CM: What Dortmund and PSG’s progress reveals about Milan’s UCL group

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan’s Champions League exit in the group stage is looking like less of a failure as time goes by with Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain now in the semi-finals. 

As has been highlighted by, the fact that the two teams who finished ahead of Milan in Group F earlier this season are now one tie away from the Champions League final suggests that the group was much tougher than it originally looked.

Milan were placed with PSG, Dortmund and Newcastle and ended up finishing third, hence their involvement in the Europa League. It was already clear that it was a tough group, but it looks even worse now.

Dortmund beat Atletico Madrid over two legs on Tuesday night to progress, whilst PSG got the better of Barcelona with a comeback at Montjuic.

It does not excuse the fact that Milan missed some great opportunities to get more of a grip on the group in the early stages. Milan drew at home to Newcastle when they had multiple chances to win the game, and then drew away at Dortmund in a game that could easily have ended in victory.

After losing in Paris, it was clear that Milan would struggle to qualify.

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  1. A new kind of justification for horror show in UCL🤣🤣
    What if Milan lose to Roma? How will you justify that?
    Just accept a better coach can do magic with this talented milan squad, at least avoid embarrassment against rivals and top teams

    1. ???

      If Milan lose to Roma it’ll be because Milan lost to Roma.

      It happens.

      One tie does not define a career otherwise we’ll have to sack a coach every time we get knocked out of a knock out competition.

  2. It was indeed the group of death but Milan doesn’t need justification for what happened. The better teams won and advanced. If Real Madrid or Man City was in this group, they would have advanced. It’s as simple as that.

    Honestly, we’re lucky to be in Europa right now.

    You either advance, or you don’t. No excuses. Same for Europa.

    No one is going to remember what might have happened if Milan had advanced. They didn’t.

    Do we really need a 21st place participation trophy?

  3. So it is understandable we fail, because we are in group of death.

    We are better than Inter, Inter can not beat Real Sociedad. We beat PSG, PSG beat Real Sociedad. How awesome Pioli are

  4. The games we played in the UCL speak for themselves. Aside from the fantastic win against PSG and the win against Newcastle, we left a lot to be desired. I think we were never gonna beat PSG in Le Parc des Princes, but that 3-0 was too much and we might conceide that there was not a lot to be done concerning the loss against Dortmund, but that doesn’t no excuse the 2 draws against Dortmund and Newcastle.
    Also if we want to sometimes mention that were are better in 2024 than 2023 than perhaps this logic also apply to Dortmund and PSG who can improve ?
    The only thing I can conclude from the current season is how overrated Inter actually is, especially here in SempreMilan. None of the teams of their groupe made it to quarter finals, and Atletico who beat them was easily dismantled by Borussia Dortmund.
    But it the end, it doesn’t really matter anymore, currently we are in Europa League and we should focus on trying to win it.

  5. We should have won more of the ucl group stage games if it was not for our inability to finish our chances 😭

    We played better than most of them in the champions league but we were not good at the end product

  6. Nah it was a failure. We were on par with weirdcastle and bvb at the time. I don’t like the could’ve stuff that much but we could have won at least one of those home games and that is 2 place in the group. But lord pioli had to overthink everything and here we are..

  7. Not this excuse again. Ok we had a good game against Psg and now that is some kind of consolation title or what ? No one will remember that in the end. What matters for big teams is winning titles. We are not Benavento to see one good game as some seasonal success. We are still in EL title race so lets focus on that. If Liverpool gets eliminated from EL tomorow we should be the favorits for the title, at least on paper. That’s what matters right now.

  8. I don’t know. One game, or even two legs, can sometimes not be a good measure of a match up. Over a series of 10 head to head games, would Dortmund be the better team over Atletico? If Araujo doesn’t get sent off, does PSG come back? All we know is that we COULD have qualified from that group, we didn’t, and now we’re down 1-0 to Roma. The only thing that matters now is Thursday, scoring two or more goals, and not letting any in.

  9. On the contrary; we were a hair away from qualifying and I’m thinking to myself after watching those games yesterday saying “wow; if we had advanced out of that group where would we be now”.

  10. Are people seriously still trying to argue that going out in a group that ended up producing two champions league semi-finalists is unacceptable?

    And it’s noticeable that most of those same people think last summer’s transfers were a massive success.

    So the transfers were so successful that the club didn’t meet their own stated minimum expectations, and therefore Pioli should be sacked (and anyone who wasn’t signed last summer sold).

    I mean it’s just unmitigated nonsense really isn’t?

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