CM: Lyon star Aouar puts contract offers on hold as he wants Milan ‘dream’

By Isak Möller -

Houssem Aouar has ended up on the radar of AC Milan as his contract with Lyon will expire in the summer. Even though just initial contacts have been held, the midfielder is keen on joining the Rossoneri. 

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are always looking for opportunities on the market, given that they certainly don’t have the biggest budget among the top clubs. The latest name to be linked with Milan is Aouar, the star midfielder of Lyon.

According to, Milan have only held initial contacts with the player’s entourage but Massara is a big admirer. The priorities for now, though, are to redeem Brahim Diaz from Real Madrid and to relaunch Charles De Ketelaere.

If Diaz, as well as Yacine Adli, were to leave then the situation could change. Milan would then be able to shift their attention to Aouar, who has put other contract offers on hold as he wants the Rossoneri ‘dream’.

One of the worries, however, is that he has suffered a couple of minor injuries this season and has thus only played 10 games in the league (one goal and one assist).

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  1. WHAT? Aouar plays in a completely different role than Diaz and CDK, why should signing him FOR FREE be put on hold because they’re trying to sign Diaz permanently and “relaunch” CDK? What does the one have to do with the other two? Ridiculous assertion. Either Milan rates him and is making an effort to sign him, or they don’t and they’re not making an effort. It has, or should have, nothing to do with Diaz and CDK, especially since it will cost zero transfer fee.

    1. Easy, this is just an assumption from the writer of this article. Nobody said anything about this, not Maldini or Massara. Maybe they’re not even after Aouar, who knows.

  2. Watch Milan misses out on a free Aouar, spends 15-20 mil on Diaz, and next year when Diaz still barely produces, Maldini’s fans will blame the owners for not spending enough

  3. This is a no- r brainer regardless of what we do with Diaz. Getting such a quality player at only 24 years of age in Aouar on a FREE is an opportunity we simply cannot miss given our weak budget. Sign him. period. We all know what Diaz is – inconsistent. One great game followed by 3 poor ones. He cannot be relied on and neither can CDK at this point. Adli? Pioli seems to hate the kid so unfortunately seems like we will foolishly sell him and watch as he goes on to become a starting caliber player. Sign Aoour. Young, FREE and talented amd can play multiple positions in the mid.What more do you want M&M. Get it done

  4. Easy choice. 100% should sign. Fits the midfield perfectly and is free. Knowing us well pass up the opportunity and buy some 18 year old ‘project’ instead.


    CM: AC Milan star Kessie puts contract offers on hold as he wants Barcelona ‘dream’

    It’s only a speculation until it happens.

    But come to think of it, if we were Lyon fans, what’s gonna be going through your mind right now? Loyalty in football is dead aight?

    When other players do it, we are proud, when our players do it, it’s an unforgivable sin.

    There’s three sides to these kind of events,
    1. The club and ownership.
    2. The players and staff.
    3. The fans.

    1. The ownership may be a lifelong fan of the club (Berlusconi?) But at the end of it all, it is an investment, and is run as a business, he is needed by the as long as he is making progress on the pitch, player signings and trophies, but he may not be making profit from the investment (Real Madrid, Milan?) he may need to sell on or two top names and high earners or not renew contracts just to meet up financially, and may eventually sell off the club, yet we fans just care about the view from our own point.

    2. For the players it’s a job, and like most jobs, the biggest paying firm have the pulling power, it’s a dream to work in those firms. But then, unlike the lifelong owner fan, a player who is a lifelong fan may reduce his earnings just to play for the club (Tonali, Del Piero? Others) now, these are special breeds and must be adored by the fans rather than expect every player to be like them.

    Ultimately, in the world of sport fans always expect a level of loyalty from players, to sign new contracts and even play for less than what they expect to earn as their pay value.
    But again, why can’t the sport provide for players to be signed on a lifelong contract throughout his playing days, so whatever uncertainties in the future will be accepted because of loyalty.
    No, but instead there’s a maximum 4-5 years deal, and when one party, especially the player, it becomes a sacrilege, when in reality, we change our jobs for any reason we deem fit, at any time we feel.

    Simply put, the line of job for sports men is not an easy one.

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