CM: Milan agree €28m deal for Chukwueze – the details and when it will be closed

By Oliver Fisher -

The Samuel Chukwueze saga has been moving quickly over the last couple of days, and now it seems that a positive conclusion is near.

After the closing of the deal that will bring Noah Okafor to Milan, report that Chukwueze is now set to cross the finish line as well after a new round of talks between the management and their Villarreal counterparts today.

An agreement has in fact been reached on the basis of €25m as a fixed fee plus bonuses to reach €28m in total, with a five-year contract ready for the player. Only final last details are missing, but it is expected to be done over the weekend.

Once the definitive documentation for the transfer of Okafor from Salzburg has been arranged and completed, it will be time to do the same for Chukwueze.

Monday will be day for closing and Stefano Pioli looks set to get the right winger that he identified as the number one target at the start of the window.

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  1. “The Yanks will destroy Milan.”

    This is proper teambuilding and utilization of resources. I’m eager to see what’s next. Management is operating swiftly and with focus.

    1. Yeah, ALL the Tonali money went straight into Cardinale’s pocket like the super-experts on this site predicted. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    2. If this decisiveness had happened last transfer window we would still be Seria A champs, no matter what anyone says!!!

      The Milan management know consists of 3-4 people bouncing ideas and strategies of one another, Maldini wanted his decisions to be final and yes we won Seria a and it was amazing but Maldini having full say on how what money was available was spent was not the way to go and his ego became cancerous for Milan and Cardinal dealt with that cancer the only way he could and that was to remove it!!

      1. @Malik. I totally agree 100%. I was happy when Maldini got sacked and signing CDK for 35m instead Dybala showed bad judgement on his part.

        I’ve said numerous times Maldini doesn’t even consider Pioli’s input when signing players. It was obvious in how Pioli used the players that was given to him.

        Maldini had an arrogant attitude and that’s why Cardinale had to let him go and it was the right decision.

        I appreciate Maldini for the relationship he had with the players which was very important for morale.

        but I don’t think for a second that Maldini would have done a better job than this current management team of Furlani, Moncada and Pioli.

        Cardinale made the right decision and I was confident of that even after Tonali was sold.

      1. Pioli is a good manager, he won the league with us and (i know the juve situation) but he still did do pretty decent with the crappy players we had and thankfully we made top 4. I dont think that many managers would do as well as Pioli did with what he had available, beating napoli in the champions league and making the semi finals too!

  2. Furlani where have you been all these years? Outstanding job in the mercato.
    That would take Milan spending to a 100 mil and these players still have a whole month of pre-season to train with their new team before the season starts.
    We’ll finally have a proper RW.
    We still need a DM, a back up LB.
    After that it’s on Pioli and the players to put all that in work. Management is doing their part

    1. “What are you talking about? I didn’t think we were going to spend any money and now we’re spending TOO much money! Quantity over quality just like with the Chinese!” They’re literally saying this…

      1. Man, should we bring up how some dumb asses here said “without maldini, milan can’t sign anyone. Thuram went to inter, tonali sold to newcastle, next will be maignan, theo and leao. be prepare to see Milan fighting for conference cup and become a feeder club”.

        Now those hypocrites playing innocent, hyping up all these new signings, and pretend like they never said anything about this management.

        1. I was upset about Tonali leaving and was a bit worried, but now I really do see the point why it was. This mercato exceeded what Maldini did. Clearly.

        2. The management has been quick and able to secure some priority targets, so that’s a good point. Now, please stop acting like we signed Casemiro or Mbappé. All these guys have a lot to prove. Pioli as well. Maybe we’ll win the scudetto, maybe we’ll struggle and fight for UCL. This is a FUT style mercato, it reminds some of us of terrible times, when guys like Biglia or Suso arrived like messiahs. Now hopefully Moncada will make a difference.

          In the end, we are on a different path from M&M who wanted to win right now, while this ownership looks for business development first, then to win trophies eventually.

          1. “Now, please stop acting like we signed Casemiro or Mbappé. All these guys have a lot to prove. “*

            Now please stop acting like any of us (you included) thought Milan would be signing casemiros, mbappes or haalands. These are exactly the types of players we had the money for: young(ish) players with a lot to prove. They’ve already showed what they can do. Now they just need to show that they can continue to do that in a bigger club (And yes, I wouldn’t call Chelsea bigger than Milan. Richer? Sure. Bigger? Nope. Not with their history. Or lack of it.

          2. Always someone has to rain on the parade, guess that’s the case with everything in life…

            But as a AC Milan fan for 30 years plus, I am truly excited.

            The power and physicality of RLC
            The smooth silky football of Tijjani R
            The trickery of Pulisic
            The pace of Okofor
            The dancing feet of Chukwueze

            They may not be Casimero (is he that good now to be used as an analogy?) Or Mbappe but they are now Milanesta and both Chukwueze and Okofor are better the Thuram so yeah, I am loving it!!

          3. No italian club can be sure win trophy right now. Look at their mercato this season . Juve sell kulu already also put dusan & chiesa on market. Roma only sign free transfer player. Napoli sell kim already also put osimhem & kvara on market. Lazio sell SMS . Our neighbour IM just sell brozo,onana & lost skriniar for free and they only buy yann bissek , frattesi , yann sommer also sign marcus free transfer. AC Milan are the only club in italian very active in mercato strengthen their squad, fixing our weakness in midfield ,RW, depth player. Of course that still need result on field

      2. Truth is, the only way to find out how good this mercato is to wait for the end of the next season. Now this indeed looks more promising than what Maldini was targeting.

      3. Boohoo we’ve spent too much money. So when we spend to little you cry to your mother but when we spend more than usual you still cry to your mother. Poor mother. And we haven’t spent TOO MUCH, if you remember the tonali sale we’ve maybe spent about 20M from our own budget the rest is directly from the tonali sale

      4. Ur comment irritating milan are doing a great business 👏 buying Quality player u are here talking rubbish

      5. Yes, they are spending way too much money. I mean… Is there any left to fill Cardinale’s pockets? The experts here said it many, many times that the Tonali-money is going straight into Cardinale’s pockets. How about that?

      1. I rely on Fabrizio Romano too because before this site even posted about Noah Fabrizio Romano did an hour earlier

    1. Hahahah because they said that Milan can’t sign anyone without maldini 🤣

      And after tonali, milan will sell maignan, theo and leao and fight for conference cup 🤣🤣

      And whoever disagree with them will be called kissing american ass 🤣🤣🤣

      1. LOL!!! I had forgotten about that “kissing american ass”-thing already. Any positive or even neutral comment (such as “let’s not judge them before this mercato is over”) was classified as kissing the owners’ asses. Yeah. Who were those guys again who “accused” people of ass-kissing? Now don’t be shy… We won’t bite. 😀 😀 😀

      1. Relax, soon they will show up with their negativity and even may say that those signings were done by maldini before he was sacked 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Oh man some of you need to calm your tits. Nothing has happened yet. Furlani is buying because he got 80 millions from Tonali’s sale and those are being reinvested plus he increased the original budget. It’s not like he’s doing magic out of nothing. Wait till season starts and in January we’ll see how things stand.

    1. “Wait till season starts and in January we’ll see how things stand.” Are you for real? This is what we’ve been saying to you lot all along but you’ve been too busy howling at the sky for the past 5 weeks.

      1. Thank You! This thing is coming around despite all the nay sayers that shall remain nameless. LOL!!! This will be an exciting Milan to watch once it all comes together!

        FORZA MILAN ⚫️🔴

      2. This!!! Remember how the people who remained positive (or even neutral!) were classified as “American ass-kissers” by certain people here? Where are those now? 😀 😀 😀

    2. Wrong. Milan had a 19 million payment they had to do because of Leao’s court case penalty. Milan was already in the red. Milan had less of that transfer money than you thought. We already spent far more than whatever we had from Tonali.

      You’re still bitter I see.

    3. “Furlani is buying because he got 80 millions from Tonali’s sale and those are being reinvested plus he increased the original budget.”

      Go check the previous posts where the experts here said the money will go into Cardinale’s pocket and we won’t get any reinforcements. So, anyone want to confess saying that crap previously? 😀

  4. I must say that the management have turned this transfer window around massively, it looked soooo dark in the beginning. But f*ck what a turn around, I guess i was wrong for doubting that they wouldn’t spend the money from the Tonali Sale.

    However with that said, future transfer window will probably look like this. Selling a star and reinvesting in upcoming talents and that is absolutely the way to go, to sustain a healthy mercato.

    Lets just hope that Pioli doesn’t get senile like last season by letting players rot on the bench

    Were are coooooooooooking!!!

    1. This season we be good season for milan let d management continue signing good and Quality players 👌

  5. Please the mecato is going on well; sadly Maldini was sacked but that doesn’t stop us from fanning and loving our beloved Milan and I bet you Maldini is quite proud and excited about the current transfer window and please if we are been honest we didn’t expect the swift transit and so much effort and efficiency so I’m super excited and proud

    Forza Milan

  6. Maldini was fired and Tonali was sold and sacrificed. It looked like a disaster just 20 days ago! Today, we are slowly but surely realizing that this administration still works with a plan and ambition. I like that the money from the sale was invested in players that Pioli probably thinks are the best for him! Of course, we will see how much they hit at the end of the season. But we all somehow feel that this could be the real thing. Forza Milan !

  7. Where is the guy who writes ten paragraphs saying each other our signings is crap?

    Excellent signing and excellent summer. As far as Tonali, that’s in the past. We’re building a great team.

    The fanboys of the last management are running into a corner hiding.

  8. wow i mean. Looking at where we were in start of |June thinking Red Bird killed this team to now…. I’m actually very excited and am very impressed. Lets see how it all plays out!

  9. I was the one saying that this management would destroy Milan, reason for that was sacking Maldini and selling Tonali, what i assume has happened is that Maldini didn’t want to sell any of our stars and requested money to buy players, they sacked him and sold Tonali, and if you love Milan like i do one couldn’t be happy with that decision and if you started following Milan yesterday than you would say that ugly things about Maldini like some of so called fans wrote here. Well for this tranfer market i am more than satisfied with what we got, but would be better if we kept Tonali, but it is what it is, for me Maldini will always be a person who i admire he will always be Milan.

  10. If Chukueze / okafor / musah or Dominguez arrive, i think that we have a beautiful squad to compete in all competitions. also these players are still young, so we have present and future
    Set…. Even if i find it hard to say, after Maldini’s departure, but the club with these players will do a fantastic job.

  11. Furlani has exceeded all expectations. Doom & Gloom boys are quiet. Where are they?

    I’ve said all along this will be a different Milan to the one we know and let’s give it a chance before jumping to conclusions…. Change is hard. Don’t implode 🙂


    1. “Furlani has exceeded all expectations. Doom & Gloom boys are quiet. Where are they? ”

      There will be silence… But let’s see if one of the new guys suffers a week-long injury… THEN they will come alive again and start shouting “WHAT DID I SAY?!!! INJURY PRONE!!! INJURY PRONE!!! F*CK FURLANI! CARDINALE OUT!!” 😀 😀 😀

  12. Secondo quanto appreso dalla redazione di, il Milan e il Villarreal hanno, in questi minuti, chiuso un accordo di massima per portare Samuel Chukwueze in rossonero sulla base di 20 milioni di euro più 8 di bonus.

    20M + 8M (bonus)
    Just about all done. Official confirmation is pending.

  13. Yeah please give honour where it’s due and I believe Furlani said earlier that he’s also an AC Milan fan,now I believe,he and Mocanda had done a beautiful and thorough job.On R Leao day any team would find it difficult to stop AC Milan and now this, I think in four months this team might be close to invincible it’s just about time and please and please don’t compare this mercato to the Chinese’s as those guys and their Managers are dumb.

  14. This is my first comment. I’ve been following this site for a long time though and the huge polarization among fellow Milan fans I see lately is worrisome.

    About Maldini.
    He is our legend and hero. It’s baffling how some people use disrespectful language towards him, as if he’s just another stuff we had… The job he did as a sporting director is debatable yes, but even if it was a disaster (and it wasn’t) I would never use such harsh words against him as a Milan fan. Too much love and respect for him. He deserves a better treatment even if you think that he failed as a sporting director. Calling other people “Maldini’s fanboys” is disrespectful to the people who love him so much, because you know, he is the LEGEND and HERO of this club. Choose your words before talking about Maldini.

    About current management.
    It is still too early to evaluate their job. The development strategy seems good, but we shall see. Doom and gloom predictions, as well as rosy glasses are two extremes. Let’s stay grounded and balanced. The season is too long and with too many unpredictable variables, we could end up with another Scudetto, or outside top 4, it will depend not only on the players we bought.

    Let’s stay realistic, cheer for our beloved club and stay united, instead of senseless blaming and shaming… But well, if you’re a teenager or in your 20s then go for it haha

    Forza Milan!

  15. Awesome transfer window! Can’t wait until we receive an offer for Leao! Sell and rebuild every time is the way to go! Lol hahaha

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