CM: Howe approval, Milan’s stance – the latest on Newcastle’s pursuit of Thiaw

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have held talks with Newcastle United in recent days and Malick Thiaw’s name came up, but it would take a sizeable bid for a sale to occur.

That is according to, who admit that Milan’s mercato is moving slowly, at least in this very early stage. The management are evaluating several situations in-depth both in terms of signings and exits.

One of these concerns the situation of Thiaw because the German defender has a large market abroad. In recent days, Milan have held direct talks with Newcastle for the former Schalke talent, who manager Eddie Howe likes a lot.

The Magpies have explored the Rossoneri’s willingness to sell the German international, who is attracted by the idea of moving to the Premier League. His agent Stipic had even begun to explore various options in that league in January.

In the coming days, contacts are expected with other English clubs that have shown some interest but Milan’s idea is to keep Thiaw because the defensive department needs reinforcements and not outgoings.

Faced with sizeable offers in the order of €35-40m, they would find themselves in the position of having to at least evaluate them. Malick is waiting for news on his future and would like to improve his current salary of €800k net per season. And the Premier League temptation is getting stronger.

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  1. This will be a huge mistake, he is calm well behaved, and has immense physical and technical qualities, it would be hard and expensive to replace him with a player with the same technical qualities, all he needs is playing time, and a coach who believes in him..

    1. If I thought for one second we’d put the money towards Calafiori I’d take it, but we won’t, so I agree with you.

      I like him a lot, and it’s hard to criticise any of our CBs for last year; they had zero protection.

    2. Incorrect. He has no tactical understanding. He gets caught out of position, he fails to track runners and makes rash challenges.

  2. I really don’t think we should entertain offers below 50 mil for Thiaw, yes he wasnt perfect after returning from his injury but he did show great promise before that happened and he is young and still has 3 years remaining on his contract.

    1. This! Although 40m is sizeable. I’d only start negotiating around that figure, 40 plus bonuses to 45-50
      I believe Thiaw, once fit, is one of our best CBs. Injuries take time and getting March fit takes time. When Tomori came back from his injury he was not sharp at all (thankfully Gabbia was in beats mode) but with games he got back.

      1. Yeah he is far from a bad player was just unlucky with his injury and im sure he will do a lot better this season if given the chance.

    2. With 50 mil, one can easily go to the like of Calafiori. Same age. And now he also has performed on one of the biggest stage.

      1. Calafiori would be a fine acquisition.

        In regard of the other comments I guess people is jumping the rumor of the day but the president of the club said they want to keep the player even though its expected that Zirkzee will be sold. Bologna isn’t in need to sell anyone they as they just qualified for cl and there will be more prize money to collect this year so unless Arsenal actually is willing to spend crazy money the club doesnt have much reason to further dismantle the squad,

        1. Not saying that we should sign Calafiori (that ship has sailed before we even think about sailing) if we sell Thiaw. It’s just 50 mil for Thiaw doesn’t make any sense, at least for now. There are lots lots other options in the world of CB with that kind of money.

          1. It probably is too late but only time will tell. There certainly is a lot of option with such money at hand the question though is if it would be directly invested on a cb to take a leap forward.

  3. I wouldn’t sell him. Sure he looked shaky last year but so did our entire defence. The fact Real is interested in him shows our scouts picked up a good signing. With Fonseca our defence will get better.

    However, every player has a price so if silly money like 50m is offered we should sell and reinvest. We should look at Robin Le Normand from Spain. He looks like a great CB. Calm and great on the ball.

  4. Some of you are out to lunch if you think Newcastle are going to pay more than €20 million for this accident waiting to happen. Milan will gladly take €20 million for Thiaw.

  5. People here can forget about Calafiori. Milan were never close to getting him and he most probably going to end up with Arsenal.
    Anything below 40mill is just dumb selling Thiaw.

  6. Fairytales. There is no single club in the world who would actually pay even 30M€ for this guy. Not now, not ever. What’s next? Mbappe will buy his contract out and join Milan while paying the club to get to play? Sounds almost as plausible than anyone offering 40M€ for Thiaw.

  7. Young players do have a bad season even without injuries. It’s easier for those who are not much relied on but not many 21y olds can be all that consistent in a season Milan have just had coupled with the natural pressured environment. I believe in general Thiaw has the physically mentality strength and skills to be worth a lot of money in the future. That’s if you prefer cashing in. May have just been a rumor but Real Madrid are not rumored to every young player in Serie A and the Newcastle interest even after a poor season all says something a little special about the players potentials.

  8. Too soon to offload the Good German. Last season was a sh|t show with now protection from midfield. Thiaw has improving to do and in a functional system is a good defender – give him time and DM’s that help and watch his confidence soar.

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