CM: Maldini unhappy but expected to sign as Milan table final renewal offer

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have presented their final offer to Paolo Maldini for the renewal of his contract, following intense negotiations over the last few days. The signing is expected to arrive from the club legend, a report claims. 

The situation in the club is rather chaotic at the moment, given the lack of renewals for Maldini and also Ricky Massara. Fortunately, although a lot of time has been wasted on the mercato, we are nearing a conclusion.

According to, Gerry Cardinale’s lawyers (in accordance with Elliott) made their final offer for the director during the night. Maldini is currently evaluating the offer and it has become clear that he hasn’t got everything he asked for.

In spite of some disappointment, Maldini is expected to sign the contract and an announcement could arrive today. His love for the club is too strong to walk away now, even if he wanted more decision-making power with the new terms.

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  1. CorSera and CM are contradictory.

    CorSera suggest that the renewal is handled by Elliot.

    CM suggest that the renewal is handled by Redbird.

  2. Oké so he is here but he doesn’t really want to be here with the things Cardinale gives him… that doesn’t make sense then. Really **** Cardinale clown

    1. If the media potray Maldini as wanting more power, I don’t really believe it. They had smeared Maldini by potraying him as money and power hungry when approached by Fassone years ago. Maldini strongly denied it and called out the media for using anonymous sources.

      1. I do actually believe it. Because at this moment Maldini cannot do his job properly as he has to get permission from others to sign players. It’s not the CEO or some other financial-biased person who should decide who to buy or not. It’s Maldini who knows what kind of players are needed to be competitive.

        Maldini & Massara throw away 6-10 months due to not getting the OK from the higher management for Botman & Sanches and I’m 100% sure they won’t want this same **** happening constantly.

        So… Let Maldini buy who ever he wants and Milan will return to glory days. Let Gazidis (or some other “football-know-it-all”-executive) decide and we’re back to being a mid-table team.

        1. Last March, Ambrosini said Maldini tols him that he do not plan on signing defender because of Kalulu. During interview last May, when Maldini was asked about Botman, he talk as if that was the past.

          The Botman story was invented by media.

          1. Maldini:
            “Kalulu has become a serious player. So why do I have to spend money to get another defender.”

            “Botman? We followed him, but there are many good players in that role.”

            “followed” not “are following”

      2. Of course he wants more power. How many more transfers need to be ruined by accountants, because they didn’t want to pay extra 200k? And all that happening while Gazidis is getting ready to collect 20M from sale to RedBird. That is more than enough for Renato, that was more than enough for Faivre.

        Parazite gets almost half of the club transfer budget, but Maldini is being difficult for asking for more power?!?!

        1. If there’s clause for that in the contract, then the money is rightfully his. He have no obligation to use it for the club, and the club also can’t use the money for anything else. That’s what being a contract mean, both sides must do what’s written in the contract.

          1. Of course, it just shows how much of the parasites are the owners and upper management. They couldn’t give a monkeys toss about the club, they just care about their money and if their numbers show that running a club to the ground and selling it brick by brick will bring more money to them than actually investing and building it up to be a world class winning team, they will do that too. They couldn’t care less about the club, about the players, about the fans. Everything is just means to an end to them and the end is always money in their pockets.

            That should show you that none of them should be trusted.

            And before you start screaming but we won Scudetto a month ago, yeah we did, but we did it despite of their penny pinching, transfer ruining methods. We did it because of our players, Pioli, Maldini, Massara, Moncada. Not because of vermin like Gazidis, Scaroni or entire Elliott.

            Without lower management, we would still be fighting for 4th UCL place and pretending like that is what Milan should be about.

    1. Lihat hasil nanti saja, apakah Redbird sampah atau bukan bisa dilihat dalam 5 tahun ke depan dengan ada atau tidaknya stadion baru. Semoga aja stadion sendiri tanpa inter.

      1. memang sampah!
        kelamaan diliat 5 tahun, liat aja dari awal season baru ini.
        gak ada hub juga sama stadion, stadion sudah wacana lama sblm elliot juga kok.
        andil elliot untuk jd milan juara musim ini gak sampe 10%

      1. belajar apaan?
        memang elliot sampah!

        Milan bagus finasialnya skrg?
        ya barang apapun kl mau dijual memang dibagusin dulu supaya yg mau beli tertarik.

        Milan jdi juara?
        pure luck, pilihan pertama elliot & gazidis untuk jd pelatih rangnick, bukan Pioli, itupun dilakuin diem2 dibelakang manajemen.
        jd pilihan pelatih /manajer & skuad dari Maldini-Massara, bukan elliot!

        ngejual klub pas liga tinggal 7-6 pertandingan lagi (pertandingan krusial semua) apa ndak ada pengaruhnya sm konsentrasi team?
        itupun manajemen tau kl klub dijual dari media, bukan dari elliot.

        mutusin untuk ngejual ke redbird ketimbang ke investcorp, soalnya investcorp bisa bayar tanpa harus ngutang ke elliot, kalo redbird ngutang dulu sm elliot, jd kalo redbird ndak bs bayar utang pas deadline, ya disita lg klub nya kyk yong hong li kemarin.

  3. Yeah he need more power like marotta in inter merda . Too many transfer stopped by CEO just for saving few million or save salary . All that saving just profit for elliot in the end . Elliot must out without holding stock anymore in AC Milan ( currently elliot still have 30 percent while red bird have 70 percent)

  4. Even if M&M renew It’s a disgrace it took this long. And to not give M&M the power they deserve is even worse IMO. They have PROVEN to be fiscally responsible directors and they guided us to the Scudetto on a shoestring budget. Yet new ownership does not trust them. Track records speak for themselves. M&M have proven they can create and sustain a winner. Redbird thus far have not. Horrible way to start relationship with the fans. After such a high winning the title to such a low of having the fans worry about whether one of our most treasured symbols of the club in Maldini, who guided us from the bottom to the top, is going to stay. Disgraceful. M&M have PROVEN their worth. Redbird have NOT. They cannot take credit for last years success. They have to earn it like M&M have. If it was any other club Maldini would have left already. It’s insulting. His love of the club is keeping him around. Shame on you Redbird.

  5. I think we can read between the lines and know what Maldini is after.

    I wonder if Redbird have done their due diligence and realise just who this Paolo fellow is and just how much the fans will turn on the owners.

    It isn’t just because of who he is, but what he’s achieved in a limited time with limited funds with the likes of Kalulu, Tomori, Tonali, Maignan and Theo (who I understand largely chose Milan because of Maldini

  6. Everyone needs to calm down. It is normal for everyone to look out for what’s best for themselves. Of course Redbird don’t want to give away too much power to Maldini because even though they know that he’s the expert on acquiring talent and they trust his judgment, they can’t just hand over access to their bank accounts and have people overspend. They are the OWNERS of the club. Just because they don’t want to hand over the keys to someone else to spend hundreds of millions of dollars doesn’t mean they don’t care about the success of the club. We aren’t owned by Abramovich like his years with Chelsea where money was no object. We don’t have PSG or Premier League type money — we MUST be more careful with our money.

    These sorts of negotiations ALWAYS go to the last minute, the last second. I knew months ago that this would go right up to the June 30 renewal deadline. This is NORMAL. And Maldini will renew and stay and continue to do what he thinks is best for the club and I believe that Redbird, just like Elliot, will trust Maldini’s judgment and generally will allow him to go after the players he wants to go after. Of course they need to make sure they make money and that the club Milan make money. That is how we remain sustainable and continue to improve to again being best club in Italy and contending once again in Champions League.

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