan are not too happy as they would have to find a new destination for the Belgian in case the move breaks down.

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    1. He is still young and has potential. Also, he’s asking for pay rise if they sign him permanently. It’s a valid request since other clubs are ready to give him an improved contract once he changes team.

      1. A pay raise is dependent on someone performing. And he’s going to a smaller team that can ill afford a large salary. Guy is really entitled. What a poor attitude.

        1. Guy wants to stay and prove himself while he gets benched so Krunic, Messias, Saladmaker and Brahim(a loanee) can get all the minutes that he should have gotten. Makes 9 assists that dont lead to a goal due to poor finishing from beloved Leao most of the time, gets harrassed by media and fans alike with insane pressure due to price tag and never plays a full match in fact 90% of games he played were less than 15 mins on the field.
          Poor attitude or poor coach who has no idea how to attack and cost us points vs relegation battling teams due to his stubborness to adapt to attacking football. Pioli is literally discount Murinho park the bus and wait for individual magic from 1 or 2 players to win game.

          1. Makes 9 assists that didnt lead to anyone scoring lmao. Nonsensical. You’re in fantasyland. And in fantasyland about this player. This is the same player who does very little on the pitch.

            You’re a huge crybaby.

          2. Lmao and you know the other problem? CDK is weak mentally and physically. He never had 9 make believe assists. He got plenty of playing time and showed little to nothing.

            Can’t believe we found a fanboy.

        2. If Atalanta were to buy him out next year, it would mean that he had an improved season. Perhaps deserving of a pay-rise. He is just trying to ensure it.
          Its not for this season that he is asking for pay rise.

          1. No. It’s not negotiating in good faith. You don’t agree to terms then come back and say you want a future pay raise, without even stepping foot on the field.

      2. Tonali Leao Bennacer etc showed potential. All this kid’s shown is that he’d rather be off herding sheep or something than playing football.

    2. Remember that he reduced his salary demand to facilitate joining Milan? He is okay being paid less than his demand if it means playing for Milan, but that doesn’t apply for Atalanta, they have to pay him his demand. Some players willing to make monetary sacrifice if it means playing in big club like Milan.

  1. Good. Let’s keep him, at least he doesn’t miss penalty kicks like some other overrated players that will end up being a flop.

  2. A pay raise is dependent on someone performing. And he’s going to a smaller team that can ill afford a large salary. Guy is really entitled. What a poor attitude.

    Also no other team was really that interested.

  3. These fucking agents need to be put in their place and there need to be new rules that severely limit them. Now they want a commission for a loan deal? I hope the deal collapse and he get 0 minutes on the pitch this year just to teach their greedy asses a lesson.

  4. They got 70 million for a player that scored goals in one season. They can afford to give him a raise if they sign him permanently.

  5. At this point he should be more concerned to redeem himself and save his career instead. Money will come along with his performance. If he managed to prove his worth then he would attract big teams or even his parent club which is Milan. It’s ridiculously ungrateful IMO. He should feel lucky that the club that wanted him was Atalanta instead of some teams in Serie D

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