CM: Fonseca is Milan’s ‘final choice’ – what is missing before he signs

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan have chosen Paulo Fonseca as the new coach ahead of next season but there are still some details that need to be ironed out before a deal can be struck.

As reported by, the Rossoneri are very keen to make the former AS Roma and Shakhtar Donetsk coach their man next season with Stefano Pioli currently preparing for his final game of the job.

The first job for Milan is to communicate the decision to move away from Pioli to the fans, which is expected to happen before the match against Salernitana on Saturday.

The agreement on severance pay needs to be reached with Pioli before a deal can be signed with Fonseca, but the Lille coach has given the green light to a proposal from Milan.

He has been offered a three-year contract on €3m per season. The chances of getting Fonseca have been boosted by Marseille withdrawing from the race as they were tired of waiting for a commitment from Fonseca.

There is now a very clear path to Fonseca becoming the new Milan coach but Pioli has to be dealt with first before concrete steps are made to bring the Portuguese coach to the club.

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  1. I think he will be good, he is not too different from Pioli and I like that he doesn‘t mind opening up the defense to push up. His expirience with 3atb could come in handy at points, Pioli was always far better at 4atb than 3atb.

    He is surely not the best coach in the world but he will fit the project and not interfere with Furlani and Moncada which is important.

      1. It is, just look at the rebuild they already did last summer, most clubs can only dream of such a success quota, let alone with 10+ signings.

        1. Yes very successful these last 2 years. I bet next year is gonna be the most successful one of the last 2. I bet these rebuild will go as one of the masterpieces of the modern football transfer windows – just left us needing CB DM RB and ST but I rate it 10.5/10

          1. Yeah CL half final and Vicechampion, so bad …

            Think about what we were missing before, almost a complete squad of players. This is the most depth we had in ages despite the gaps we need to fill. We actually have a decent bench now.

          2. You said it yourself we have a decent bench :))) Vice with 20 points difference to Inter – team under us destroyed us in UEL , another one won it actually , another one won coppa Italia. This semi-final one last act of masterpiece from Maldini – who asks for reinforcements and gets fired for us to get a verry good BENCH.

      2. Can you think of any club where the coach regularly clashes with the management AND keeps his job?

        Quit clowning for the sake of clowning…

    1. I believe that this will be the end of the ACM management once this Fonseca brings the talents he showed at Roma and was sacked half way.
      Moncada, and Furlani should walk away from their positions when Inter smack us again next season and Red bird should rename themselves as Black Bird

  2. So how did they chose him? Zlatan is reportedly not a fan, does it mean that Furlani and Moncada have the final word? Budget over anything else? D’Ottavio, whatever his job is? Scaroni? Or Jerry have the final word with his huge football knowledge? And now in the middle of that chaos we’ll welcome Jorge Mendes. Future is bright and so ambitious.

    1. Please explain to the Milan faithful What happened to the Porto man, DeZerbi, and Motta negotiations?
      Furlani did you miss the mark again?
      Furlani are your negotiation skills rusty?
      Furlani are you short of any inspiration and leadership and will to take this club to the heights it deserves?
      Milan fans say walk away now before it gets very messy for you.

  3. It is the coach who made 6 changes when he was at Roma and caused the team to lose ??
    Is perfect replacement for pioli to finish at least qualify to champions league for many years !!
    Well done Gerry u found another YES MAN coach !!

  4. Welcome fonseca. We can not wait for others french league player come.

    Smart decision from management. With fonseca there is probability we still can qualify for champion league for another season. The target can be achieved.

    He also cheap, so we can save some money. Good to boast our financial balanced sheet.

    1. And why can’t the target be the Scudetto as it should for Milan.
      This management has put down the ambition even in milan fans.
      What you are talking about is Lazio’s or Fiorentina’s goals because it will be a step forward to finish in fourth place compared to their history.
      Milan should aim higher, two years ago this squad won the Scudetto, they should be pushed to do it again and not just finish in top four.

      1. Because scudetto probability is below 10 percent. New coach is almost impossible to win scudetto.

        Look about klopp, his first liverpool campaign.
        Look about spalletti, his first napoli campaign.
        Look about conte, his first inter or chelsea campaign.
        I can tell a lot history who said it is almost imposibble to win scudetto at your first season.

        And our management is pure blood moneyball. What most important to them is big money from qualifying champion league, so the target is qualifying for champion league.

    1. Yes , imo we are the most innovative thinking, crazy scouting team in the world right now. We managed to act faster than United , Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern and snatched Fonseca under their nose!!!! And we did it by outbidding no other than Marseille and Lille. This masterpiece pulled out of our management should go under as one of the best in history no doubt!

  5. Well, if it is true that Fonseca the next coach. I personally will see Milan under Fonseca for 5 games in real competition (not friendly).

    If they play not good, not attractive, not attacking, well, I rather go for Atalanta

  6. I would have stayed with Pioli for another season rather than uproot everything for not a bigger coach than this. This feels like a downgrade in my opinion. The last time we got second place, we won the league the year after, not saying that it would happen again but this season is no disaster. If the injury plague would not have been then I believe we would have challenged Inter + Inter were playing like Napoli last year, far above everyone else.

  7. Are we noticing the team will spend about 13 million paying coaches wages in the 24 – 25 season. 10 severance Piol & 3 net for Fonseca.

    1. A spineless character most of all. Someone who’s obedient and will look the other way when they’re selling prized asset players. And don’t be shocked if he’s sacked because he’s not winning. That’s scapegoating Cardinale’s style.

  8. It’s hard to know whether to laugh, cry or be indifferent.

    Maybe I am passed caring.

    Looking forward to seeing Cutrone back in Serie A next season so at least there’s that.

  9. Embarassing.

    Juve have the vision, planning and foresight to take Motta and our genius leadership counters with the mediocre Fonseca LOL

    This hire just proves the LACK of ambition for Redbird. Hire a mediocre coach that won’t ask for anything but cheap players from the French league.

    Top 4 is all we need – not titles apparently.

    A club with AMBITION goes after a coach like Motta or De Zebri, Xaxi, Tuchel or even Conte – not an average coach in Fonseca.

    Can’t wait until we sell Theo and Mike this summer….

  10. What a s***show, at least in the banter era we were broke, now we have near unlimited funds but are run by complete clowns. Full speed back to the banter era.

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