CM: De Ketelaere will get permanent Atalanta move – Milan agree to key concession

By Oliver Fisher -

Charles De Ketelaere will remain at Atalanta after a deal was struck with AC Milan that will see his initial loan become a permanent move, a report claims.

Some doubts had emerged over the past few days regarding De Ketelaere’s fate because Atalanta tried to negotiate on the option to buy fee that was agreed upon last summer as part of his loan spell.

However, report that all doubts have been and an agreement between the Bergamo club and Milan was reached ‘in every detail’, much to the satisfaction of the Belgium international who pushed to remain under the orders of Gian Piero Gasperini.

La Dea will pay €22m plus bonuses in order to sign De Ketelaere and because of the good relations between the clubs and the 23-year-old’s firm desire to only play for Atalanta next season, the Rossoneri accepted their request to eliminate the 10% resale clause.

A total of 14 goals and 11 assists convinced the Atalanta management to proceed with the option to buy, even if they did try to negotiate the figure downwards in recent days, leveraging the player’s desire to stay at the club. Now, we must see if he follows up on an impressive campaign.

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  1. What a fumble. I don’t know what Atalanta have on us but we let this team use the san siro for their champions league, bought a crocked Andrea conti from them and now this. Why have we spent a whole summer for his signature and then bent over and took one up the a&e in no time at all. Talk about strengthening the teams around us with no benefit at all. Probably would have been another 7m in a year or twos time

    1. We don’t own the San Siro, so we didn’t let them use anything. The San Siro belongs to the city. That’s why we pay rent.

      1. Still milan and inter had to agree upon it as they have a contract deal with the municipality and had milano just allowed them that it would have been a breach of contract as it basically could cause us having a worse product/field.

  2. Would have rather got rid of the bonuses and kept the 10% resale. It’s fine because we need to move and this is just taking time. Though the market isn’t open until July 1st.

  3. Makes zero sense to take out the sell on clause since that is what probably will allow Milan to register capital gain. I don’t know if I believe this report.

  4. Well if they agreed then I think there’s still a minor capital gain on his sale. Or at least no loss on the books. Anyways, a welcome influx needed to kick start our mercato.

    If they give us Zirkzee, Wieffer and Buongiorno I’ll cut them Wall Street hee haws some slack. Throw in Prati as second DM and you bought me🤝

  5. As if the utter offense of the selected coach, the link to Rabbit and a complete nobody CB were not enough, now this. This management always finds way to disappoint even more. We are gonna be everyone’s laughing stock next year when they sell it for at least 50m. Hard times to be a Milan fan.

    1. I know. If we could only go back 6-8 years when we had such champions like Adil Rami or Christian Zapata at CB, Andrea Poli or Kucka at CM, and Menez and Niang at striker. Those were the days! Niang is still only 29 and had a great season with Empoli. Maybe we can get him back?! Very difficult times now.🙄🔫

      1. Not that i long for those days but rami and kucka was actually pretty good and i would have liked that they had stayed beyond the time they were with us. Menez also had one rather impressive season scoring 16 serie a goals or something while we was a midtable team if i remember correctly but compared to today we certainly has moved a lot forward.

    2. Why are you here then day after day being “disappointed”? You must be either a masochist or looking for attention?

      Truly. Why keep coming back? You and the negative likes. LOL!!! I don’t get it.

  6. This management will never stop to amaze everyone. Why in the world would you bend over for Atalanta?? Just like someone pointed out, this guy will be sold soon for 50M and we will be biting our nails. Why did we buy him In the first place when we knew he wouldn’t be fit for our system????

  7. This is freaking idiotic so we give them a discount on 1 mil and sells him for 22mil and also removed the 10% resale which could make us lose maybe a further 5 mil down the road when the players estimated value currently is 34 mil according to transfermarkt. Simply unbelievable and unless we actually get some highly revered young talents thrown on top of this or get a steep discount on one of their first team players the people responsible for this deal should be sent packing their bags immediately.
    Absolutely unbelievable.

      1. IF it is in fact true then i would definitely also have a difficult time seeing why anyone would be happy about this deal as it would be underselling the player and regardless we shouldn’t accept anyone extorting us.
        I would be surprised though if this is actually correct unless there is an incentive for us in the other end and yes if furlani made such deal i would skip him out immediately as the deal was already favorable to Atalanta before any discounts.

  8. I truly feel like management was too lazy to find another destination for him. We didn’t hear about any other links whatsoever. Between the resell clause and the undervaluation we probably left €10m+ on the table.

  9. Why on earth would we take out the 10% resale clause?????

    Absolutely horrible if true. Zero need to do that.

    WTF Georgie boy!?!

  10. “22 milioni di euro più due milioni di bonus più il 10% della futura rivendita”

    Milannews reports it’s done deal for 22 millions + 2 millions bonuses + 10% on future resale. It was posted like 2 hours ago.

    1. Hadn`’t seen your post before recently replying to juros reply to me further up but then if i remember correctly then we still has given a discount of 1 mil on the fixed price and around 2 mil on the bonuses, right ? Still not really a good deal in my book when giving them discounts we should have added 5% on top of the resale as that would at least then have made sense.

      1. I just saw that on milannews. Yeah it’s not exactly what we expected but still, if there’s no loss on the books let’s close it and this chapter and move on fast with our targets. Euros are not making things easier for us this summer.

        1. Hmmm cant say I’m happy about it regardless because the player had a great season and we should be able to fetch that original deal without getting extorted to give discounts, at least Atalanta will play in cl with extra cash money already before it starts than usual so i really doesnt like this if we give any discounts on that deal as it was more than fair to begin with.

  11. There are contradicting stories as to what exactly was “discounted”. But given how analytical this management is, I find it hard to believe they would remove the re-sell percentage.

    Different outlets reported taking out the 2mil bonus payment to Milan which would make more sense.

  12. We are so good guys with Atalanta, a greedy club 😆😆. If we want a player from them now, they will ask us for at least 40-50-60 million euros and not even a single cent discount 😆😆
    I personally wouldn’t do any business with a club like Atalanta who I loathe for their often pathological greed and if they ever asked me for a player I would directly ask them for 100 million euros just to mock them, special price for Atalanta. And AC Torino would have the same treatment from me. Two clubs I loathe for their understanding of doing business by asking outrageous prices.

  13. lol just lol
    another brilliant move from our beloved management
    just watch as 2 seasons from now they will sell him for 40-50 lol
    and if we try to buy atalanta player? nope,no discount jose! lol

  14. Stupid. Really dumb. Why in the hell are we giving Atalanta any concession? Obviously they want CDK and would have proceeded, even if Milan had not budged.

  15. From Fabrizio Romano

    Atalanta will pay fixed fee
    around €22/23m for Charles de
    Ketelaere to AC Milan.
    In addition there will be €2m
    add-ons and 10% sell-on clause
    after €3m loan fee for last season
    loan spell already received
    De Ketelaere, Atalanta player now on
    permanent deal.

    People hurry up to comment nonsense forgetting that Maldini isn’t the director anymore.

    1. All the “fans” here just waiting for any chance, however slim it might be, to slam the management. When they read a slightly negative article like this they all very Quick to pounce without even checking the fact or thinking.

      Whereas in every article that points positive thing about the club and management, they just disappear like smoke…

      CM isn’t exactly the most reliable journalist out there. All the reliable journalist reported that the terms agreed is the same, or with small adjustment, to the terms mentioned at the loan contract.

      So much for being a “fan”. Smh

    2. I was trying to figure out how this negotiation was related to Maldini and man it was a headscratcher ..and then bubbles came along and solved it…good job bro 👌

      1. Seeing the season he jas had, it would make more sense to have him virtually return and then re-negotiste for a higher sales price or let other clubs in on the bidding. I really thought they would say, look we made a deal last year, that still stands, so of you want him there you go. But if you don’t want him no problem at all.

        A discount/removed future sale clause just doesn’t make sense… but that said it isn’t a huge deal.

        1. It’s not huge deal because it’s not going anywhere. The 10% resale clause is still there, but everyone reacting like it’s a fact just because a source that is, not exactly dependable, say so.

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