CM: Maldini reflecting as international appeal is restored – four playmakers all want to join Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have been left to pick from several playmakers who want to join the club, but the right deal must be found.

According to, Milan have re-established themselves as a club with international appeal where everyone wants to play thanks to their return to the Champions League. This is testified by the fact that Tomori and Brahim Diaz pushed to return, while Diogo Dalot is doing the same.

It also applies to other targets, particularly in relation to the trequartista position. It starts with Josip Ilicic, who wants to join the Rossoneri but Milan do not want to go above an offer of €3m, while Atalanta want €8m. Ilicic is seen as more of a right winger and his arrival does not exclude that of a pure attacking midfielder.

James Rodriguez also wants to play for Milan so he can say he has tried all of Europe’s ‘top five’ leagues, and the former Real Madrid star can leave Everton for €6m. Nikola Vlasic is another target who has been linked, and the 23-year-old Croatian also wants to join Milan, who cannot pay his €35m clause but can leverage the will of the player.

Finally, Hakim Ziyech is the favoured target of Maldini and Massara, and the excellent relations they have with the leadership of Chelsea could help things. The Moroccan is not considered essential by Tuchel and can leave, and he would consider Milan a tempting destination. The Diavolo want a loan with option to buy and a buy-back set above €25m.

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  1. Not sure if its a typo, badly communicated or im misreading it or something else but it sounds kinda fishy to me because why the hell would milan want a buyback clause inserted for chelsea in a potential Ziyech deal or even why would chelsea for that matter want him back if he currently at the age of 28 is deemed surplus/a non essential player ? Pretty confident to say that milan wouldnt want any buyback clauses inserted if its not necessary.

    1. The original report mentions the idea of a buy-back clause being inserted – aside from that we are no wiser than you!

  2. If a club wants buy back clause means that you are like academy for them. And players that come to you just use your momentum(plenty of playng time and cl participation) for their own good and in the next chance they will return to their club. So dont say about appeal. Appeal is when all top players want to come and stay for ever and all top players you may have will never leave as donnarumma. Next is theo and rebic and dont start blame them. Wake up . It hurts me seeing milan like that. We have worse appeal than roma udinese Valencia… and cl qualification doesn’t make us great again. Calm down and be realistic. Last season was like a miracle. Next season will be a disaster and pioli will leave before December. Good evening

    1. we have less appeal than roma, udinese and valencia
      ? please dont make me laugh thats ridiculous to say the least. Appeal is just that more players has an interest in joining us whether if we can afford them is a different matter.

  3. Which player wants to join us? Donnarumma was in primavera and left for bigger club and to achieve goals. Calabria has nowhere to go because nobody wants him. Kajer came for his final years. Tomori came because he didnt play in Chelsea and wants to revive his career via milan. Romagnoli is our captain and he didnt achieve anything and probably leave. Gabbia is primavera product without paying time but also no offers. Kalulu 20 from lyon b to lyon with 0 appearances came to milan and stays on the bench. Theo was on the bench in real and came to milan to play and in the first opportunity he will leave and I dont blame him.Tonali is the exception but soon will realize that there is no future and goals in this team. Bennacer came from empoli..empoli Martin Bernhard. He plays and tries his best and like theo will leave soon. Kessie he most over estimated player in milan. He is dm and think he is iniesta de bruyne and xavi all together. But he is 0. With almost 0 goal contribution (dont say he score 10 penalties…its a joke) maybe he is a good penalty taker but not a top midfielder. Salemakers he tries but not for top team. Where are the offers for him? Castillejo…a real funny player. Dont want to write more about him. Krunic…unexplained the best kid for pioli. When pioli will be sacked krunic will have 0 minutes and will go play for Kazakhstan division 3. Rebic…honestly dont know why came to us.i really like him but only for left flank.pioli really destroy him as CF and also Croatia. Hauge came from bodo glimt to Milan. Of course is it an honour for him and cant say no to an offer from any team outside Norway. Dont know if he can play for milan. For sure didnt get time…leao he came from France to get playing time and make career through milan but he is 20 years old tired veteran and if he continues like that he will go play for nantes and montpellier.. ibra came for last years and I wish he was 25 . We cant rely on a him unfortunately. Giroud also came for last years hope he will offer to milan not like mandzukic. Maldini colmbo and all primavera products needs to loan and maybe sell if they are insufficient. Time will show. But milan cant rely on them. Milan needs top players and cant always gamble with theo bennacer tonali. Milan needs for example de bruyne milikovic-savic haalland. But I know we cant afford them so we dont have top team appeal. Atalanta and roma unfortunately are bigger teams now. And we play derby with cagliari and hellas verona. Poor milan. I hope everything change and we become top team again and all real top player’s want to come and win trophies with ac Milan

    1. first of all donnarumma is a disloyal money hungry idiot so it was propably allways in the cards that he would leave. Doesnt matter where the players comes from as we also bought players from lesser renowned teams in the haydays of ac milan in late 80ies to early 90ies. are you even a milanista bashing our players performing great ? Not even gonna finish the last ramblings of yours but appeal is that more players are interested in joining us before we qualified for cl and thats a fact whether you like it or not.

      1. And don’t romantic. Football is money and trophies. You prefer ronaldo’s or totti’s career? Ronaldo’s or totti’s trophies?

        1. seriously you are freaking zig zagging but offcourse trophies are more important than a good run of form and never said otherwise but nevertheless the club can attract better players by the fact that we play cl and is a team with recent improvement regardless of our restrictions by our finances

    2. You bitter writing this comment. You’re bad mouthing the players, but in reality it’s a building process. Idk what’s so hard to understand, it’s not 2011 when these wealthy people bought players and build team. Look at PSG spent all these Money can’t win UCL now they lost the little title and trophée Des champion. Buying top doesn’t guarantee automatic results yes the team need top players but the one we have aren’t that bad either. Idk what you’re smoking but Atalanta or Roma aren’t bigger than Milan now. Atalanta are smart at investing and recruiting and have a coach who utilized his players top 4 is bonus for them nothing more. Can you name a top player from Atalanta or Roma? Makes me wonder if you really know much about football.

  4. Who want to join us? All finished players over 30 and all unwanted players who will use milan to revive their career. Milan is not a beggar or player academy. If you are like that then dont love milan . We cant convince donnarumma to stay because he sees that we want to get players from second and third shelf. Now he is playing with Verrati mpape neymar etc not with salemakers calabria and krunic. And our goal is maximum 4th place in serie a and 3rd place in cl group. Paris goes straight for cl cup and France champion

  5. simply pay Vlasic and bring in one year Vlasic will have a price of 55 mil or 60 mil. He is a rising guy and will bring a lot of offensive from the middle to attack, he is an aggressive player forward but on defense he is the new Gatuzo!!!!
    Pay Maldini..simply pay…

  6. You see how milan fans think. Pay just Payne says. For what for vlasic. An unknown player. Again gamble. Maybe he will be the best player in the world but you cant build a team by gambling. Pay but for top players. Otherwise give 10-15 mil for unknown players and after 2 years just sell them. Nice academy

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