CM: Hernandez’s importance to Milan and the plans to renew – the details

By Ben Dixon -

Theo Hernandez is often at the heart of AC Milan’s side, and the Frenchman has consistently been willing to go above and beyond for the cause and has not shied away from the responsibility placed upon him. 

This is an important year for Milan for several reasons. Primarily, there will be a big decision made about the head coach – whether Stefano Pioli stays or someone else takes the reigns is still unknown.

What is known, though, is the desire to work on contracts for integral first-team members. The first to have been targeted has been Mike Maignan, and the Rossoneri offered him a new deal recently. Not far behind him is Theo Hernandez, who has always, but especially recently, proved his value to the club.

As writes, Theo Hernandez is instrumental to the Diavolo. He is a Swiss army knife, but not by the typical definition. He isn’t versatile by the common definition, but when asked to play in central defence, he did so with no qualms and did so very well.

However, his return to left-back has people excited about the Theo of old returning. In his past eight games, he has recorded five assists and scored twice, most recently against Napoli on Sunday evening.

The report states that the club and Theo’s ambitions align very closely. As a result, both parties will happily discuss a new deal for him. Whilst nothing has been planned yet, talks are expected to start at the end of the season.

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    1. Theo should get more than Mike. He is replacable while Theo is unique in his position. Whoever we get in the event of a sale will be a huge downgrade.

  1. Curious how Milan plays this out. Both Theo and Mike are top 5 in their positions and silver or later their washes would have to reflect that.

    Can Milan afford to pay them as such or will they sacrifice some one? Leao to PSG? Would that allow Mike and Theo to get paid? Or does Mike get sold off too? Theo renewed?

    1. I think the club can afford to bring these 2 up to what Leao makes. But that’s about it. I don’t see the 6-8M as a non-starter and if it buys you a few more years of contract in which you can sell the players for more, pretty sure the club will do that.

  2. I believe that the only person in the squad that is irreplaceable is Theo. Maignan and Leao are completely replaceable by cheaper options.

  3. I am old school and believe a good goalkeeper is the most important person in the squad. Particularly with how our defense has done, I see Mike as vital in spite of him having a few ups and downs this season.

      1. Inter salaries are 33 million more than ours, and if they renew Lautaro and Barella, it will be more.
        I don’t see us, Juve or other teams challenging Inter in Serie A without a lot of money invested.
        That said, I won’t believe that Theo and Maignan will renew until I see the official statement.

  4. Would be amazing to see both Theo AND MM16 extending (and not sold) but I don’t believe in Santa Claus or Easter Bunny anymore… 😛

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