CM: Lucas Hernandez’s comments on Theo spark worry about PSG assault

By Oliver Fisher -

Lucas Hernandez publicly announced his desire to play with his brother Theo Hernandez at club level, and that might cause some worry among AC Milan fans.

As recall, Telefoot released an interview with both of the Hernandez brothers and among the questions, there was also one about the future and potentially playing together.

Theo’s older brother, who plays for PSG, responded like this: “Playing for the same club with my brother? It would be fantastic! We’re already doing well in the national team, in a club team we would do even better.”

It doesn’t take much to read between the lines about what that means, and his comments could agitate the Rossoneri fans. The former Bayern Munich player arrived at PSG during the summer window, while Theo renewed with Milan in February 2022, until June 2026.

However, the report adds that the Parisians could offer the left-back a substantial increase in salary compared to the €4m net per season he currently receives from the Rossoneri, also taking advantage of the farewell of Paolo Maldini.

Maldini was the true mentor of the former Real Madrid defender. It is therefore probable that if the two decide to reunite as brothers, they will do so under the Eiffel Tower rather than under the Madonnina.

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        1. Lol, 100%. He doesn’t want any transfers as a matter of fact. If we’d just kept Messias and Saelemaekers for one more season they’d be as good as Leao. If we hadn’t “broken” Cutrone he’d be scoring 25 goals per season for us by now. If we’d just given Plizzari a chance, he’d be better than Maignan. If we hadn’t loaned Gabbia out, he could have stepped in for Tomori and we’d have our CB partnership sorted out for the next decade.

          1. Well even though i doesnt agree with everything maldinis heir writes here on sempremilan i actually agree with some of his assessments in regard of coherency, consistency and for that matter more italian players even though ive said for years that i see the lack italians within the squad as a transition period but i certainly expect more included in the coming years but as things stands i can understand that costs compared to equal talents abroad make sense buying foreigners instead,

            If it was up to me all teams in europe wouldnt be allowed to field more than 5 foreigners at the same time and i woudnt even mind the pre bosman rulings where teams only was allowed to field a max of 3 foreigners at the same time.

            Selling/loaning out messias and saelemaekers does make sense considering the new additions even though im a bit sad losing saelemaekers who i always liked he wouldnt play many minutes either, Cutrone might have come good again but in hindsight selling him was for the best considering he now plays for como in serie b and we actually got 20 mil when we sold him to wolves. Plizarri might have turned out good had he gotten the same chances as donnarumma got but propably not very likely considering he is now playing in serie c, Personally i never have had any issues with gabbia and in my view he has for the majority of matches played done a pretty decent job but i deffently also think its for the better of his development to get some consistent minutes which he wouldnt get with us, Personally i hope he comes back stronger as its a dry loan to villareal.

    1. I agree theo would be extremely difficult to replace but maybe galatasays Kazimcan Karatas at least could be a back up for now. Seems a bit like a diamond in the rough.

    2. problem is when we sell one for a high amount, we boost everyone’s price to replace him in that position. Clubs know we have to buy, we have a lot of money so 14 to 16 million europlayers get valuated at 20. 20 for 30. 40 for 80. They won’t do us favours. We waited 10+ years to get a decent left back. All the money in the world doesn’t get us better players when some of the best in their position leave.

  1. Sounds like a normal sibling’s wish to me, nothing more. And buying Theo will permanently restrict Lucas to central back, otherwise they will have to jostle for the left back position. Nobody’s wants unwanted competition. I wouldn’t make too much of that, never has a player been bought simply because of somebody wishing to play alongside another player. Where would it leave scouting?

  2. Well with PSG letting Messi and Neymar leave I believe they might want to refresh their squad and add pieces to support MBappe. Theo is probably going to be on many team’s watchlist, which is not exactly unexpected as he’s simply the best or one for the best in his position. If Theo goes, best to let Leao go as he’s only as effective with a good left back making runs. It really boils down to if management would prefer to cave into the bids or not.

    1. i strongly disagree in regard of selling leao even if theo theoretically were to get sold. I think theo is a great player and one of my absolute favourites at the club but compared to a few years back and with the influx of new players his importance is propably a bit less than previous, anyways i wouldnt entertain any bids on the frenchman below 100 mil. Depending on what leao wants he should be kept for the next 3 years and if we cant renew at that point potentially cash in while we still can but that depends a lot on him and the clubs willingness to further increase his salary.

      1. Oh it’s not that I want him to be sold. I’m just saying if you look at his games when Fode was on the field he’s played pretty badly. He needs his full back to attract away enough attention. That being said, we do have others taking the attention away this season, so we’ll see and he’s been doing great in that regard as there’s less pressure in him. However if a good bid comes in (80m+) you don’t think this management will consider it?

        1. Oh ok fair enough then. Well they propably would consider it for theo but, i wouldnt though 😀 but obviously it would also depend on his renewal situation because next summer he will have two years remaining on his contract. Leaos buyout clause hopefully indicates that they wont listen to “smaller” offers for him but they might for theo,

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