CM: De Ketelaere increasingly likely to accept Atalanta move – the latest

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere has an offer from Atalanta on the table and must decide whether to join the Bergamo side or not. In fact, his consent is the only thing missing for the deal to materialise. 

As reported by, Milan and Atalanta already have an agreement for a €3m paid loan, a €23m buy-out and a 10% future resale clause. The Bergamo side will also cover the Belgian’s entire salary during the loan.

Only De Ketelaere’s yes is missing for the move to materialise. The attacking midfielder and his encourage have held new talks with Atalanta in the last few hours and he’s now increasingly likely to accept the move. Furthermore, the late approaches of Real Sociedad and Fulham haven’t led to anything concrete.

For the 22-year-old, it will be a great opportunity for redemption as Atalanta can guarantee him playing time this season. This is something that Milan cannot provide, given the switch to a 4-3-3 formation and the arrival of several players this summer.

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  1. A great deal for all sides. We get the salary covered, have a solid loan payout and buyout, and a 10% resale if they sell him in the future (if they buy out his contract of course).

    1. LOL. If he plays well, we will lose a player for very little money. If he plays badly, he will be returned to us, and his value will decrease by another three times. Lease without obligation to buy is stupid for us. Don’t be silly about it being good for us. Atalanta just got 70 million and she’s just making fools of us.

      1. You’re just another run of the mill troll. There was no other option. CDK played so poorly for us. “By another three times”. DO you even know how to do math or are you just as mature as your age? You sure you weren’t born in 2002 and not 1992?

        This is just the stupid we have to deal with on this site.

        1. I had no doubt that you were not smart enough to answer something reasonable. You’re just not equipped to evaluate options and draw logical conclusions, child. Keep being dumb, it’s your destiny.

          1. Oh man, the past few months have been annoying to say the least.

            It’s becoming toxic on every articles and every single debates mostly went down to personal insults.

            Let’s stay classy to each other. Challenge the idea presented, instead of attacking the person. Be kind.

          2. And my destiny? You’re literally picking fights with a comment that’s on here. Most people on here are fine with this deal. You have some stupid fantastical fantasy about CDK being the next Messi.

            And you’re the one that’s calling me dumb? You’re as dumb as fucking rocks.

          3. Coming from someone who has delusional fantasies, about CDK, being called dumb is a further irony. You don’t know anything about this sport or how things work. You’re just too stupid and ignorant to even entertain any further. Run along.

            And I wonder you likely live with your parents too.

          4. Bunga2, this nasty little kid started insulting me right off the bat. I’ve never seen his name anywhere. Which leaves me to believe it’s another duplicate of another troll on here (Maldini’s Heir).

            If you’re going to call me stupid in the first post, be prepared for a response.

          5. Not to pick side, but you’re the one who did the personal insult first. And seeing you several times already in this forum, looks like it’s you who always find the space to attack the others who do not share the same view with you.

            ‘Lease without obligation to buy is stupid for us.’

            Looks like it’s not directed to you as who would like to think. Just chill and appreciate each other here. After all, we’re all bond with the same color.

      2. Have to agree with this. Due to the fact that Atalanta has more bargaining power. This is quite a gamble for us. Let’s see how it plays out.

  2. Gasparini will work wonders with both CDK and Scamacca.

    If Zapata becomes available due to the addition of Scamacca we should grab him. He’s only valued at 15M and although older (30) he would be a fantastic signing given our budget constraints. Leao/Zapata/Chukwueze – would be formidable

    1. That actually is a killer idea. Duvan is 32 though. But still at a good age. I mean we were linked with 31 year old Taremi. And Duvan is more suitable for the Serie A.

      1. Though I need to add, his last season at Atalanta wasn’t a good one. I was thinking more the Duvan of three years ago. Maybe he can turn it around with us

  3. Everyone is so happy now. In 6 months we are gonna regret this so badly. I don’t think Pulisic or Okafor are gonna make any real difference.

    1. Why would we regret anything? It’s not like he was going to be the next Kaká they claimed he would. He had his chances and blew them all. Showed nothing. Not the type of player Milan needs. Even if he scrored 20 goals next season he wouldn’t have / couldn’t do that in Milan. Not in Pioli’s Milan at least.

  4. Being called a child by an immature little boy that was born in 1992 (rather 2002) is the very definition of irony.

  5. Maybe we are angry that Atalanta has money and they don’t want to buy a player, but they are just practically using our situation with C.D.K. for personal gain! We didn’t have a specific buyer for the player, and it ended up like this. Whether we should have left him in the team or not is up to the coaching staff and Pioli. It turns out that a mistake was made last season when we bought it, and this is all an attempt to repair the damage with as little expense as possible.

    1. We bought many players like this. Its no shame, come on don’t cry
      Not every signing is success , if you know a formula give it to football clubs they would pay you hefty

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