CM: Elliott’s restrictions, possible sale and huge Spurs offer – the latest on Kessie’s future

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are aware of the urgency surrounding the renewal of Franck Kessie but it seems Elliott Management’s willingness to give him a big pay rise will be crucial.

According to, the last two meetings did not lead to where the management hoped they would, as there is still a distance between what the Rossoneri are offering and how much he wants to renew. However, there is the desire to make a new offer with the support of Elliott Management, who for Donnarumma had sanctioned a salary of around €8m net per season.

For the Ivorian, at least for now, the Rossoneri’s owners do not seem to want to loosen the constraints imposed on director Paolo Maldini, as he revealed before last night’s 1-0 win over Sampdoria.

“The renewal of Kessié? There is a common line, we must do what is sustainable. In the past this has not been done and we have paid. Both renewals and acquisitions will follow this spirit. I have no preconceptions, I am open to many solutions,” he said.

What are the solutions to which Paolo Maldini refers? The report claims that he is referring to the immediate transfer of the player, especially given that some clubs have already come forward and expressed interest in talks with Kessie’ agent George Atangana.

Milan know this well and are faced with the risk of losing the midfielder for nothing, so Maldini has made it known that he wants to try to sell him already in this transfer market session, if the renewal speech is not expected to close in the next seven days.

Tottenham have put €8m net per season on the plate in a bid to land the midfielder, but Kessié has given priority to Milan and for this reason it could be closed. Milan have offered a five-year deal and a pay rise up to €5m and between the parties there is a gap of €3-4m in total over 5 years, so nothing huge.

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  1. A quick sell of Kessie will unlock Milan potential transfers. Still, I do not understand why Maldini has waited so much…

    1. Because he’s tough to replace. That’s why. They’re trying their best to renew him. Who knows how this will end, but either way I believe the club is working towards the best solution, with or without Kessie

  2. They need to do this as fast as possible, but now i don’t understand why Pobega had to leave, i really don’t like Bakayoko and his wage is not that cheap for a player that keeps tumbling around because no one wants him, unless he accepts to sign for 1m or less i would prefer Pobega staying in the team.

    I think Tonali, Pobega, Bennacer, Krunic and maybe Adli or the guy from Bundesliga would be an ok midfield that will allow us to invest in the AMF and RW.

    1. Because Pobega is a really good player and being a fourth choice he won’t get playing time and it would hinder his development

    2. Because Pobega is a really good player and being a fourth choice he won’t get playing time and it would hinder his development

  3. Milan should give Kessie more money, keep Pogeba and ignore the signing of Bakayoko. Aside Ibra, Kessie, Kjaer, Tomori and Hernandez are the only players I see with actual Milan DNA.

  4. Time to sell… and that time has been all summer and is now running out. He can get more money than Milan can afford at the moment elsewhere, so make sure he doesn’t leave for free and take whatever is possible IMO

  5. Kessie is one our best players at the moment and wss one of the best in Serie A on his position last season; however, he’s asking the club for a salary raise that makes sense only if we count his performance last season; tbh, I would like to see more of last year’s Kessie. 5m per season is higher than Locatelli’s salary, higher than Brozovic’s salary, higher than Barella’s salary, it’s higher than Insigne’s salary; the 6m he’s asking for is higher than Chiesa’s salary; the management cannot pay premier league salaries because Serie A is not premier league, and a 5m offer is very, very good for a player of that type in Serie A. I love Kessie but the management cannot afford another Hakan or another Donnaruma. If they don’t reach a deal now, they have to sell Kessie.

  6. I would sell kessie, buy adli for 10m and loan pobega for CDM role then use other 20m received for him to get vlasic or give a loan bid for Bernardo silva with option to buy.

  7. I love Kessie. Heart and soul of the team. But he’s gone unfortunately. Maldini basically just said it: “There is a common line, we must do what is sustainable. In the past this has not been done and we have paid.” Elliot isn’t paying Kessie 8M net per season plus agent commissions. Hell we probably won’t move over our current offer of 5M per season plus bonuses. Hate to say it but if we can sell him for 50-60M to Tottenham then we have to do it. We cannot afford another Donnaruma and Hakan disaster and let him leave for free. Include Romagnoli as well who still hasn’t resigned. With that $$ we can buy a direct replacement for Kessie in Kamara, add Yacine Adli who can back up Diaz as well as play deep and finally add a starting RW (Ikone, Ziyech, Vlasic). Love Vlasic, but cost prob too high and Ikone due to relationship with Lille, is probably more attainable. Tonali Bennacer Bakayoko Kamara Yacine and Diaz is one hell of a mid with Ikone on the RW….young fast and dynamic. Hate to lose Kessie but Elliot don’t care, they aren’t paying him 7-8M a season…

    1. Again, this valuation of Kessie with a year left on his contract is a fantasy. Tottenham is not paying 50-60m for a player on an expiring contract. Nobody is. we’d be lucky to get 20. But if he doesn’t renew and that’s what we can get then take it. It’s more than 0, and we may just be able to get two players with that (new CM and new AMC or RW).

  8. The fact that Kessie’s sale is even a topic is total stupidity. The revenue flow would not matter because there is no player with the same qualities and dedication to Milan to replace Franck. When stories like this surface it becomes obvious the business side of club football has turned towards non sense.

  9. Honestly, it’s sad to see my beloved Milan these days struggling to keep their best players. Is this the Milan I fell in love with in 1993? If Elliot does not have the funds to invest big in the team, he should sell it to one of the money bags from Saudi Arabia! I’m tired of seeing my only beloved team now becoming a dumping ground for other clubs’ rejects. while other clubs like Roma, Napoli are fortifying their squad with tested and proven additions. Really sad. I still remember how sceptical Berlusconi was when he wanted to sell Milan. He said ” I don’t want to sell Milan to somebody who would just be contented of being a Milan owner but to somebody who understands what the club represents and who is ready to take the team back to Glory days” I feel so sad!

    1. Serie A is not in a stage like 1993 to offer such high salaries. Even Scuddeto winning team in Serie A is not getting same income than newly promoted team in Premier league. All teams are in losses after winning Scuddeto Inter sold their 2best players still they can’t afford coach salaries. Milan’s policy is good as per their income and expenditure, they are paying price for the debts made during 2016-2020. Sell the players whose salary cannot be afforded is the only solution than loosing players for free

  10. Salary hike from 2m to 8m is impossible especially in Serie A due to poor revenues. Selling player is the best option atleast until AC Milan come out of those debts from the past years.

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