CM: Isaksen and more money for a No.9 – Milan’s strategy hinges on Chukwueze

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are pushing to try and sign Samuel Chukwueze from Villarreal but it seems as though another option has been firmly explored. report that Milan will now go for a right winger after closing the signings of Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Luka Romero and Christian Pulisic. The management are working hard with Villarreal to try and find an agreement for Chukwueze.

The first offer worth around €25m was not accepted, because the Spaniards want more for the 24-year-old despite the fact that he has a contract expiring in 2024 and does not seem to want to renew.

CEO Giorgio Furlani and his transfer team have no intention of letting go, aware that it will take time and a lot of work to get to the finish line. There is already a verbal agreement with the player for a four-year contract.

Meanwhile, Milan do not want to be caught unprepared and they have have a verbal agreement with FC Midtjylland for Gustav Isaksen too, who had 31 goal contributions (22 of them goals) last season.

The 22-year-old has been on the Rossoneri’s radar for almost a year and he could become plan B in the event Chukwueze does not arrive. In this case a large part of the budget would be moved to signing a new No.9.

It cannot be excluded that the Dane could join together with Chukwueze, but it would have to involve the sale of Alexis Saelemaekers who is more likely to remain. In the next few days the Diavolo will make a definitive decision.

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  1. Both Chukwueze and Isaksen will arrive because Messias and Salaemakers will leave.

    Singo will also arrive. Which potentially means Florenzi will be sold or contract terminated.

  2. One should have nothing to do with the other. Meaning signing Chukwueze should NOT preclude us from spending big $$$ and signing a real #9. Should not be one or the other. Sign Chukwueze AND Balgoun or Openda

      1. You are correct my bad. Point was to sign the Nigerian RW AND a real striker – not one or the other – whoever that may be.

        1. Ideally, but we don’t have the budget. We are also still missing a true defensive midfielder, which IMHO should take precedence over a striker. If we absolutely have to, we can go another season with Giroud as no.1, Colombo as no. 2 and Origi as no. 3 (or find a loaner for no. 3 if Origi gets sold). The firepower we’ll have with Leao, Pulisic and Chukwueze playing behind these strikers will make up for the fact that none of them are a 20 goal striker. Then we can spend pretty much everything on a striker in 2024 since the rest of the squad will be pretty much set with nobody ageing or contracting out.

  3. I’m not happy with the price for chukwueze. I rather we let this one go. We have plenty on RW now with Luka, saelemakers and now Isaksen. They are young but we can build them into stars. Chukwueze would be expensive and at the expense of all others. Plus he takes a non-eu spot and we wouldn’t be able to sign Kamada.

    1. We should try and sign him next year. He will most probably not renew his contract, so we can get him next year for free.

        1. 30mil is just plain stupid for a player on an expiring contract, by any parameter. I don’t know what Villa trying here.

    2. I think Chukwueze > Kamada, but you have a good point about the greater needs of the squad. Overall it may be better to sign Kamada for free and get Isaksen and then spend whatever is saved from not getting Chukwueze elsewhere, like defensive midfielder or striker.

  4. Milan had already paid too much given Chukwueze contract will expire soon. Get Isaaksen and Traore, keep Salaemaekers and Kalulu, sell Florenzi and find a right back or don’t send Gabbia on loan. Squad and quality in depth to have a decent run in all competitions and a chance of winning one at the very least next season.

  5. Sign them both. Isaksen is a highly versatile player, who can even play as a forward. Chukwueze has more experience, but both would be a huge upgrade to that side of the team.

    Anyone who wants to miss out on Chukwueze is missing a point. We are in the Champions League. Our issue the last two seasons was a lack of depth.

    We need both of them. And we need Saelesmaekers and Messias gone.

  6. This is the right time for Milan to go back for kamada since we have another name for chukwueze replacement.we need kamada in that midfield bad actually we can’t waste this opportunity of free transfer on ground,we need Theo back up,we need Tomori back too the board should thing n research for all this issue and put them in order than to base on one player for a month.

  7. I’d much rather the club move on from Chukwueze

    If they can secure Isaksen then between Pulisic, Romero, Isaksen, Saelemakers we should have enough options for this season. Picking up Isaksen and then targeting a decent CF or DM would be my preference.

  8. Get this guy before his market value rising up to the point where we have to negotiate over and over again. Get Kamada for free. And use the excess budget from Chuk to get decent Strike. Other than Morata of course.

    1. Rennes bought him for 26 mil. Bet they won’t sell him anything less. Isaksen is good on both of his feet as well.

  9. Basically they can sign this guy and get Kamada for less money in total than Chukwueze? He isn’t that good to be honest, he is a good player but not worth more to the team than Isaksen+Kamada+more money spent on a CF.

  10. get isaksen as RW and use all in budget for balogun for striker . Okay gery thats your american fellow Balogun. Isaksen ,Romero,Saladmaker should be enough for RW in new season

  11. I wish we would have a backup for that position. So, if we can afford it, it’s best to sign both. Alternatively, we could sign him now, and, go for Chukwueze in January. By then, we would pay less for Chukwueze. If we have both of them, it means we have a backup for Leao, since Isaksen can also play on the left side. We need to act fast on our targets before other clubs start snooping around.

  12. Also remember Chukwueze will be unavailable when there is an african cup. Better get Kamada, Reijnders, nico from fiorentina, and Ernest Nuamah/Isaksen. low cost strategy.

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