CM: Dybala asks for €6m per year – why Milan, Inter and Roma will not offer it

By Oliver Fisher -

Paulo Dybala has found himself in a tricky situation as AC Milan are among the clubs who are interested but will not pay him what he wants. report that Dybala is asking for at least €6m net per season as a fixed amount from his next club and although there are at least three suitors, none of them appear willing to make that extra effort and get the deal done currently.

Inter are the team who have been most concretely linked but the return of Romelu Lukaku will force them to offload Alexis Sanchez, Edin Dzeko or Joaquin Correa (perhaps two of them) before they are able to move forward.

Milan and Roma are interested too, but all three sides have doubts about the physical condition of the Argentine and how much he can actually guarantee in terms of appearances due to how injury prone he has been in the last couple of seasons. Inter have even offered €5m plus €1m bonuses if he appears in over 50% of their games next season.

There are question marks too about whether Dybala will ‘behave like an athlete even off the pitch’ and about his lifestyle, given the prolonged recovery periods for injuries and the hint from Pavel Nedved – vice president of Juve – which reminded him to behave as an athlete even when away from training.

There is absolutely no doubting the technical quality and match-winning ability that Dybala possesses on his day, but the doubts are enough to stop any team offering the €6m he wants.

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  1. He isn’t free if you have to pay him $6 million a year and watch him play 10 games per season. I would sign him based on matches played. He has glass legs.

  2. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. If he really settled for 6 mil, we should sign him in a blink of an eye, given that it is a free transfer. We will never find any player of comparable skillset and experience for that money. Let’s say we signed him for 4 years, that would cost us 24 millions. For that money English premier league teams get absolutely mediocre players from lower leagues.

    1. You don’t understand that 7 m is net nit gross.

      If count as gross, it s anout 8 million for 4 years.

      It is different with player who just join seri A, they get tax disxount, that is why milam ptefer to get new okayer from abroad

    2. You don’t understand that 6 m is net salary .

      If count as gross, it is about
      48 million for 4 years.

      It is different with player who just join seri A, they get tax discount , that is why milan prefer to get new player from abroad.

  3. I love wen people say X player is out of contract lets get him but the is the contrary we still have to pay to sign free players most likely to sign Dybala we have to pay a couple of millions to is agent and something between 5 to 15 millions has signing bonus so forget the is free we should get him over someone like CDK that has potential to be top 10 best of world.Dybala has reached is peak like 3 or 4 years ago now is form is like from mid table team!

  4. Inter merda offer 5m euro + bonus 1m euro that will unlock after 50 percent of their total match that dybala play. I dont think AC Milan will offer the same. Getting CDK and offer him 2-3m euro nett salary more better ( currently salary in brugge 1m euro nett) . If dybala still insist want 6m -7m euro salary,no club will sign him due to his medical record in the last 3 season ( injury prone) . Dybala agent asked 10m euro signing fee for his client too

  5. He IS a world class player. If we can figure out a price to get him, then it would be a great addition for our team. All teams are just negotiating right now, of course. No team will throw unnecessary money away at him; so it’s not because he’s worthless that nobody has signed him, it’s just that teams are trying to get the best deal possible for themselves.

    1. He is a world class player or at least was…..regardless of his ability, he (actually his agent) is seeing what the market will bare, “the sight of the gallows will clarify their minds” right now it is rumours and bluffs, someone will be desparate and sign him when their needs become critical and he will get what he is asking. Personally I think what he is asking is about what he is worth and I would sign him, put him at the 10 and call it a day.

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