CM: Krunic wants to join Dzeko in Turkey as Milan set price – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Today has been a surprise day regarding developments over the future of Rade Krunic and he is apparently pushing for a move away from AC Milan. writes that after selling Sandro Tonali to Newcastle, Geoffrey Moncada and Giorgio Furlani are working on more departures such as Fodé Ballo-Touré and Charles De Ketelaere.

However, the Rade Krunic situation needs to be carefully monitored after an official offer arrived from Fenerbahçe in the last few hours, where his friend and compatriot Edin Dzeko plays.

Pioli considers Krunic a useful wild card in midfield given his ability to occupy several different roles, but if an offer of €15m or more were to come in then the management could decide to sell him.

The former Empoli player – who will turn 30 on 7 October – has a contract until 2025 worth around €1.2m net per season. The report goes on to confirm the earlier indiscretions from Turkey which stated Krunic wants the sale, pushes for the transfer.

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  1. So this is where his valuation is coming from, since some dude on here said Krunic is only worth 2 million. Krunic is a regular player.

    1. His value is around 10m, he has 2 years left on his contract, he’s on 1.2m net salary, so round about 2m a season gross salary per season so 15m makes perfect sense, he’s a versatile midfielder too. Anyone who said he’s worth 2m doesn’t know football.

        1. Iirc in our two CL quarter-final matches against Napoli, he was one of the best players in the field.

          He’s been improving steadily and 10mill for an experienced player like that who can cover multiple roles is not a good deal.

          For 10 mill you don’t even buy a promising youngster these days, heck I’d rather keep Krunic.

          Also now that I think he was pretty good even in the first game against Napoli in the league last season where he replaced Leao (incl. a through pass for Giroud when he hit the bar). If it wasn’t for two brainfarts from Dest and Tomori, that game might have gone differently

          1. No just no. There is no upside in keeping Krunic. None at all. There is also no improving. Against Inter he was quite poor. There are plenty we can get that are better. Let him go at peak value, because it’s all downhill from here. And he was average to poor throughout last season in the league.

  2. Based on his salary at Milan, Krunic definitely wants to leave because he was offered way more money by Fener.
    At this point Milan can either sell him or renew his contract by matching or coming close to matching Fenerbahche salary offer.
    You can’t refuse to sell him and make him play on the same salary. You will have an unhappy player in your squad.
    BTW that’s a ridiculously low salary, especially when you factor in that useless bums like Florenzi and Bakayoko were/are making 3m and 2.5 mil to watch the games and don’t contribute at all.

  3. “he is apparently pushing for a move away from AC Milan…” Wow – a player wants to leave a club. Never heard of this before in my life! How does this fit into those fans’ argument that “FIFA fans” show no loyalty to our players? If he wants to leave let him, sheesh.

        1. People having a different idea of how to improve squads based on the huge amount of evidence of multiple signings at once not improving squads?

      1. Lol who was it though, we’re all pretty much familiar with eachother now and I would like to know who made that comparison 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. There is no way to rationalise your expectations for Krunic and your rating of Ambrosini.

        It’s completely illogical.

        I can only assume you never watched them play.

    1. Is Krunic actually pushing to leave Milan or is this just speculation gathering steam given Turkish interest? We all know Pioli has a soft spot for him (or is it a hard-on?). Krunic just kind of over things and needing a change?

  4. You had me at ‘ useful wild card’ … I got nothing against this guy but he’s at best a sub, and Pioli is obsessed with him for some reason. I’d rather see him leave for the right check and have a proper 6 coming in with the sales we might actually make

  5. Hey man Krunic might not be a great attacker but he is great in defending and keeping it calm under pressure with the ball with is worth a lot. I would not sell him right now because beneccer is out too and we don’t have that defensive stand without him. I mean yeah we could spend money and buy someone if we sell him but it’s not necessary in my opinion.

  6. For the current Milan, he is indeed good player or even better than many Milan player in filling several empty/weak spot . In addition, he has regular playing time and more experiences than the most. However, it is a good thing if this tranfers come true as I prefer the coach will consider playing other players with more better skill but ununleashed because the lack of playing time. So, good luck for the lord krunic for hos new adventure.

  7. So Krunic out & Musah In. Bennacer will be the starter Regista, covered by Adli or CDK ? Maybe it’s the plan for next season.

    Box-to-box : Loftus-Cheeks & Pobega
    Mezzala : Reijnders & Musah

    Pretty good idea, for me.

  8. The Italian press have no idea about player valuations. Rebic’s value was quoted at €10 million+, he went for €0.5 million. €40 million was quoted for Zaniolo, he went for €15 million. Sporting are about to sign 24 year old Hjulmund for about €15 million, Retegui went for €10 million and yet Milan want €15 million for a 29 year old bench warmer, from a Turkish club? The most expensive signing in Turkey this season is Icardi at €10 million.

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