CM: Milan still have €35-40m to spend after Okafor signing – how it will be used

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s summer transfer window is continuing at rapid speed and Noah Okafor should be the next player who is officially announced, but the business is not done there. writes that with Okafor’s arrival for around €14m, Milan have closed their sixth signing of the summer and the fourth paid-for addition after Ruben Loftus-Cheek at €15m, Christian Pulisic at €20m and Tijjani Reijnders the same.

The Rossoneri have financed all the operations completed so far solely with the sale of Sandro Tonali, who joined Newcastle United for a guaranteed €70m, but there is more left to be spent yet.

The ownership actually allocated a budget of around €35-40m to be spent even without the sale of Tonali. With this figure the management will try to bring Samuel Chukwueze to Milan as soon as possible.

Even then there would still be some money to spent, perhaps on another midfielder like Yunus Musah and for some other finishing touches.

In addition to that, it cannot be rules out that Ante Rebic, Divock Origi and other sales are made to further raise that amount. In short, Milan’s mercato plan is clear and well-defined, but by no means over.

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    1. Milan don’t have enough budget for both.

      The report is false, only €65m is guaranteed from Tonali, the remaining is bonus. As we already spent 69m not including bonus, our remaining budget is 31-36m and that is if the agent fee are 0.

  1. Oh boy, show a little mercy, don’t say that! How can the Doom & Gloom Pack survive after news like this?! They simply cannot endure such a hideous reality, that is, the fact that w/ Maldini AC Milan goes on alive and kicking, signing important players and reinforcing the squad for the next season?!

    It’s all too cruel for them !!!

    1. I’ll admit, I was very disillusioned about the beginning of the mercato with the sacking of Maldini and the sale of Tonali – but it’s now looking pretty good.

      But there’s no need to be a Richard about it. Be nice.

      1. It’s better to calm down and wait and see, instead of dooming right away and saying everything is falling apart. While I wasn’t happy with Tonali leaving, there was a purpose and reason.

        People who predicted doom now have egg on their faces and need to be called out. Period.

        1. We’ll see, Milan has 3 new midfielders coming into the season. I don’t remember a club that did good with 100% new midfield….

          1. The base of Milan didn’t really change besides far more quality. Bennacer is out long term. As far as your concerned, noted and discarded. We signed many great players.

            You’re actually telling me Krunic starting was a good thing?

          2. Martin, you sound half positive. What’s happened to you, pal? Are you feeling ok? 🙂

            Welcome to the glass half full club 😉

          3. It is not 100% new. 433 pioli will deploy reijnders,krunic( play because benna injured) , RLC or new midfield ( probably between yunus or dominques) . 4231 pioli will deploy krunic & reijnders as double pivot

          4. Not 100% new midfielders we have Benercer coming from injury, we have Krunic and Pobegba with Adli still there they are old with two or more old players

        2. Tell that to Chelsea last year. Hopefully trading Tonali for these signings helps us win the scudetto.

          My guess after last year is Pioli doesn’t actually know how to coach. But, we’ll see.

      2. You think it was fun reading people say that Milan will be 10th next season for 3 weeks straight?

        Redbird are evil because logic and only Maldini can save Milan

    2. Dude, nobody is sad if Milan gets good players, what is wrong with you, honestly? I think your lack of IQ is cruel towards all of us.

    3. It’s expected for the management to go slow out to calm tbe nerves after Maldini and sandro exits. As always the club is bigger than people and even though we didn’t like how it ended with Maldini we can’t help it but be excited about this new look milan…

    4. This transfer market has been absolutely ridiculous.

      It’s been the most farcical since 17/18.

      You cannot bring in this number of new players and expect to have a team.

      They’ve taken a side that was making progress – that was ahead of schedule – and they’ve just completely redone everything.

      And virtually nobody can see it because they don’t engage their brains with the transfer market. It’s all just shiny new toys to play with. Like a child at a birthday party gorging on treats until they feel sick.

      My prediction is that the majority of these players will struggle to adapt, Milan will have a slow start to the season, Pioli will be sacked by Christmas, and then it’s back to years of turnover and irrelevance.

      But what fun we had in the off-season.

      1. The only change so far to last season is selling Tonali!
        Origi, Balo, Rebic had literally zero impact last term. Bennacer is injured. We brought in better replacements, quantity and quality. Apart from Tonali, core of the team is untouched. So what is your point?!

      2. Last year when we signed only CDK, people cried – now we have an amazing mercato, people are crying. Make up your mind. What do you want

      3. And if Maldini had been behind these transfers? I thought he said we need to invest? And didn’t you people complain that we weren’t going to invest? But you don’t like investing now? Napoli completely remoulded their squad last season and won the scudetto but we all knew that it’d work out with Kim and Krava and Anguissa etc? What’s going on with you lot? 😆

    5. These buys that are happening are a result of the sale of Tonali and guess what Maldini brought him to Milan wake up so thank him and move on

  2. Save some money for bonuses you’ll have to pay out to Chelsea, Salzburg, AZ and Villarreal or else you’ll have another big name sale stain on your a*s kissing face.

    1. Lmao what bonuses? They were minimal. We make more on one marketing deal. I know things didn’t turn out like you wanted (which was horribly), but time to admit you’re wrong.

      Admitting you’re wrong is the first step in the healing process. Then you can work on all your emotional problems. Denial isn’t just a river.

      1. This reaction is hilarious! We got Karen (Martin) still mad as ever. We got Ted and his Mexican telenova talk. Milan Fan and his “black days ahead” speeches. For the love of God when will it end?

        1. Martin is going on a rampage about how awful and bad Pulisic and Rejinders are (and he’s never even seen the latter play one single game). Quite a drama queen indeed.

  3. So sad, pathetic how toxic the whole situation is. Everyone is ready to “destroy” the fellow fans. Especially the anti-Maldinis, so childish these days. Try to prove that you are over Maldini. Every single positive article turns into bashing “the other side”. So ridiculous.
    Try to enjoy the moment, it’s the beginning of a new era with a different approach. Let’s embrace it.

    1. Well you can’t expect that from stupid people. I’m sure there are more than a few people that would be sad if De Ketelaere played good this season because he was signed before, and same about the opposite thing. A few idiots, namely Boulden and dejan, will never stop. Just watch. I personally was mad about the sacking and I will never like the US sh… and I don’t like the first few signings but Okafor and Chukuwueze are great signings.

      1. You really need some help. The first few signings were either great (pulisic) or very good. You’re so mad cause you were proven wrong. Lolll seriously

        1. Giancarlo, that is my opinion, I think a player that missed 14 games last season and did similar the last 5 years is not great. Even bad. If you think he is great, cool, good for you. Why would I be mad? What, because I don’t like they sacked Maldini? I am not a coward like you are, remember that. Or maybe is it because I don’t like Reijnders, Pulisic and RLC signings? So, basically if you don’t agree that all signings are great you need help? What? You can’t even explain your stupid logic, but I’ll wait. Or do I have to have the same opinion like you? I don’t give a F what you think, I don’t like those 3 players signed and it won’t change until they play first 10 matches for Milan and they do good in at least 8. Before that they are bad signings for me.

          1. Your opinion is noted and discarded. Have a nice day. It isn’t reality. Maldini isn’t going to be reappointed. You don’t have much of a brain and i don’t give an Fk what you think either. You obviously know little about football. Go watch “American football” maybe.

          2. And my stupid logic? You post nonsense about three of the players we signed acting as if your opinion is gold. Yeah you’re just a clown upset your worst prediction failed.

          3. What? Your reply shows me you are really mad for some reason. Are you ok? Calm down first. 😂😂😂

            Who said Maldini will be reappointed or wants that? Can you please tell me. Like I said, you just proved your stupid “logic” with what you wrote. That everyone should think the same about every player signed…😂😂😂

            Btw. which prediction? 😂😂😂😂

          4. Yes, cool. I knew you’ll ignore the questions and reply with something stupid. You are mad because I don’t like your new favorite players? It is fine, don’t worry, everything will be ok.

          5. I don’t care what you like or not. You got all b-tthurt when someone called you out. Now you’re acting psychotic.

          6. Read the original comment. I’m not even mad, I honestly don’t know why are you so mad but I guess I am talking bad about your new favorite players so you are angry.

            Sure, I’m psychotic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          7. You’re talking BS though and getting called out on it. And you don’t even know how to respond. Psychotic indeed. You’re like Ted.

          8. Called out on what? You mean your idea that I hate new management and because of that I am talking bad things about Pulisic and Reijnders? And at the same time I am complimenting the signings of other players because of what? 😂😂😂 Do you use your brain? How does that make sense to you?

        2. I’m all for Okafor, Chukuwueze and Musah. If they sign them I’ll be really happy. You want me to be happy about the players I don’t like so you don’t think I am mad? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaah…

          1. You’re all for Okafor who has had more injury issues than Pulisic? You just hate on Pulisic. Noted. Thanks for sharing hypocrite. Pulisic is a great signing. Period.

          2. Oh, now the classic one, let’s make up something. Okafor was not injured more than Pulisic, easy to check. You don’t have to lie because you’ll just be stupid, it is all public data.

          3. You have posted any questions. You don’t even have a clue about Pulisic. Your response is hilariously wrong. You have no IDEA what you’re talking about, that you’re just another run of the mill idiot on here.

          4. Dude, you’re replying to the wrong place, that is why you cant’ see any. 😂😂😂 Try reading with understanding.
            I have watched Pulisic when he was at Dortmund, he was already injury prone there. I’m sure 3 years of Premier League didn’t show he can’t be trusted, he will magically be fit at Milan. The magical Milan medical team, famous for keeping players fitter than others.

          5. I’m not replying in the wrong place. You’re just being an idiot. Also, you can only respond to your comment after a reply. It doesn’t let you respond any further down. You never watched Pulisic play a day besides from a national team outing.

            Since you’re quite slow, maybe golf will be a better sport for you to watch?

          6. Also hypocrite. Okafor has had his fair share of injuries, yet he’s magically awesome for you? You’re inconsistent and a hypocrite. Pulisic plays more games a season than he does… but don’t let facts bother you.

            Pulisic was playing 35-40 games a season, until last season.

          7. “Since you’re quite slow, maybe golf will be a better sport for you to watch?” Don’t do these intelligent insults, I’m getting really angry. 😂😂😂

            Pulisic was a 70M€ signing they tried to make work, and got rid of him for 20M and they were really happy about it. So, he was destined to get his chances and if he was fit he would still be at Chelsea and play in the first team. But he wasn’t, he was out for 60 days or more, every year. Every single one. Your idea is that now that won’t happen? Cool, that makes sense, quite logical. Good thing I can read your comments, as it all makes sense now.

          8. Lots of players go to Chelsea and don’t play, and then leave and do far better after the fact. Including one that plays in our backline. You have no clue what you ‘re talking about. He was playing 35-40 games a season. Okafor didn’t even do that in a weaker league. Enjoy spouting more nonsense.

            You’re just a Karen Drama Idiot.

          9. Tomori wasn’t missing every season, in fact he was one of the most fit players at Chelsea. When did I say Pulisic is a bad player? Do you even read what it says or you just reply randomly?

            But let’s just think of your stupid “logic”. I hate new management and because of that I am talking bad things about Pulisic and Reijnders, and at the same time I am complimenting the signings of other players because? Stop being special.

          10. Don’t bother Martin, you can see his intellectual reach in his replies. He calls you out and then plays a victim, calling you psychotic in his defense when he’s unable to come out with proper counter argument. He’s quite limited and therefore not worthy of getting into discussion with.

          11. Ted, dude, read your own comments. I don’t care which “side” you are on, you write the same stuff from a different point. You know like “Gerry boys here riding Furlani’s d*ck like he already got us a tripletta.”

          12. Ted, dude, read your own comments. I don’t care which “side” you are on, you write the same stuff from a different point. You know like “Gerry boys here riding Furlani’s d*ck …”

          13. Tomori barely played for Chelsea. Pulisic was pulling easily 35-40 games a season. You’re just like Ted. Clueless and without any real logic. And with that, I’m done replying to you.

          14. You’re a special one indeed. Bashing on Rejinders, yet boasting about Okafor. When Okafor played in an even weaker league than Rejinders. You’re out of your mind. Keep replying. I’m done replying to you.

          15. “Tomori barely played for Chelsea. Pulisic was pulling easily 35-40 games a season.” That is how you show you can’t understand the point I am making about Pulisic. I’m glad you proved how superior in intelligence you are. You can’t get a simple point in there and come back with something reasonable. I suggest you don’t reply anymore, but I am having fun, so please do. I really want to hear your genial mind and read why am I happy about some signings and I am not about some since the same people are singing them?

          16. Have a good night empty-noggin. Find a few more names (google it or ask dejan for help, don’t try to make it up on your own) to call me so you can ignore all the questions. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          17. Well I have to get those calling me out, triggered somehow. Be it the nasty way.

            These fans are bashing on us out of all the wrong reasons. I myself am mad because of the way they handled Maldini sacking and Tonali’s sale after they claimed core players are protected. So, how can I trust these new bosses when their word means sh*t. Also, RLC for me is a waste of money. He was when Maldini was after him and he still is. Now I hope he proves me wrong.

            But if I get called out because I have my own opinion on some manouvers, well then expect the worst from me because I’m not holding back for no one. Especially some fans who tend to forget who Maldini is for this club, the moment they throw some exciting names in their faces. That’s just cheap.

            And I also said I give props where props are deserved and same applies to critique. But it’s my opinion. Don’t like it? Scroll further. I haven’t called out anyone until I was called out because of my beliefs.

    2. After getting so much sh*t on you after saying “innocent until proven guilty” about the current owner & management I don’t regret one single bit getting back at those doom & gloom whiners. They had it coming.

    3. My main criticism of Maldini was he signed too many players so at least I’m consistent….

      The fact that people don’t see the parallels with when we signed 10 new first team players in 17/18 just shows how short term people’s memories are.

      We managed to destroy players like Bonucci, Biglia and Rodriguez – players who had been successful before they joined Milan.

      This is what people don’t get.

      The form that these players produce at their current clubs – that they see on YouTube – is not the form they’re going to see when they come to Milan because it’s a different team, set up, teammates, tactics, moments.

      Look at how long it took some of our existing players to adapt even Theo and Leao. We now need to do this with 7-8 players including an entire new midfield.

      This simply isn’t going to work. And we have a very recent example of it not working previously.

      And this coming after we saw what did work under Maldini (even if he did sign a few too many players).

      1. You do have a point there, tbh. Lets atleast see where this will lead to, see the positives my friend.

        Fyi: Bonucci was trash even before he joined Milan, only reason he looked good in Juve was because he was surrounded by Barzagli and chiellini and was pushed out by Allegri because see saw the truth.

        But you are right the players will need to adapt and hopefully they will do it during the preseason.

      2. You are absolutely right, I fully share this concern. Adding so many new players is a big risk and it rarely wear works.
        In fact it works typically against the new signings.
        The counterargument is that we do need reinforcements, none of the new players is – on paper – redundant.

      3. @Maldini’s heir spot on. I’ve said before, my optimistic side is saying they’ll play as well as they do in recent times in their previous clubs and slot in to the system easily and quickly with no problems. But my realistic side is saying Pioli’s system is tricky to play, new league, new tactics. Some might swim but some will sink. That’s the risk.

  4. Omg guys we signed too many players. Now its a bad thing. Too many new midfielders. Should have just waited for Bennacer and let Krunic start every game *face palm*

    No. We signed quality mids and people are still finding ways to complain. Cry me a river

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yes, that is exactly what was said. You got the point 100%. 😂😂😂😂

      1. You are absolutely stupid about Reijnders or Pulisic. I’m not even a fan of RLC and I think we should have saved the nonEU option for another player. But don’t expect me to adopt your illogical viewpoints.

        1. I don’t care if you like them at all, it doesn’t change my opinion in any way. Why would I want you to adopt anything that I view, think or anything else? I would prefer if you did not. You can have your opinion on Reijnders and Pulisic, I think they are bad. But I don’t think you’re stupid because you think differently about some players, that is your thing. It is the other things that show me that.

          1. Well you’re acting like a moron. And your opinion is stupidly misinformed. So don’t act all b-tthurt when someone calls you out on two players you really don’t have a clue about. Reijnders himself has great stats. So I don’t even see the issue.

          2. Yeah, I don’t have a clue and you read a few news and you know they are great? 😂😂 All of the players that had 1 good season in a weaker league always succeeded in the top leagues, right?

            I think he will fail, what he does is good against Walwijk and Excelsior, and Salernitana but I don’t think it will be good to play against Inter, Napoli or Manchester City.

          3. Pulisic was playing 35-40 games a season. Okafor far less. So you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Your opinion is discarded, and you’re nothing more than a drama queen engaging in hysterics.

            And you’re boasting about Okafor who plays in an even weaker league, yet bashing on Rejinders? Doesn’t make any sense. You’re stupid and as dense as a rock.

          4. Have you seen him play? Yes or no? We both know the answer. You are attacking someone based on the articles you read. You have to be super intelligent.

          5. Yes, because I watch the Premier League and it shows up more on the streaming sports channel package than any other league (unfortunately as I would like to see the Serie A and La Liga more). And I watched Chelsea plenty.

            You literally are the dumbest person on here.

          6. Cool, I’m glad you think that. I would be ashamed if you agreed with me or thought anything good of me. We’ll see in a few months who was right.

    2. Did we need to sign 7-8 new players to beat the likes of Cremonese?

      This is the sort of team we struggled against last season and apparently we needed 7-8 new players just to beat them?

      And ironically we struggled to beat the likes of Cremonese because we rotated 7-8 players at once.

      And Pioli now has 7-8 new shiny players to rotate even more. All whilst trying to adapt and settle into a new side.

      It should be fun.

  5. Don’t tell me – “we can’t spend any more money or we’re just like the Chinese!” There has to be a sweet spot somewhere where you doom mongers are happy, surely? If it’s one or two signings it’s not enough. If it’s six or more it’s too many.

  6. I guess I didn’t realize we had all this money after all 🤔 😂😂😂
    Btw according to transfermarkt Tonali sale was 64m. But it works out to about par anyways with the 3 current signings

    1. Let’s see what we spend this summer (not including add ons) :

      Sportiello – free
      Romero – free
      Pulisic – 20m
      Reijnders – 19m
      RLC – 16m
      Okafor – 14m

      Total 69m.

      Sales :

      Tonali 64m.

      So far he use 5m outside Tonali money.
      The other article say we still have 35-40m after Okafor sale, so the transfer budget is 40-45m, Which is about right.

      Now if the stadium project also take off this season, that’s just putting the cherry on the cake. And explain the reason why we only have limited budget, and also show that at least, the management are serious.

      We don’t talk about result of the season, we talk about the summer transfer window – but so far (until the Okafor transfer) we are stronger than last season, get more depth in various position with net transfer of €5m.

      1. Yes those numbers sounds about right. I think I calculated about the same which can be used towards Okafor. That birngs his net to about 9m if the 14m fee is to believed. And that would mean about the same 35-40m left over (I’m guessing for Chuk and Musah). I wouldn’t say we’re stronger ( if Musah come then I’d probably lean stronger) but we have the potential to be currently and we def have more options for our play. It’s a risk as I’ve said before but it a calculated one.

  7. Turned out great for Chinese spending all that cash, buying all those exciting players. The new era, the new Milan. It’s not that long ago. Oh sorry, forgot Gerry boys came in a month ago with US mentality where tradition and culture come with pricetag.

      1. Your problem if you recognized yourself in my comment. But like I said, don’t bother Gerry boy, that was before you became a fan.

        1. You’re stuck in the past. I been a fan of this team when Berlusconi and Galliani were in charge. One of the first players I remember seeing was George Weah. So sit right back down and cry.

  8. Your problem if you recognized yourself in my comment. But like I said, don’t bother Gerry boy, that was before you became a fan.

  9. Both sides have some truth in it. Nobody expected Redbird to invest (or reinvest) this much money on the transfer market. Most people thought they would sell our best players and keep the money in their pockets, making the team go backwards. It’s now clear that this isn’t their intention at all. On the other side, the new players still havr to prove themselved in our jersey. They havr quality but that doesn’t make them a solid team all at once. It’s almost impossible that every new player will perform as expected, so we’ll have to face some disappointments. Let’s hope the team is strong enough to get us good results because in the end that’s all we want. Even what Redbird wants so it seems.

    1. Yo

      stop thinking Sempre Milan commentors Twitter and Reddit are “most people”

      Majority of the fanbase was enjoying their summer and most of the local fanbase didnt overreact, season ticket sales prove that.

      1. Its online fans that make all the fuss especially the hastag cardinale out… When we start buying they said 1-2 not enough… Now after the management spent more money they all whining again that too much players coming and bring the story about Fassone-Mirabelli… The keyboard warrior toxicity is beyond measure…

  10. Martin is mighty mad that Krunic now won’t be starting anymore. Very mad. I figured out. Major Krunic fan on here. Bashing on the players that would send Krunic right to the bench and playing 3 games a season.

    Does anyone have any tissues they can send Martin? He’s having a mental breakdown. LMAO!

  11. For those that didn’t want to compare Maldini and Furlani, think that they can’t be compared because right now Milan seemingly on spending spree with unlimited budget, here’s a simple fact :

    Both actually get around the same budget.

    The difference is Furlani going creative (and daring) with selling Tonali to expand the budget, but Maldini won’t.

    Let’s see what we spend this summer until Okafor (not including add ons, those won’t be paid this summer so didn’t reduce the budget) :

    Sportiello – free
    Romero – free
    Pulisic – 20m
    Reijnders – 19m
    RLC – 16m
    Okafor – 14m

    Total 69m.

    Sales (also not including add ons) :

    Tonali 64m.

    So far he use 5m outside Tonali money.
    If we use base that Furlani get 35m budget, same as Maldini, we still have around 30m.

    And if we close the Chukwueze transfer with 20m + (8m add ons), we still have around 10m transfer budget.

    Now if the stadium project also take off this season, that’s just putting the cherry on the cake. And explain the reason why we only have limited budget, and also show that at least, the management are serious.

    I also regret about losing Maldini and Tonali but you should put credit where its due lol. Furlani do the job using what the club provides – where Maldini wanted the club to give big budget without selling anyone, all while not being nice with the new owner.

    We don’t talk about result of the season, we talk about the summer transfer window – but so far (until the Okafor transfer) we are stronger than last season, get more depth in various position with net transfer spend of €5m.

    Take a deep breath and Deal with it. 🙂

    1. Good post. I do wonder if we’ll make an attempt to sign Musah or maybe another midfielder… like Dominguez. And I heard talk we may still be in for a CF, because Okafor is considered more a rotational player on the wings… but I dunno about that.

      1. Yes, I believe if we managed to sell some players like Rebic, Origi, Ballo-Toure, and Messias for around 15m, which is reasonable amount Imo (personally think we should get around 20-25m for them) we will have 25m budget.

        Which is enough for :
        one CM/CDM (around 15-18m)
        Option :
        1. Musah 18m (Valencia play hard ball. The only reason we still on him is actually because he is American, still young and talented so Cardinale wanted more exposure and merchandise sales in USA, which is acceptable)
        2. or Dominguez for 10-15m

        and one cheap Italian LB, possibly Pellegrini/Gallo/Augello (7-10m).

        If Furlani still add other player like Singo, I think overspend the budget by 5-10m is still acceptable in Cardinale’s eyes. Those amount is easily covered by Pulisic shirt sales in USA anyway.

        1. Musah will leave because I think Lim needs money, and they don’t really have anyone else. But after Chukwueze, we only have 15 million? That would be the rest of our budget.

          We were linked with Calafiori from Basel, and he’s quite versatile.

          I think they can expand the budget beyond what we’re expecting within reason.

          1. Yeah man, that’s why we also only want to pay Musah 13m upfront and 5m adds on, so we still have little money for other transfer…

            The transfer budget can be expanded by selling fringe players, with the money fully invested like Tonali’s sale.

          2. Or they can just add on a little more to the budget afterwards. That’s up to management, and whether they want to spend more in a deficit. But I think offloading players that we have won’t fetch that much.

          3. I think we can get at least 8-10m just from Messias and Ballo Toure.

            Messias is 32 but he contribute 8-9 G/A in last two season so he will have suitors in Serie A, and only started his career late in his 20s, he will be eager to prolong it as much as possible. He can get us around 5m, and that figure is well within budget of Serie A mid table teams. If he won’t be sold he can be pretty good backup, but we need have too many players there if Pulisic come so he need to go

            Ballo Toure will fetch about 4m, be it in direct sale or as discount for Dominguez, or possibly more in case of PL interest.

            And two player who have suitor but so far refused to be sold :

            Ante Rebic… Just sell him, to anyone interested. 3-4m.

            Origi? Still 28, theoretically should still be able to be sold for 10m.

    2. Yep that sounds about right in terms of vision .. I guess the difference was in vision with how they wanted to progress (ie add pieces vs revamp). They weren’t in line with adding so here we are. It was confusing before, they needed to communicate what they were doing better

    3. Furlani made no promises to the team while acquiring them cos he was nowhere near Milan then but Maldini did. You expect him to break his word to them? They came because they believed in a project of building a winning team again and that means keeping your core players, not selling them like a feeder club. Maldini kept his integrity by keeping his words and the players still respect him for that. Maignan hasn’t renewed his contract yet, that’s a red flag for me. Remember he ended his statement by saying Forza Maldini when Maldini was sacked? Instead of Forza Milan. Look at Tomori’s recent interview. Those of you who think this management cares are joking, they know they have to appease the fans so they are paying this sacrifice to justify themselves before the fans. If Pioli doesn’t produce instant results with this new bunch, he will be the scapegoat as he will get fired yet they didn’t assemble this group for him before pre-season started.

      1. Did you hear what he said to them? Or its just your imagination?

        Didnt he learn from his past? Hakan, donna and recently kessie… They dont eat your BS when huge offer come… You cant just building a team with promise…

        Dont talk about interview if you read part you want and ignore what you dont… Didnt tomori said “move on”? Cant you see he is happy with RLC and Pulisic arrival?

        And dont deny mostly fans and players know this squad is far more better than last season

      2. Furlani didn’t need to give promise to anyone… the players are profesional, they come and go for better contract and do their job – they do need some guarantee of their job in the club but it’s Pioli’s job to promise them that. Not Furlani’s.

        What Furlani is there is for negotiating the contract and transfer fee. And in my opinion he did a good job this summer – maybe you think otherwise? Feel free to tell me.

        This management has bought Milan for 1.2b – you think they don’t care about club? Even for multimillionaire 1.2b isn’t a small value. And if they are businessman, they obviously wanted their club to rise in value. How to raise clubs value? They need success on the field and off the field – so the club in the end need to be competitive.

        What need to be done :
        1. Buying players : I think they do a good job with what was provided (35m base and whatever we got from sales)-from what I see they did exactly this, all money generated from Tonali sale is being reinvested into strengthening and completing the squad.

        2. Get sponsor : they keep adding new sponsor and renewal old sponsor with increase value.

        3. Stadium – from what we read in this site, there is a progress here.

        There’s a lot more to be done, but even if for the profit they do care about the club.

        About Maignan, he still have contract until 2026. No need for panic here. He will renew his contract if he want and if he won’t, we will sold him by 2025 and try to find the substitute. Wont be easy but possible. How many of us know about Maignan before he came? Thats the power of scouting. And who knows maybe one of our young keeper will be improved also, we also signed Noah Raveyre this summer and from what I heard he is promising. Maybe he will be good enough in 2 years time.

        Anyway If the club showed their ambition and result I’m optimistic Maignan will renew this season or next summer.

  12. I get some sleep and read this tarticle thread and what a complete freaking meltdown reading through it and here i thought things was actually starting to look more bright after a bleak start to the mercato, hell im gotta get myself a beer after skimming through this bs 😀 thanks for the laugh.
    Move on from the trench warfare and enjoy the good transfers if the remaing two happens then the team has at least upgraded regardless whether people are bitter about losing maldini and tonali (me included) and for the other side get down of your high horses,

      1. Well its not me that martin but im starting to think both sides are idiots as it now seems to just be about being right but im at least also optimistic about the mercato at least reijndeers and schukwueze and okafor seems very interesting but i can live with all transfers on paper but if we keeo a 4-2-3-1 im intrigued to see pulisic in the cam role withe chukwueze and leao on either side. Rather potent team as i see it even if giroud is the starter which i actually for now prefer,
        Either way im still bitter about m,aldini and tonali leaving us but things looks like the team has vastly improved but time will tell but im curious to see whats down the road.

        1. Cheers 👍🏻

          That’s true, the keyboard warriors that keep thing personal are like id*** hahaha

          I actually don’t want to read the fight and straight skip them scrolling to the next comment.

          1. sorry for the late reply whent out and got hammerered and ha spretty much first come home but i just got a wee iritated by that conversation 😀

        2. Oh I know. You’re not that Martin.

          I wasn’t happy about Tonali leaving either, but now I’m happy with how things are going in a general direction. Some nice players we have signed.

          1. As i said to AR whent and got hammered, but good either way no malice towards eitheer of you just got a bit iritated but good you know we are not the same.
            Regardless of transfers tonalis sale will be an open wound for me but im happy about our moves in the mercato neverthless.
            Either way if im right didnt you also frequent goal back in the days ?

    1. Samuel chukwu done deal 20m euro + bonus 8m euro ( source antovitiello) . Anto are milannews director. We have 3 speedy player on leao,okafor,samuel. Now pioli homework are to integrated new player and create chemistry between them

  13. Everybody who said the American owners were using the club as a piggy bank and didn’t understand how to run a football club were WRONG. Full stop. Opinions of the signings may vary and won’t be proven until next May. It is useless to argue about how good they are/were until we see the finished product on the pitch. What can be said with certainty is RedBird is doing positive things for our beloved club.

    1. It comical to me to read all of these posts claiming victory for this transfer window and how we are now invincible and praising the signings of players like Sportiello, RLC, Pulisic and Okafor – players that the previous management also wanted negotiated for and were after – but were demonized for it. Now they are brilliant signings. Lol. Ok.

      Personally I liked them under old management and as I do under our current one – especially at the price points. BUT none are without risk. There is a reason they were all available for under 20M because they carry risk. I do think it’s a calculated risk but a risk nonetheless. Reijnders I think will be an excellent signing same with Chukwueze. Pulisic and RLC are steals IF they stay healthy. All the signings seem to have something to prove and have ability to grow further. I would have liked to see us grab a true #9 but looks like that will wait until next summer.

      For Ownership, Trust of the fans is earned. Doesn’t happen overnight. They certainly didn’t do themselves any favors the past few months the WAY they handled a few thing but that is in the past and as I have always said that could change IF they SPEND $$$$$. And looks like that is what we are doing. Or is it?

      I mean we really haven’t spent more $$ yet. The budget is still 35M. We just used the Tonali money (65M) to buy Reijnders, RLC and Pulsic. Sportiello and Romero were free. Oakfor and Chukwueze will eat up the 35M budget. So we will see if we go over budget to finish buying Musah, Singo, LB, etc…but that should be offset by some sales we hope. That will be much more challenging – SALES.

      SO Basically It came down to a difference in philosophy: old management wanted to add experienced pieces to the core group; SMS, Berardi, etc… while new management took a bold risk by selling a core player (Tonali) for more depth and youth with potential. Are we 100% better? Like I said Nobody knows just yet. We should definitely have more depth and It certainly seems more exciting as is always the case when you get new players. But It’s unknown which method is the better path – that can only be determined after the season. Just as some supporters said to wait until after the Mercato to judge Redbird, the same principle should apply in waiting until after the season to determine if we are better off with these signings. I actually think we will be and I am optimistic and believe we have lots of potential and will definitely be a exciting team to watch – but time will tell.

      We need to Finish off the market by closing Chukwueze, Singo/Messias swap, Musah and a backup LB – and it will be a promising. Whether that translates to more success on the pitch is up to one man: Pioli. He now has no excuses. He apparently got the players he wanted so now it’s up to him to get them acclimated and integrated into the team otherwise it will be his head next on the chopping block. UCL quarters or semi finals should be the minimum and top 2 finish as well.

      Keep spending that $$$ Georgie boy! Heading in the right direction 👍

      1. The old management wanted a lot of things but didn’t have a clue how to get it. I am willing to bet they would have pulled out of trying for Pulisic, Chukwueze, and others because it got too difficult.

        And who demonized previous management for being after players? People were critical of their ineptitude in actually signing anyone when the going got tough. We lost out on more players than you can count because of that.

        I think people were fed up with prior management because of incompetence if anything.

        1. Also didn’t Red Bull demand 30 million for Okafor when Maldini was around? As much as I respect Maldini for what he did initially, as time went on he wasn’t a good negotiator. Okafor would have joined Juventus.

          1. The reason his price drop, imo is because his most recent injury (metatarsal fracture) which end his season at April and he fact he is on the last year of his contract.

          2. I agree that negotiation wasn’t his strong suit and always advocated to bringing in someone to help negotiate the deals. Anyways it’s over we all move on. Let’s see how these new players do. Nothing is guaranteed but if they can stay healthy then I think we will all be pleased.

      2. Also forgot to add, we didn’t exactly sell the core of Milan. Tonali was not in a great form last season and we got top dollar for him at the right time. If we waited, another Kessie could have happened. What we added was a lot of quality. Not just some 17, 18 year olds… but players with experience while still being young.

        Na I can’t agree with what you’re saying. There has been a clear as day quality upgrade in just about every part of this team.

        It’s not just promising players, but actual quality now.

        1. Yes the players they have bought have starting experience with their clubs so we should be better and definitely have more depth – so I tho k we will be better – that is what is said: “ I actually think we will be and I am optimistic and believe we have lots of potential and will definitely be a exciting team to watch – but time will tell.”

          So we are agreeing. But like anything in life nothing is a sure thing. Let’s see how it plays out but I am much more optimistic now than I was before.
          I think it will be positive. Top 2 finish should be the minimum and quarters of UCL.

  14. Do we have both curva sud and curva nord on this site??? The amount of hatred here is toxic 🤣🤣🤣🤣, this world is sick, people have serius issues and they need help, forzamilan, super excited for the coming season

  15. I’m not terribly excited about RLC and I wonder if that was the best use of a non-EU spot. See, Kessie is non-EU and he’s rumored to be about to be signed by Juve for 20 M. I’d rather have him back. But that is now a moot point with Chuck getting the second non-EU spot and he does excite me. Without Kessie I feel that we need a good DM and Musah could be that guy (and he owns an Italian passport) but it’s looking less likely that we’ll get him. We still need a deputy for Theo. So these are my regrets. Otherwise I’m excited about this mercato. I think we’re improving. I really like Pulisic when he’s fit; I do worry about how our horrible medical department will handle an injury-prone player. But all things considered we’re getting better and with more depth on paper. Of course the adaptation of these new players to Serie A remains to be seen but there is no doubt in my mind that this summer mercato is looking a lot better than last summer’s. Of course as any other Milanista I regret that Maldini and Tonali are no longer with us but things are turning out better than I initially feared. I now feel that the Tonali sale made sense and has allowed for us to revamp the offense which was uncreative last year and unable to break low blocks, which is why we got into league trouble and almost didn’t get the UCL spot until we were saved by the bell of Juve’s punishment. I feel that this coming season, after this mercato, we’ll have an easier time securing top 4. And if these new players adapt well and deliver, then the sky is the limit. Forza Milan!

    1. After his last fiasco with us I think Kessie is over, we won’t sign him. Ever. And I don’t want us to sign him too.

      He is quality player with great physicality (I DO think he will improve our mid) but the way he and his agent behave is beyond saving.

      If I’m in your seat I won’t be too worried friend, I believe we will add more player in the rest of the window, we still have the budget and time. At the very least one more physical/defensive CM and Theo LB cover in case of Ballo-Toure leave will come. The only question is when they will come, hopefully by 1st August we have finished all the transfer business so we can concentrate on integrating the new players and new tactic, and on selling fringe players.

  16. Forza Milan , one love everyone , can we create a platform for us to relate better , I enjoy every conversations and opinions

  17. Samuel already done deal 20m euro + bonus 8m euro that easy to achieve ( source antovitiello ) . The rest money maybe go to buying yunus or dominques . If they sell ballo toure maybe they can buy italian LB for homegrown, selling junior + rebic + origi + caldara also can bring cash for singo

  18. I do wish we offload Rebic and Origi. Hard to think of what team would want Origi, though. Rebic may be easier to offload. Messias also needs to go but he will be way easier to get some interest by other teams (he can play decently sometimes) than the other two.

  19. What people should be asking themselves is what combination is better.

    Pulisic, RLC, and Reijnders


    Tonali, Kamada, and 1 of the other three.

    The first three are basically all the Tonali sale brought in. Where as with second three Tonali obviously was here on affordable wages, Kamada was agreed to for free with affordable wages, and then it’s splashing 20mil on one of the other 3

    Personally, I’d rather have had the Tonali midfield. The other is injury prone (Pulisic & RLC) and mostly unproven (Reijnders). If we would have kept Tonali, kept our word to Kamada, and gotten one of RLC or Pulisic we’d have a much more proven midfield and less injury risk. Also Kamada would have offered more positional flexibility as he has played and played well as a both DM and AM from his time in Germany.

  20. The fact is that we’ll pratically have a new squad for the next season, and consequently this new setup will need to properly gel on the playing field. This will obviously require time.

    But in the end we’ll succeed: we did a few good signings and the team was really reinforced on the necessary spots. An btw, the Doom & Gloom crew can go fvckin die and hopefully beat the crap outta here, no one need these kind of ‘fans’.

      1. Amen to someone saying “fans can go fcking die?? LOL. Ya that says more about you as a person than anyone else their kid. Not surprised tho. You are you after all @bb. Fkn donkey

        1. Why don’t you write an essay about how “embarrasing” Milan are and how “pathetic” the management and owners are and how the money from Tonali goes into Cardinale’s pockets again. LOL. That’s all you ever do. Whine, bitch and attack people. You had been pretty quiet recently… Why’s that? Because you couldn’t think of why Milan are embarrassing and the Tonali-money DIDN’T go to Cardinale after all? Donkey, donkey, donkey. Keep up the good work. Donkey.

          1. Oh, and to clarify since you are what/who you are… “Money going into Cardinale’s pockets” doesn’t mean literally the money going into his pockets. That’s just an expression. It would be impossible to actually get several millions into anyone’s pockets.

  21. I didn’t expect much of the signing, selling a core player that the only one available (while benna injured), then buying bunch of kids. I just hope they will merge well with others as a team and didn’t make it worse. We should be happy with the mercato too as it just make milan look like a new promotion team (no offense, but it is reality). Still, I just hope the owner will keep the milan soul by not cutting off the history-line ( by keeping atleast one legendary figure who ever he is) as milan now really really a young team. I believe it will boost the players mentality, because that is what milan need for now, in addition for quality players of course.

    1. Buncha kids that are 23-24? Um we’re not talking about 17-18 year olds. We’re talking about players that have often played at a high level, including in the Champions League or Europa League. Na, I don’t get that reply.

      Yeah but it’s true. People like yourself will never be happy with anything. You think Tonali was the entire base of the team, when even last season he wasn’t.

  22. Daripada kalian berantem di sini , lebih baik kalian bertanding di lapangan bola manakah di antara kalian yang akan menang..

  23. Many new players are coming in, some exciting profiles and some experienced. What’s also good is that they are coming in at the start of preseason and with Pioli’s approval. I do hope he’s able to gel them in time cause this is a big change. Only defense remained, all other departments are revamped. With remaining cash, whatever it is, we need another CM/DM and LB. The latter could come on loan. Considering projected sales, the budget could also increase.

  24. This site is truly hilarious.
    If you are a doom and gloom, you can go and die. Seriously death on someone all in the name of football and being a fan.
    Then if you do not support my vision on how the management is handling the club or are in my group, you got a mental illness and want Milan to fail. 🤣😂🤣.

    I swear ya’ll never fail to amuse.

  25. I have read so much comments here since the dawn of Maldini’s brouhaha.
    And some controversial and others mixed with truth and folly.
    and we can’t use hidden meaning or context. But still the schism grows.

    As much as it hurts/turned out Maldini and Tonali are gone. We move on. No need stoking those embers anymore.

    And as much as it is there would always be critique of the management be it logical or logic deficient. But Ac Milan will always be. This behavior rising up like a hydra to spew death and insults whenever it comes up is just silly.

    But I guess humans will always be humans.


  26. This new management team is a joke. Milan made $80M from the champions league, $70M from the sale of their best midfielder and they allocated an initial budget of $35to $40M.? Management is more interested in returning profit to shareholders than in fielding a winning team. Mark my words, we will never win a scudetto or champions league with this management group.

    1. LOL. You guys still have the energy for your bs-propagand? 😀

      You REALLY think the 80M€ Milan made from UCL was 100% pure profit? LOL. Faaaar from it. Even with the prize money they managed to get the budget to ~20M€ profit. Without the UCL-prize money they would have been in red. AGAIN.

      One could say “check your f*cking facts” but I won’t go there. 😀

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