CM: Furlani forced to explore replacements as Fenerbahce relaunch for Krunic

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have once again been forced to try and get replacements on stand-by as Fenerbahce have resumed their attempts to sign Rade Krunic. report that Pioli wants to keep Krunic but the rumours are becoming more and more insistent. The midfielder has reached an agreement in principle over a four-year contract and the Turkish club are determined to carry on negotiating.

The Bosnian currently earns €1.2m net per season and the verbal agreement he has would see him get €3-3.5m net. However, an agreement between the two clubs is still missing because Fener are offering €7m in instalments and the Rossoneri want €12-15m.

There is also the possibility of a renewal with a pay rise for Krunic were he to stay, but if Fenerbahce’s next offer were to meet Giorgio Furlani’s requests, it is clear that a replacement would be needed.

Various options are being considered, starting with Nicolas Dominguez who will not renew his contract expiring in 10 months and would be happy to join Milan, with a price tag of €10m currently set.

Marko Grujic is on the list too and the Rossoneri have asked for some preliminary information, as well as Jordan Veretout who however has declared his love and loyalty to Marseille.

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  1. Not only do we need to keep Krunic we also need another DM.
    People who want him gone don’t understand we have nobody to anchor the midfield.
    Musah, RLC, Reijnders,Pobega,Adli, Bennacer all are Mezzalas if not attacking midfielders.
    We don’t have anyone to anchor the midfield except Krunic and I hope we will get someone else for rotation.
    It is beyond belief we could sign so many similar attackers (wingers x 4) and so many midfielders (Mezzalas x 3) and yet have no centre forward and no holding midfielder

    1. My exact thoughts. All this craze for a centre forward when what we really need is a DM( like Wieffer) and a CB. (Young with potential)
      I know they need to make sales but this is way too important for the season.

      1. Yeah we will probably be ok we Giroud, Colombo and Okafor as striking options (even if none are exactly what we need).
        I’d also be willing to give Simic a chance as a rotation option at CB.
        It’s DM where we are really lacking. Someone who can cover the defense and control the game. Amrabat type

        p.s It’s no coincidence Krunic has started every preseason game as DM

      1. It’s in the management handbook under midfield 101.
        Every good team, every single one has had a good DM. Even the great attacking Brazil teams had 1 guy in there to defend.

        Also look what happened to our midfield without Kessie

        1. When he’s nearly 30 and so we can’t possibly sell him in the future? NO THANKS. He’s not even that good in any role. The guy is dreck as a DM and people can’t see that here. It’s clear as day.

    2. Krunic is not a true DM either. And while he’s not very good, Pobega can play as a DM. I believe that if Krunic were to be sold, we should get only one true DM.
      For the centre forward, I think everyone thought that Okafor will be the guy but now they think of him more of a Leao replacement, so yeah, back to square 1.

      1. Krunic and Pobega is not a DM. They need a defensive minded midfielder or destroyer like kessie or gattuso. One possible name in my mind now is Domingues.

    3. They don’t understand nor do they want to understand. All they know is krunic bad.

      Think Milan should ask about Jorginho. He does have a bit of a salary on him but he’d be just what these players need in the dm. And I’m sure he’d get way more minutes at milan that he will get at arsenal..he’s old but a good short term solution imao

      1. Jorginho… hahah… all I remember about that name are the penalties he missed for the national team which cost them qualification.

        I’d wonder if he really wants to come back to Italy. He signed for Arsenal just a year ago I believe.

        1. Great memory. I guess you forgot about his instrumental role in winning CL with Chelsea and Euros with Italy in the same year. After which he was high in the running for Balon D’or

    4. Bennacer is the closest thing to a dm we have, krunic is and have always been a mazzala. Only in Milan have he done other things. Krunic can go and we get another DM to compliment Benny. Pobega have also played there including cb but he obviously came through as a box to box.

    5. Musah does play as a DM for his national team, but I suppose Pioli decided not to play him there. It’s worth a try.

      But we need to sign Dominguez anyways.

      1. so yeah, i went through all the formation of the US national team for the last 2 years. And nowhere does Musah play the regista, what Milan needs atm.
        He does play the dm in a 4231. So when you say he plays dm you arent talking about 433 dm… a little bit of info you could add so people dont get the wrong idea.

        1. I mean you suggested someone as washed up and finished as a player as Jorginho, which really doesn’t fit into our philosophy. And you expect me to take you seriously?

    6. Krunic is not a defensive midfielder. He can play multiple positions , but none of them well. He is playing there now out of necessity. I believe Musah could be used in that position if need be and do a better job than Krunic. I wouldn’t mind Krunic as a bench player but seeing as Pioli is determined to start him, I’d rather see him go. He’s not starting level caliber for a team like Milan. I think even he knows that which is why he wants out.

    7. I agree though I think Bennacer can do a good job as an anchor (though not very strong defensively). That said, he’s injured till Jan and there’s the Africa cup in Jan-Feb next year, without considering any other injuries so he cannot be relied on this year.

      Krunic will be sold only if we can get another player at the same time.
      Regarding reinforcements for the center forward or holding midfielder, we don’t have much wiggle room in the lists, we need italian or U21 player (born after Jan 2002). We can open TWO additional spots if we offload Origi, Ballo Toure, Adli and Saelemakers, but we do need to offload them first.

  2. We will beed 2 DMs if we sell Rade, unless Pioli really trust Adli in that position.
    Having said that if we get the Porto guy we will do a big upgrade. He is exactly what we need.

    1. I’m glad somebody here understands!

      Sure krunic is no makelele but he is all we have, as you say if he is sold we then need 2 players.

      Just wait until week 6 or so and our midfield is like butter, people will realise we need some cover at DM

  3. He doesn’t want to stay. Let him go for ten million. Split it into two installments. Or do 7+3 in bonuses. Everybody is happy.

    You can’t force a player to stay at Milan. Krunic doesn’t want to stay. Sign Dominguez. Everybody is happy.

  4. My goah , i am not aware that many want Krunic stay
    The question to be raised, why the management signed Musah, RLC,Tijani, if what we need is DM??
    Pioli must be able to find solution, by converting one of them to be DM for example
    They are all better than Krunic.

    Ancelotti successfully converted Pirlo to Deep Lying Playmaker. He never played in that position but good coach always have good judgement on players talent and vision..

    Pioli only wants simple solution: “oo i don’t have natural DM, then use Krunic”

  5. If Krunic is serious about leaving he will work with Fener to lower his wage to give Fener the funds to raise the transfer fee. I’m not sure what the tax situation is in Turkey, but if it’s similar to Italy reducing his salary from 3-3.5m to 2.5-3m will give Fener the ~3-5m needed to get Milan to accept, and Krunic would still be doubling his wages. Win/win.

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