Milan hold interest in signing €15m-rated Sassuolo midfielder

By Ben Dixon -

Expectations for AC Milan signing a new holding midfielder in the upcoming mercato are rising, and they are evaluating the prospect of signing a player from a side threatened with relegation. 

Ahead of the summer, reports have been filled by the suggestions of central defenders and strikers. However, as we approach the window, reports of a new holding midfielder arriving are increasing in numbers.

Milan’s current midfield situation is comfortable, and there is enough depth to get by. However, persistent injuries mean that there has to be a greater level of coverage to support the continuing problems. Therefore, they will enter the market for a new No.6.

As report, a name that is becoming a prospect to the Rossoneri’s management is Daniel Boloca from Sassuolo. The Neroverdi are stumbling towards relegation to Serie B, but Boloca’s performances have not been worthy of a relegation-threatened side, let alone a side that falls victim to the drop.

Born in 1998, the holding midfielder has a lot of room for growth, which could be further aided by a move to Milan, and for a fee of €15 million, he provides an intriguing opportunity that fits the mould of what the Diavolo want in the midfield toolbox.

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  1. Of course we are interested. Sassuolo will be relegated therefore we can get this kid for a discount off the 15M. Fits Perfect with Redbird’s cheap “moneyball” policy. That’s all we go after anyways. Players we can get for a deal/discount regardless of fit.

    And who the heck would want Sarri was coach lol. Terrible imo.

    1. I don’t know about this player but surely if sassuolo and udinese gets relegated it isnt too dumb an idea to maybe buy some players on reduced fees, at least the opportunity shouldn’t be completely exluded in my view.

    2. I think if anything, last summer shows us they are willing to spend. When was the last time you remember Milan to shell out 100mil in one summer?

      They may not spend THEIR money the way YOU want, but “cheap” is a stretch.

      1. they spent £100 million but they wont pay more then 30 million for any player which is the highest they go. that is honestly not high at all for 100 million

        1. Yeh I’ve heard this argument a few times now… 100 mil is still 100 mil whether it’s divided up between 2 players or 20…

          1. You think like a banker. 100M is 100M. Tell me that, in football, one Théo Hernandez for 100M or 10 Taye Taïwo or Kévin Constant for 10M each is the same thing when you want to strengthen a core that was almost in UCL finals not long ago.

          2. People keep citing that UCL semi final as if it was some kind of definitive achievement. We did well to get that far, but a Round of 16 win against a Tottenham in freefall (with Conte) and a QF against a Napoli side we seem to beat with some regularity (the only top 6 Serie A club we do so against in the Pioli era) isn’t that impressive. When we finally got to Inter and the wheels fell off.

          3. I’m stunned by your answer. Aren’t we supporting the club for achievements such as reaching the UCL semis? Or are we just celebrating the budget now? Anyway last summer people were saying “it’s only July”, then “it’s only August”, then “it’s only September” and now “it’s only Year 1”. Wake up.

      2. They spent 35M. The 100M you speak of was from player sales (Tonali) that they reinvested. So ya I’m thankfull they didn’t pocket the Tonali $$ – but let’s not pretend they spent $100M. There is a huge difference spending 100M and selling a core player and replacing him with other players for that fee. The budget has been 30-35M since they took over. Hopefully that improves this summer. We shall see

        1. The budget was 30-35 even before they took over. And before the that there was no budget at all.

          Idk why people are so naive when it comes 2 mone

      3. When was the last time Milan sold a player for 70M ?
        100M isn’t cheap that’s for sure but like 70% of it came from selling Tonali.

    3. I am not a hige Sarri fan but he has a far better CV than most candidates, especially compared to someone like Van Bommel.

    1. Volpato is an attacking midfielder.. what milan need is defensive midfielder who can recover ball, protect the back line and dictate play.

      i agree with lauriente, he has pace and very good on taking one on one with eye for goal. he will be a better backup for r.loea.

      Daniel Boloca is a promising player with good recovery rate , versatile and also score goal and being an italian plater good for squad list. but he can only be a backup or rotation for Youssouf Fofana if milan are serious to get him.

  2. I am open to Daniel Boloca but we need to sell Pobega. He’s useless. Can’t run or defend and his positioning is awful. I still don’t understand why Milan didn’t sell him to Torino in exchange for Ricci.

    Pobega doesn’t fit the style of football Milan wants to play.

      1. @Sam. RLC is a good player. It’s Pioli who is using him wrong. Pioli has a habit of playing these players out of their natural position. RLC is not AM.

        RLC should be playing in the pivot 2 with Reinjders. Sigh! But Pobega has to go for sure. He’s the worse midfielder in the squad. Useless.

    1. Ziontrain agreed with you pobega is udinese level i don’t know the reason they didn’t sell him to Torino when they wanted him

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