CM: Mancini hits out as Milan fans reduce Donnarumma to tears in San Siro return

By Oliver Fisher -

Fans gave Gianluigi Donnarumma a hostile reception upon his return to San Siro with the Italian national team, reducing him to tears.

As writes, Donnarumma came back to his former home for the first time since leaving the Rossoneri in the summer to join Paris Saint-Germain for the Nations League semi-final between Italy and Spain, and also for the first time since being Italy’s hero in the Euros final against England at Wembley.

From the beginning though it did not exactly go to plan for the 22-year-old. Firstly a banner was displayed on a bridge the day before the game telling Donnarumma that Milan is no longer his home, while outside the ground a fan displayed a banner reading: “You are no longer welcome in Milan.”

The report writes that this inevitably ended up influencing Donnarumma’s performance as he was clearly distressed by the situation around him, so much so that he made errors and when he got back into the dressing room he burst into tears.

After the game, Roberto Mancini hit out: “Sorry, Italy was playing. We had to avoid it, it was not a club match and it was not Milan- PSG.”

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  1. Why is everybody concerned with the lost at milan, psg lost 2 goals to nothing while in was at goal post last weekend, he was boos and jeers too right?

    Mancini does not want accept defect but look for hung on. With his bad selection of players.


  2. Mancini such a bad coach… Only try to find spacegoat….
    Do your job… Never mind others matters… Mister…

    If you know your player not welcome… why do you put him as your starting line up… Are there only one goalkeeper in Italy National Team… Are there only one person can play in that role from the whole Italy nation ? Ask yourself… Never blame others… Learn to take a look inside yourself… It called “Introspection”… Mister… What a shame…

  3. He played with fossils in the back, he could have had Romagnoli there. He used Di Lorenzo and both goal assists came from his side, Calabria was on the bench. He played with Locatelli who is slower than my late grandma, but He let Tonaly play for U21. He had PSG backup goalkeeper who only played in 3 or 4 games since the beginning of the season and conceded twice in the last one. Of course Italy lost.

    Gone is the time when Juventus players were good enough to be the backbone of Italy team, other than Chiesa, none of them should even be on the bench. Either too old or too out of shape. But yeah, lets keep crying and blaming Milanisti for your failure.

    1. Oooh you have spoken the truth and nothing but the truth…he should prevent bias behavior otherwise he is going nowhere.imagine he only call Calabria because of injury to toloi (pathetic).tonali was call because of injury to pessina and latter sent to under 21 team.both goals was caused by both dilolenzo and bastoni.flops

    2. Huh! He should have started w/ Chiellini rather than Bonucci alone and Bastoni. Age is not everything. Chiellini is better than Bastoni. Finally, Bernadeschi in front was wrong.

  4. You would think that a man being paid around 8m a year should be able to keep his s*** together :Þ
    apparently money don’t make the man

  5. I increasingly think Donnarumma must be a bit slow in the head, tbh. How did he think Milan fans would react to total and utter betrayal?

  6. Donnaruma, cry in locker room?? Good. U shit the team, get ready to get shit back. That is life. U can leave the club, but theres respectful way to do it.

    And mancini, u fucked up everything. U put Onform player out, U put Offform player in. and wtf was that formation

  7. Once upon a time, about 15 years ago, you wouldn’t even play for Italy if you didn’t play in Serie A. Ask Zola about that, and he’ll tell you. What Gigio did is not just an insult to Milan, but an insult to Italy. As a Milanista, it is hard to watch the national team snub our players, especially when someone like Calabria is better than Di Lorenzo all day, and the same goes for Romagnoli and Bastoni. Mancini, don’t be upset when we don’t want players coming to play in our sandbox when we can still smell the sh** they left in it three months ago.

  8. Fake news! Bloody crocodile tears! At which age is he “crying” did they see it? Media should stop posting “news” about a soft spoken, hardened money grabber. He was tough enough to tell maldini to his face that he will follow his agents advice, when he orchestrated the entire move. He is not as dumb as he looks. He is an artful schemer. Media houses are laundering his image, that’s what agents are paid to do. He should get used this it.

  9. Mancini has terrible selection issues, Bonucci gets sent off like an idiot, but Italian media outlets blame Milan fans… I don;t even know how to comment on that.

  10. Well deserve
    He is traitor a pi’s of sh**.
    I am proud of fans. They should take off his Italian passport he should,nt get on national team

  11. This crying BS is so old. Someone needs explain what it means to turn your back on the club. Also it was clear the loss wasn’t the fault of the Milan fans but rather the players and coaches. Wonder how the game would have gone with Tonali and Calabria in the line up?

  12. Donnaruma seeking for San Siro Love ❤️ after breaking its Heart coz of money?
    Worst Still,you left for free! Zero capital gain after huge investments on you to become the Donnaruma you are huh!!
    Buy Paris Love with Money, Not Milan’s Love.
    Ours is Genuine and Ageless!!!Forza Milano.

  13. Donnarumma wouldn’t have got where he is today if it was for Milan. How did he pay the club by leaving. What he copped at San Siro against Spain is what he deserved. No point crying over spilled milk !! Keep stoking little child.

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