CM: Milan’s €14m offer for Tottenham defender rejected

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan have had their first offer of €14m for Emerson Royal rejected by Tottenham Hotspur, with the Premier League side holding out for at least €20m.

As has been reported by, Milan will have to stump up more cash if they want to add the Brazilian to the squad this summer.

Milan are clearly serious about signing Emerson given a bid was made, but it is not clear whether they intend to return with another offer that is closer to Tottenham’s €20m price tag.

Milan are intent on signing a right-back who can provide competition for Davide Calabria’s place and also bring more depth. Calabria underwhelmed last season and some feel he was too comfortable with his place in the team.

The Rossoneri have already attempted to sign Matty Cash from Aston Villa and Tiago Santos from Lille to no avail.

The positive for Milan when it comes to Emerson is that they already have an agreement in place for his personal terms. The former Barcelona man would be paid €3m per season on what could be a five-year deal or a four-year deal with an option for another year.

At the moment, Milan will have to raise their bid or Tottenham will need to soften their stance.

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  1. Good, now follow up with a €12mn bid, then a €10mn bid. Eventually we’ll get to his true value of €1mn. If spurs don’t wanna sell at that price, good luck keeping him he can be your version of Ballo-Toure

    1. I don’t think its about if we can or not. Why pay overprice for a player?

      Would you buy a banana for 100 eur just because you can or would you be more rationale and buy 1kg for 3eur?

      That would just be stupid, but whatever floats your boat.

      It might as well be a strategy to barter his price, they want 20, we want 14. Maybe meet in the middle? Howver, that might be too much, still.

      1. You are right but we keep wasting time and time with that we lost for another season most of the targets because of that not only Emerson’s but with the zirkzees and fofanas and Buongiorno s deals why we can’t put the work and finish these deals quickly smh. Why we didn’t go for Khephren? He would be the second best CM and with fofana the second best CDM or the first one. Why we wait for the target we seek and not put the pedal on the gas and sign them?

      2. Some people are just dumb, believe me in next article there would be some comment like that

        They want the management to overpaid some players just to get it done and they want the management to paid straight away all the name Media throw in their articles

        1. You are the dumb one here Mr Napoli fan. Me personally saying that they overthinking the deals they want to close them ASAP and in the end they lose the players and his replacement is someone worse. Why waiting really when in the end you aren’t going to find someone else worthy? That’s what I’m saying Khephren and fofana actually worth the money because look at their performance and market value it’s good opportunities to get . Like rabiot he actually started playing well. Zirkzee I’m not so sure either but hey they don’t trust him then go ahead and find fast his replacement because it’s better to have a whole team like the pos they demand for the new season than a half finished team like we do every year at the start of the season

          1. Typing that long to said more bulls, in the end they are the one that valued the player not you, keep whining LOL

          2. Ok, everyone as a valid point but most yall just throw it away when you make MILAN management look like they are sleeping, last season being the first Mercator of this specific management they where able to sign all there target except Taremi, Thuram as been aproched by Inter long before us, so we ended up getting lots of functional players and we saw what they turned out to be, i can remember lots of rants in here about Pulicic is injury prone and a Chealsea garbage and the rest all did well at there first season, so can we just reason like real fans should instead of bringing up conjecture to make it look as if we are failing already this is just the second mercarto, we need to give them time and trust.

    1. So if you know this Information and that makes fonsesca a fool, how you people just think you know better than the scouts that work 24/7 is damn funny, as a true fan i actually think Emerson Royal is good for Seria A, i very much think he is goin to be even better than Danilo of Juventus, who before joining JUVE, everyone said he is a flop and he was a fantastic signing for them. Emerson Royal is goim to be better suited to Seria A nd his pace is going to help him and Seria training methods will also help him tactically to be a better defender, this reminds me of how terrible THEO was defensively he was worse than Emerson, now we see who THEO is, now can you guys just lets have some fun nd be patient about it.

  2. The market is too high. Teams will have to lower prices if they want to move players. This mercato has been one of least eventful. Maybe teams are waiting for the end of the Euros and Copa.

  3. Sometimes it the player who went a lot of money it a business nowaday some just don’t play at the level on how many club are paid for them to sign a contract ,milan has lost a lot by getting players who don’t really are not suitable for the time to get players who plays with there heart for milan don’t waste money on those who cares just for money.

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