CM: How Milan fare in the penalties conceded rankings against Inter, Juventus and others

By Ben Dixon -

A penalty is deemed the ultimate opportunity to score in football from a set piece, and today, a report has shown how AC Milan fare when a penalty has been conceded and ranked them against other Serie A teams.

After giving a penalty away, all responsibility falls to the goalkeeper, and Milan are blessed to have one of the best goalkeepers in the world in Mike Maignan, but how does he and the Rossoneri fare when facing a shot from 12 yards out? have compiled a list of the penalties which each team has against them and then recorded the amount of penalties conceded and penalties saved, and the list can be seen below.

  1. Salernitana – 9 penalties against, 0 missed/saved
  2. Atalanta – 8 penalties against, 2 missed/saved
  3. Sassuolo – 8 penalties against, 1 missed/saved
  4. Fiorentina – 7 penalties against, 1 missed/saved
  5. Frosinone – 7 penalties against, 1 missed/saved
  6. Milan – 7 penalties against, 0 missed/saved
  7. Udinese – 7 penalties against, 0 missed/saved
  8. Bologna – 6 penalties against, 2 missed/saved
  9. Empoli – 6 penalties against, 2 missed/saved
  10. Monza – 7 penalties against, 2 missed/saved
  11. Lecce – 5 penalties against, 1 missed/saved
  12. Inter – 4 penalties against, 2 missed/saved
  13. AS Roma – 4 penalties against, 1 missed/saved
  14. Cagliari – 3 penalties against, 0 missed/saved
  15. Lazio – 3 penalties against, 1 missed/saved
  16. Torino – 4 penalties against, 0 missed/saved
  17. Genoa – 2 penalties against, 0 missed/saved
  18. Napoli – 2 penalties against, 1 missed/saved
  19. Verona – 2 penalties against, 0 missed/saved
  20. Juventus – 1 penalty against, 0 missed/saved

As you can see, Milan rank sixth in the table but have a 0% save rate this season when facing penalties. Furthermore, the Rossoneri have conceded the third most penalties in Serie A this season and the most of any side in the Champions League places.

This is a case where the problem needs to be resolved at the root, and the problem itself, especially considering the Diavolo could be involved in three penalty shootouts between now and the end of the season if their European fixtures are taken to that point.

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  1. As a dane I watched the Denmark vs Switzerland match and it seems like Simon Kjær was injured with a strain to his thigh.

    On the more humorous side Milan should take notice of how to tackle a referee without getting carded as we often has had some trashy refs 😀

  2. Since Dida left as goalkeeper coaching, these stars are bad.
    A good coach is needed who can analyse and help maignan.
    Dollarumma best year and Magic Mike best years are under Dida as goalkeeper coach.

  3. Didn’t you guys say on the podcast that Inter had a whopping 8 non penalties awarded to them that won them games? Cheating/refs/VAR – that’s the real issue here, not goal keeping coaches and “bad defending.”

    1. The VAR has REAAALLY loved (and favored) Inter this season. It cannot be a coincidence as it has happened so many times.

    2. Both issues can (and do) coexist. We have a terrible defensive record, and this would still be true even if all refs were named maldini

  4. Mike is great with his feet, arguably the best gk in the world in that regard. But as a shot stopper he has always been average (serie a level) at best, and this season slightly below average I would say. I don’t know if this is true, but he seems to me like a “midfielder turned goal keeper at a late age” type of player.

    Anyways, penalties are beside the point.It’s those deniable shots that get in every once and a while, like those shots to the corner he is supposed to be covering, or his late reactions that happen every here and there. If though he shares the blame with other, he definitely has a big stake in our terrible defensive record this season

  5. “I don’t know if this is true, but he seems to me like a “midfielder turned goal keeper at a late age” type of player.”

    He used to play as a striker before turning into a GK which explains his above average footwork.

    1. Yeah, makes sense. I guess some skills, like leaving your bear post open, really take a lot of experience to make perfect

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