CM: Kessie has ‘refused Spurs’ but is ‘listening to PSG’ with January exit not excluded

By Oliver Fisher -

Franck Kessie reportedly wants to renew with AC Milan but only if the club can reach an agreement with his entourage, and PSG have sensed an opening.

According to what is being reported by reporter Daniele Longo (via MilanPosts), he is not sure that Kessie will stay at Milan after refusing the management’s last bid, which included an incremental pay rise.

Longo reports that the renewal offer included a salary of €5m net for the first two years, €5.5m for the third year then €6.5m for the fourth and the fifth seasons. The player ‘would like to remain, but at his entourage’s conditions’, as per the journalist.

He describes it as a ‘different situation’ from that of Donnarumma and Calhanoglu, who left for free at the end of last season, but what is certain is that Kessie ‘refused Tottenham’ but is ‘listening to PSG’ and it cannot be excluded that he moves there in January.

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  1. astefin says:

    Another “I love Milan” saga.

    1. Shiva says:

      LOL no. this is all new and upgraded “I want to stay in Milan forever” saga.

  2. Bo says:

    This is getting irritating. Just sell him and accept the maximum offer. He is slowly starting to anger the Milan fans now

  3. Moon says:

    He can leave, no one is indispensable. See the example with Dollarumma. Then we can bring Boubacar Kamara like we did with Maignan.

  4. Joseph Mifsud says:

    Just another blood sucker for more money than loyalty. Stick to Milan if you really love the club. Players today are more like Judas.

  5. Greg Mathurin says:

    Any employee has the right to maximize his earnings during his career. That is what the guy is doing. Conversely it is management’s job to negotiate in their interest. The end result is hopefully a mutually beneficial middle ground, if not then salvage as much value via a sale.

    This is purely a business arrangement, no need to spew vitriol at Kessie or to get overly emotional both sides are looking out for their interests.

    Maldini and Massara must to better with forward planning to avoid these situations.

    1. Geekondrum says:

      Well said buddy. The management just has to be proactive in this negotiation palaver.

      Start thinking of players brought in on loan, and what to do after the loan tenure expires.

      Act!!! Act!!! Act!!!

  6. Cagard says:

    Badge kissing fool . Hopefully they boo him
    Until he leaves .

  7. Kusye says:

    Now he doesn’t do what he said when he was in Tokyo. He calls himself the president but acts like a b*st*rd who only thinks about money!

  8. Vasio says:

    That’s what ALL presidents around the world do!

  9. Kessie Not Presiden says:

    sell him now or throw him refusing on the bench, if he refuses stay I hope he will have a serious injury that will end his career

  10. Dollarumma Merda says:

    sell him now or throw him refusing on the bench, if he refuses stay I hope he will have a serious injury that will end his career

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