CM: Dybala decision and media comments – what led to the decision to sack Maldini

By Euan Burns -

There are a number of reported factors behind the decision to sack Paolo Maldini from his role as technical director at AC Milan and one of them centres around Paulo Dybala, a report claims.

As has been reported by Calciomercato, a bone of contention between the upper management of the club and Maldini was the decision to pursue a move for Charles De Ketelaere rather than Dybala.

The Argentine was available on a free transfer and ended up joining AS Roma instead. Whilst dealing with many injuries, he has been their key player this season whilst De Ketelaere has failed to impress.

That decision from Maldini, as well as his comments in the press where he suggested a move for Dybala would have suited the corporate project, were part of the deterioration in the relationship between him and Gerry Cardinale.

Whilst not yet officially announced, sporting director Frederic Massara is also leaving the club.

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  1. Many fans will be torn on how to spin this, considering they want to make Cardiniale the cartoon villain but also have said repeatedly that buying CDK for $32M instead of signing Dybala on a free transfer (Maldini’s decision made against the wishes of Cardiniale) was a huge mistake.

    1. How was Dybala even a mistake given he didn’t have a great season and Roma finished beneath us????

      Cardinale will be drip feeding stories to the media but if this is the best he can do well….

      I think I’m officially on the side of Maldini because, well, I’m a Milan fan and it’s Maldini!

      Cardinale Out!

      1. It seems u don’t knw what u re saying,go check dybala stat at roma and compare it to ur cdk waste of money

      2. Roma did finish below Milan but Dybala has been their best player.. And he did have a great season. 1700+ minutes plalyed 12G6A.
        Our lord Diaz has 1900+ minutes 6G7A

    2. If a technical director come to my office and brings me striker solution in Arnautović or Morata I would sack him also.. I love Maldini as a player he will always be in my heart but lets be honest how bad our last 4 transfer windows were that would get anybody sacked apparently even Maldini ..

      1. Our last 4???


        As in 2 where we actually won the actual Scudetto?

        Please stop pretending to support this team or even pretending you like football or sport.

      2. This is a bad understanding of the last 2 transfer windows. I say that considering the 2 windows before that saw the club get players who won the league.

        I remember the long month that went with no business being done in the summer. We know what was going on. The club from the sporting side defiantly deserved more investment than the last and the new owners in their first window turned the tap completely down.

        Maldini compromised when I heard of the budget he was given; 50mil. That is poor, and it tells me that as of today the owners never believed in the director or they wanted them to fail.

        The club has again given nothing for this window which tells me the coming season is going to be a disaster. I don’t think the strikers that were being talked about are bad, they are the one’s the club can only afford. We desperately need quality depth and if the owners can’t supply it, then the directors have to buy at cheap end of the market. This is logical.

        Maldini leaving will mean that the players in the squad are going to lean towards leaving and the culture of the club is on the brink of going back to the 2014-2019 days. It was nice while it lasted.

      3. LOL. Redbird wants YOUTH talent so they can keep them below their WAGE CAP and have a high resale value and somehow we are to believe they favored signing an older 28-29yr old Dybala who makes 6M season, is injury prone and doesn’t fit Pioli’s system which requires the ACM to track back and defend?????? Hahahahahaha! I have a great piece of land in Siberia I want to sell you. Ocean views. It’s only minus 45 Celsius but you get used to it – can’t beat it lol. Keep drinking buddy.

        1. Redbird wants youth, but approved the signings of Giroud (35) and Messias (31) an indication that the ownership allowed the management to do their job.

          Dybala reduced his salary to join Roma, that was possible because Roma wanted him, it could have been Milan. Now you have CDK who tracks back, what has he achieved?? Can you even make a case for CDK over Dybala? Beats my imagination how dumb you are.

          Does CDK fit Pioli’s system? Does Pioli have a system? Name one of our player who fits “Pioli’s system”?

          1. @john you are not Milan fans….. Please, apart from CDK who failed totally who else do you think failed in the team that Milan spend money on? It’s very clear that Maldini love Milan than so called the owner… He is just coming to destroy the team. If possible let’s all the fans protest against the ownership #Cardinaleout and will should all unfollow Milan till zero on social media until everything will be resolved. #Cardinale

          2. No, both Giroud and Messias were Elliot’s signings.

            Did you see any experienced player arriving on last 2 mercatos ? (Redbird’s)

          3. @Rossonero Vero

            I think Florenzi, maybe can’t remember.
            But I remember they approved Dest’s signing within 24 hours after his injury.

  2. Dybala was also a gamble and was coming from a couple of poor seasons. There is a reason why also Juventus let him go, even if they sign Di Maria and we already knew how well went that…

    It is reminiscent of Pirlo situation: two ABYSMAL seasons and he was shown the door. He shined at Juventus, but that was because they built a stellar midfield with peak Vidal, peak Pogba (the only time he really played well) and a a very good Marchisio. With that midfield, even I would look decent. At Milan, the teammates were not great in that moment plus Van Bommel was playing better.

    Sometimes you make gambles that pay off (Theo, Leao, Kalulu, Tomori, Tonali) and some others do not like Origi or CDK even the latter is still young and with a lot of time yet. And when you have a limited budget, gambles are high and the chance for success limited

    1. I don’t recall Pirlo having two bad seasons. I remember him getting injured and then couldn’t get back into the side because that goofball Allegri preferred Van Bommel. Pirlo was then stuck on the left – out of position – when he did play and anyone with half a brain in their head knew we should have kept him seeing as he was still one of the best midfielders in the world. But not Allegri obviously.

  3. For example, people really want Theo not to be missed when a Ballo Toure who was bought for 5m enters the pitch. Be real…

  4. What I get from all that is reported today is that Maldini basically is getting fired because he wouldn’t listen to anyone around him when it came to transfers.
    And the 2 people that he wouldn’t listen to are now taking over from him.
    He didn’t listen Furlani on Dybala.
    And he didn’t listen to Moncada on Enzo and Kolo Muani.
    And when you add that the players he chose instead of those 3 were a total disaster, you starting to understand why he is getting fired

    1. I don’t think you are using the brain
      Maldini and Massara went for cdl because future and is talent
      Dybala never was height class player only at Roma
      What’s wrong with you guys
      Maldini and Massara yes they gamble with Oringi for free Tore 5 M
      Same price as humburger
      Did they made some mistakes yes but
      They brought Milan where should be
      Because he loves Ilan not some idiots think only money
      Shame of you who criticize him

      1. He said: “Dybala never was height class player only at Roma”, while telling me that I don’t use my brain.
        Good talk sir

        1. Yeh it’s scary some of these emotional outbursts we’re getting over this… I have no problem at all with Maldini going after that last mercato s**t show.

          1. Totally disappointed in your comment @Dejan10.

            So, Maldini brings in Theo, when Milan had Ricardo Rodriguez who was purchased by the Chinese ownership.

            He brings in Bennacer, Leäo, Tomori, Maignan, Tonali, Giroud, Ibra, Kjaer, Kalulu, Thiaw – on a lean budget. Then because of CdK and Origi, you think he deserves the sack letter?

            Gattuso as coach and Maldini as Technical Director are two different things. This is not an emotional response. Those guys came to Milan because of Maldini. What has the budget been really like?

          2. Dejan10, I agree 100% with you. Everyone crying because Maldini is gone, he did a poor job and was replaced. Seems that even Pioli wasn’t consulted on what players he wanted – that’s a huge no no. Maldini is a legend for Milan but he is not above Milan and I think the new management is doing the right thing. I think Maldini failed to realize that he doesn’t own Milan and that he was an employee. Origi and CDK weren’t the only bad deals – letting go of Donna and Kessie for free were really bad decisions also. And now he wanted to bring in Arnutovich who is old and past his prime.

            Stop bitching people and put Milan’s best interests first.

          3. Its scary how fast people forget. They already forgot that maldini and masara were on the crossroads until almsot the end of the transfer window when they were given the contract. Having said that, yes maldini did make mistakes, cdk and origi, dest etc. Cdk many were after him, unfortunately with many players sometimes it doesnt work out, thats football. Origi free, with cl experience and a back up to giroud, no1 expected him to be this bad. And what kind of transfer can someone do at the last min. Also, we have a solid core because of him. Magic mike one of the best in world now, same with theo, leao. Thiaw future in the making, came for peanuts. Kalulu penauts and look at his value. Look at the total value of bought players and what they valued now, U GOTTA GIVE CREDIT TO MALDINI AND MASARA. not to mention 1 scuddetto and cl semi. Even, if stats ( cardinale loves) were against maldini ( which they arent) thats not the way to treat the image of the club that is adored by millions of people around the world and many players that joined because of his statute. That’s bad for bussines. Time will flush this lying cardinale out.

      2. This is like the Gattuso saga all over again. Just because Maldini’s a former player doesn’t mean he’s the right man to be controlling transfers. Or coaching the team in Rino’s case. He sucked but we had to suffer for years because he was a “legend.”

          1. I think people also forget that the first coach Maldini hired was Giampaolo, what a mess he turned out to be. Maldini was the best defender, is and always will be a Milan legend. Unfortunately great players don’t always make great coaches/directors. The good players brought in were not solely Maldini, but the efforts of the scouting area. We didn’t win the Scudetto because of him, we won because of the players and the magic/mentality that Zlatan brought to the group as well as well, let’s be honest, a lot of luck too with Inter pretty much losing it.

            We got pumped by Inter all year and as much as I Hate to admit, they were better than us, our depth was the reason we suffered so much.

            I have been a Milan fan for over 30 years and know that this is 100% the right decision, irrespective of how much it hurts. Even the great Galliani didn’t have autonomy on the market.

        1. Well said. People are too emotionally attached to see things clearly. I was rooting for Maldini AND Gattuso but still admit they were both far from perfect on their latest “adventures”.

          1. Do you realise that Maldin came in when Milan was down on the table, almost relegated, That same season Maldini fought to bring in Pioli, bra we almost won the league we came second on the table when Inter won it, the following season we won it, even got to the semi-final in the champion league… That’s enough to invest more…. Maldini was the brains behind…. The success of archiving zero depts, he always presents at any match with the team, #Cardinale will never show up even on important matches, it’s very clear that he Never had Milan in is mind he is just running the club on a business perspective…. Only after profit. If you can be complaining on just CDK business, what will you now say to Chelsea FC whom all the new players are not delivering anything good? Even joa Felix, bro use your brain 🧠 #Cardinaleout #balusconiin

          2. “If you can be complaining on just CDK business, what will you now say to Chelsea FC whom all the new players are not delivering anything good? Even joa Felix, bro use your brain 🧠”

            The f*** do I care what Chelsea does and how they spend their billions? Use my brain? How about you think about the finances of Serie A teams and FFPs and all that has been pulling back? Milan has made losses for decades now and will be punished even more unless they turn the ship around – which they have done (no thanks to Maldini). 2022-2023 season will be the first profitable one in dozens of years. Think about that.

            The only way to sustainable finances is to make profit each year. That’s the first thing they need to do. Let’s see what happens to Inter who has 350M€ debt that needs to be paid in 11 months or else… Sounds like they’ll have “good times” coming. Is that what you want for Milan too?

        2. A legend who also helped deliver the title….

          Just go and support another team. It’s pointless calling yourself a fan.

          1. You’re a joke, mate, even your name is misspelled. Are you a Maldini fan or a Milan fan? He was a legend as a player and crap as a director. Capiche?

          2. Oh grow up. Just because I’m not about to throw myself off a cliff because Maldini got sacked doesn’t mean I’m not a Milan fan. Jeez – this is like being 7 years old a playground again.

          3. LOL. I’m a Milan-fan. Always have been and always will be. There has been Maldinis and might Maldinis might come but Milan is there. Always. The club is bigger than any player – or manager.

            Pointless calling myself a fan? LOL. More fan than you’ll ever be.

          4. ” Just because I’m not about to throw myself off a cliff because Maldini got sacked doesn’t mean I’m not a Milan fan. Jeez – this is like being 7 years old a playground again.”

            My thoughts exactly!! 😀

          1. @Baldi
            The actual transfer from River Plate to Benfica was 10 mil + 8 million in bonuses and River Plate having 25% resale clause.
            CDK has a 15 or so resale clause in his contract, leao something similar.
            But if Milan bought Enzo for 10 + 8 mil and they didn’t sell him but he actually played for Milan his whole transfer would be 18 million.
            Milan paid 32 mil for CDk + 3 mil in bonuses and Brugge still get 15 % I think if Milan sells CDK.
            As I said much much cheaper

    2. There are no guarantees that those players wouldn’t have done the same at Milan.
      No guarantees that Dybala would have had a good season

    3. @Z. Totally agree. I also don’t believe he listened to Pioli either. Notice how Pioli didn’t even play most of the signings either except for CDK and that was due to the fact that we paid a lot of money for him.

    4. You should really learn a little more about football before making such ridiculous statements. Every TD or manager has bad buys on their CV. Remember Alex Ferguson buying Massimo Taibi? Dybala spends half the season injured and doesn’t work half as much as Diaz does. And, please remember, with the exception of Calabria, who grew up in the club, all the other regular players have been signed by Maldini. Look at what they have achieved! If we were to sell them now, we would make an incredible profit on what we paid for them.

    1. @Prince, all these Maldini haters are a bunch of crap-ass fairweather fans. They know nada about football.

      Was it Cardinale’s money that won the league? This is the lout’s first season as owner and he suddenly knows football better than Maldini because he filed out 50 million.

      CdK was a chance. Maldini wanted Botman and Sanchez, the money was never released until late. Target shifted to CdK as new AM. The rest of the signings were last minute buys. They came on deadline day. Origi was signed under Elliott. Dest came because of Florenzi’s injury. By the way, Dest, Vranckx were loans.

      Did Cardinale spend money in January? Apart from Mirante who was signed as a backup because of Maignan’s injury?

      And Pioli, why didn’t he decide to send back Dest, Vranckx, and even Adli on loan, so that a request for new players can come in January?

        1. No they won’t. They are no Milan fans. There are no Milan fan who is a Maldini hater. Lol There is just one guy with different names in THIS one blog. Even their comments are the same. Everywhere else, Milan fans are genuine and knows what this scumbag Cardinale just cost us. This tiny piipii Cardinale didn’t even know Milan had 7 UCLs till he bought this club. That’s how pathetic he is.

      1. Money was never released for Sanchez? It was actually Sanchez who preferred to go to PSG and thankfully he did or it would have been another bad signing of Maldini. And he didn’t win us the league – Radu from inter won us a league. It was a miracle.

        1. Please don’t mention how we won the league, we aren’t mature enough to handle it.

          We are the best team in Italy, hence we won the league. They even said we didn’t need any more signings.

      2. I think it’s Poli spamming the site under different names. Maldini great player but bad manager hahahahahaha.
        Thiaw folks……think about it. Came in for 5m and is now worth what? 20m if not more.
        Kalulu….bought for a 1mil….. worth 20x that.
        Leao…worth at least 100m.
        Theo, Mike…..
        Don’t know why you guys hate the guy. You’ll be wishing him back soon.

  5. Reaction from fans is like we let Leao and Theo on free transfer. There was some major issues with transfers and contracts. 1) Unability to extend contracts or to be smart and sell at right time.
    2) No solution for right wing.
    3) No depth in squad.
    4) Chasing mediocre players like Origi, Sanches, Morata, Loftus Cheek (really?)
    5) Remember that Pioli was temporary solution because they made huge mistake with previous manager.
    And so on. As Milan fan for 25 years I am not sure is this right call or not, but it is not like when we sold Kaka.

  6. I don’t think we should dignify this rubbish by giving it a moment’s thought.

    Though I will say that, assuming we could sign Dybala, and I do not accept we could due to his wage demands and the reason he compromised those to play for Roma, it’s a Championship Manager view of soccer to think Dybala would have been a solution to our problems. He is not a good fit into what Pioli is trying to do.

    The sacking was the result of a clashing of egos which the owner couldn’t stand.

    Look how it is being repoeted that the focus ‘changes’ to Marcus Thuram. A player we already wanted who we’re at least 4m a year short of being able to sign.

    You know it was only Maldini the individual that got us to the table offering a pittance to players like this. Why do you think Leao stayed and Maingan signed? They’re telling us as much, aren’t they?

    If you were going to credit 3 people with the state of morale and cohesion among the squad it would be Maldini, Zlatan and Pioli. 2 of those are now gone.

    1. It’s an interesting point.

      The issue I have is that the critics just assume that we can add Dybala’s statistics to our bottom line.

      It is nowhere near that simple. Mourinho based a whole system on counter attacks using Dybala to produce the quality.

      Pellegrini ‘s role changed to something between an 8 and a 4 in a double pivot with Cristante/Matic who played even deeper. Bove assumed a role in the pivot when injury struck. They play 3 at the back with wing backs.

      Our system with Dybala and Leao leaves far too many holes on the defensive transition. That means a change of system which likely neutralises the effectiveness of Leao.

      Maybe it could be sorted out. We can’t rule that out entirely but I am far from convinced.

    2. What did Maldini’s signings CDK and Origi bring to Milan?
      We finished technically 3 spots lower, in reality 4 spots lower from last season.
      At least Dybala helped roma to stay on the same level. Can you say that about Maldini gteat signings?

      1. That is not a way to answer on how non-impactful Dybala at roma. You try to move away from the question like a 🤡.

        Origi is definitely a miss. As for CdK, I already explained it at other article, I don’t need to rewrite it here.

        1. Deal with it man, you asked an unintelligent question but expecting an unintelligent answer.

          You simply have no sense of reasoning, I wonder a lot of things sometimes.

          1. It is very fair to ask what Dybala has contribute to roma given that the premise of the article is about missing on signing Dybala. In fact, it is the most reasonable question.

            If you don’t like that someone is asking about it, you are free not to deal with it.

          2. @Yelnats247

            Well, despite Dybala’s injuries, he scored 18 goals for Roma last season, that was his contribution.

            Over to you my friend, what has CDK contributed to Milan given that the premise of the article is about missing on signing Dybala and signing CDK?
            In fact, it is the most reasonable question I suppose.

          3. Only Giroud could boast such numbers in our entire team.

            If 18 goals is not a good contribution, I don’t know what else would be.

          4. Oh so you resort to shifting the question too?

            Dybala’s impact on Roma was less than the man he is supposed to replace (Mkhitaryan). You talk about injury, but injury proneness is exactly his weakness which make him contribute less. Just as skill, technique, and intelligence, physical fitness/injury proneness is a factor that is considered in signing players, you can’t just pick the good number without considering how many times he is going to miss games.

          5. @Yelnats247

            The premise of the article is about missing on signing Dybala.

            I love intelligent conversations, you asked me a question which in all honesty I answered, a player who is injury prone scored 18 goals in a season.

            I just want to know the contribution of CDK who isn’t injury prone.

            Now you shifted to Mkitaryan.
            Mkitaryan missed 9 games for Inter last season due to hamstring injury.
            He scored 5 goals for Inter.
            5 goals vs 18 goals?

            I mean, I’m just speechless right now.

          6. You were repling to my comment which question Dybala’s impact on roma. If you want to talk about other topic such as CdK’s impact on Milan or Mkhitaryan’s impact on inter, find other comments as they are irrelevent to my question. If you want to bring Mkhitaryan’s impact on roma in 2021/2022 that is okay as it is related to the question.

            As I said, it is not individual numbers that is important, it is the team that is important. What is the use of having new players scoring a lot if the team goals and goal difference become lower? Mkhitaryan score less than Dybala but with him, roma end with 9 more league goals and higher goal difference.

          7. At World Cup 2018, Gokart Giroud lead the line for France in their world cup triumph, how was his stat? 0 goals, 0 shot on target in 546 minutes. What happen when Ferrari Benzema lead the line at Euro 2020?

            Dybala is better player compared to Mkhitaryan, but that doesn’t necessarily means he fit better at the team.

      2. In the same way of thinking : Last year Roma won a european tittle, while this year with Dybala they won nothing; thus Dybala is a bad signing right?


        1. Poli basically claim we become worse by replacing Daniel Maldini with CdK and replacing Lazetic with Origi.

          It would make more sense if he talked about Pobega who replace Kessie.

  7. It definitely wasn’t Dybala. Not financial. Nor the mercato. Nor the Media comments.

    Lets dissect one by one.

    Dybala. Why would a SD go for Dybala at the beginning of mercato? He was injured most of the time in Juve, did nothing mentionable, downright mediocre performances, clash with Allegri and so on. Plus.. he doesn’t fit in Pioli’s system. Doesn’t track back to defend. Why would a SD go for him? because an accountant said so? SUUURE!

    Lets talk Finance. We just had the best financial year in 15 years. Highest UCL revenue, Record Serie a Attendance in recent History. So finance is not the reason.

    Mercato.. NONE of these players were our targets. We had to settle for these players because.. here;s the fun part.. CARDINALE. That Genius delayed renewing Maldini so we lost all of our primary targets. So definitely Mercato ain’t it.

    Media Comments. Maldini didn’t say ANYTHING That the fans have not been saying since Elliot era. We NEED more investment to be competitive. Period. If that hit our little Gerry’s Ego, well.. Go Fv_CK urSlf Gerry. What little Gerry is gonna fire us fans too now? LOL

    The only reason possible is, Maldini had the biggest PiiPii in the club and Cardinale couldnt deal with it. lol Cardinale wants Milan to adopt a ‘sustainable’ model where we scout young players from all over Europe and sell them for big money to actual winners Just like clubs such as RB Leipzig, Lens, Coppenhagen, Ajax, Monaco, brugge does. Cardinale had NO Idea what Milan really is. His lackeys told him there is a market where we can trade players like slaves and make BIG BUCKS so he came over and bought Toulouse first, then thought hey it works.. lets buy Milan as well. But SHIET.. he didn’t consider the fans here are ACTUALLY Passionate about football and demands results. Now.. Players are against him, fans are against him, Staff are against him. Maldini was the one who would never Agree to that. SO .. out he went.

    People are saying Maldini didn’t listen to Moncada. A scout brings in the name of EVERY Prospect out there. Are we gonna SIgn THEM ALL? Are you guys that R3t@_rd_ed? Really? Some are going to be hit. Some are going to be miss.

    I KNOW I am wrong and Cardinale actually wants to win something with the team. What does he want to win? It comes later in details. Wait for it.

    Cardinale wants a ‘sustainable’ system in the club. Because in this idea of Sustainable team.. We would be fighting to get to top 10. We tried this under Elliot as well. You know who we would have under this ‘sustainable’ model? The disaster that is Ragnick. if it wasn’t for Maldini, we wouldn’t be in the top 4. Without Maldini, this ‘sustainable’ project would reject Ibra, Kjaer, Giroud. Aka.. No scudetto, no UCL either. These fans who are all over our little Gerry’s pi_pi.. don;t really see what Maldini actually did for us. THANK GOD the ‘sustainable’ model that Elliot had planned was bypassed by Maldini’s ambition and got us the Scudetto and UCL Semi’s.

    Now our tiny PiiPii Gerry wants to get us back into the ‘sustainable’ model and these’ fans’ are all into it? Goldfishes have better memories than these ‘fans’.

    You wanna know what Moneyball is?
    Go to this link I shared below and watch for yourself. Buy cheap sell high. Thats what Moneyball is. Buy cheap players.. Improve them with Analytics then BAM. Sell them with high prices. THat’s teh winning Cardinale always talks about. You think he talks about winning games? LOL you du_mb_a$$es. lmfao He doesn’t give a flying F about Milan Nor “SOCCER” He is here to win MONEY!

    Forza Milan.
    F Cardinale.

    1. Dude if I could agree with you 100x I would. And it turns out Mr. Moneyball Billy Beane has been advising Cardinale and is in line for a prominent role with the club!!!!! Hahahaaha

      1. Neither Cardinale nor Billy and the other guy from Analytics have ANY IDEA what football is or what it means to people. They are here for slave trade business, literally. Buy players for 200/400k.. use analytics to improve them, just when they start to get better.. they will sell for profit.

        The thing about Toulouse is.. It has no BRAND Value. So Lackeys around cardinale told him to buy a club that has massive reach. In toulouse, players are sold at MOST 8/10 mil, in Milan.. same player would be sold for 20 mil, Minimum, because of Milan’s brand value. That’s why Cardinale bought Milan.

        That’s the ‘sustainable’ model of Milan Cardinale has in mind knowing full well.. This will NEVER ever work on ANY first division leagues. Milan will win Nothing. In here.. Psychology is all that matters. Mentality is what makes a club Champions. Everyone can play football. Winning needs a lot more than Skills. Maldini wanted to win, Cardinale just wants Money.

        The only benefit of Doubt Cardinale gets is if he has a plan for Milan to bring us back to the top that is better than Maldini’s vision of the club. Which is unlikely because Cardinale Knows NOTHING about Football nor does he care. Mind you, he just heard about Milan for the first time in 2020. lol And he found out Milan has 7 UCLs in 2022 AFTER he bought the club.

        The more I look into Cardinale, the more he is turning into one hell of a Fraud.
        I really hope I am wrong… For the sake of Milan.

        1. They even performed executed their “moneyball” poorly…

          Ibrahim Sangare and Manu Kone were sold upon purchasing the club for 15mil combined. They cost more than 60 now, 2 years later…

          They coulnd’t wait, could they ? xD

          1. I know right? Lol Analytics told them they have improved so they sold immediately to make money. LMAO. What they couldn’t see is, if they waited a year.. the value would get quadrupled. lol

    2. OMG
      You spent all this energy without making any sense, schooling your school boys what Moneyball is.

      Maldini was playing moneyball with CDK while Cardinal wanted Dybala.

      You need to ho back to school boy.

        1. “It is only supposed”
          Your wish my friend… come to terms, this is real life Bozo.

          In your small brain, you’re a champ. Get some rest my boy, Daddy has had enough.

          1. oh personal insults? That’s some big brain move right there instead of constructive comments. Your family must have dropped you on your head over and over again surely!! LMFAO

            You are not that important ANYWHERE. lol Move on.

  8. Mr geri cardinale this is not good for footbal maldini is mr milan and mister footbal he is perfect winner for milan !i love milan but take him back he is a champion

  9. never mind, no need to blame a Maldini. The bastard Cardinale came to Milan too without responsibility. He didn’t come when Milan was building a team. Yesterday’s Scudetto was also not the result of the scumbag Cardinale’s responsibility. If it turns out that you are not really a rich person, you don’t have to hope in Milan. You are stingy with your money. take a look at Todd Boehley at Chelsea.

  10. I’m proud of Milan but it’s not good enough anymore. It’s time to won trophies. It’s time to EXPECT to make it to the CL semis, at minimum.

    It will ever happen with Maldini still in charge.

  11. To all those ‘fans’ who rubbish Maldini for having bought Cdk instead of Dybala. The latter is an established player, true, but prone to constant injuries. He doesn’t defend, which would put extra pressure on an already strained midfield. The jury is still out on Cdk. He started to show glimpses of his ability very late in the season, so let’s wait another season before casting him aside. Tonali was very average in his first season, even if he knew Serie A. Finally, yes, some of Maldini signings turned out to be very poor. Which manager doesn’t have bad signing on his CV? Even Pep and Sir Alex bought some duds.

    1. Don’t you get it?
      Milan doesn’t need “glimpse” of ability right now, we have a bunch of it in the squad.
      Milan needs tested quality and instant upgrades,

      Maldini as SD over the years couldn’t sign a proper RW even when it’s glaring that it’s our most needed upgrade?

      His mistakes are forgivable from the Ownership point of view, but the stubbornness wouldn’t be.
      We all love Maldini, but we love Milan more.

      Finally, I have confidence that we will do well in the mercato.

      1. Is Dybala instant upgrade? He doesn’t improve the offense at roma, they scored 9 less goals in Serie A compared to last season.

        What we need is someone game-changing like peak Ibra, and to sign that kind of player we need money (at least to pay the high wage).

        1. Agree Dybala not an instant upgrade, CDK is an instant upgrade, with CDK we scored more goals.
          How nice.

          1. The average age of our players doesn’t suggest CDK as a future investment.

            No sensible club in our financial situation uses all it’s transfer budget to sign a single player as a future investment unless that player is Messi.

            We definitely needed instant upgrades in RW, AM, CF, DM and CM positions, and the manager spends all its transfer budget on an unproven talent in the name of future investment? If that decision fails, questions needed to be asked.

            Don’t get me wrong, even Pioli has a role in the blame game, but it’s unfortunate that Maldini was first to receive the wrath.

          2. Who dictate we should sign young players? RedBird!

            Look at the players linked to us after Maldini’s sacking, all of them are 25 years old or below.

            Who signed older player like Origi? Maldini under Elliot, before Redbird become Milan owner.

            Who want to sign experienced players such as Berardi, Anaurtovic, or SMS? Maldini

            It doesn’t make sense that Redbird want Dybala, it doesn’t fit their moneyball.

            It is more likely that Maldini and Furlani pursue Dybala while still under Elliot but then Redbird come and stop it. Redbird then only allow permanent signing of Florenzi and Messias because they are Pioli’ request.

          3. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Maldini’s idea of signing older player like Berardi or SMS. I prefer young players who still have room for improvement (just like RedBird) but I tolerate older players if it is for backup and mentoring.

            The reason I don’t like Maldini’s sacking is because it hurt Milan brand, distabilize the team, severe team link to upper management, and lower the ability to attract players.

            Maldini was never the one who identify young talent, he is not a scout, every young player signings, it was Moncada who identify their talent, Maldini’s role is only to convince them to join.

  12. @john you are not Milan fans….. Please, apart from CDK who failed totally who else do you think failed in the team that Milan spend money on? It’s very clear that Maldini love Milan than so called the owner… He is just coming to destroy the team. If possible let’s all the fans protest against the ownership #Cardinaleout and will should all unfollow Milan till zero on social media until everything will be resolved. #Cardinale

    1. Mr Kayode.

      I agree with you bro.

      Will you refund him his 1.2b investment??

      If he wanted to toy with money, he could have placed bets with that money, but dude invested it in my darling club.

      Stop clouding your reasoning with the love of Maldini. Watch our recruitment and see if anything changes before you cry uhuru. Milan’s success isn’t tied to Maldini, so relax.

      Cardinal is not foolish, you are crying as a Maldini fan, he is acting as a business man protecting his investment, give him time to see if his replacement are competent enough for the task.

      I felt we needed a change and was expecting Pioli instead, but my loyalty is to Milan and not Maldini so I wish my darling club well regardless with or without our legend Maldini.

  13. I can only blame Maldini for not keeping Bonaventura. This guy is a genius and we have been struggling since he left.
    They should only let him go if they find the proper replacement.

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