CM: Milan aiming to close €18-19m signing by Friday with Furlani in talks

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are accelerating for Yunus Musah and want to get the deal done before the end of the week, according to a report.

According to, Milan have set the clear aim of closing the deal for Musah by Friday, the day of the team’s departure for the tour in the United States.

Contacts began early today with Valencia, and CEO Giorgio Furlani is working with the Spanish club to try agree things. Milan are in pole position to land the USA international, with Fulham currently behind.

The owner of Valencia decided to raise the asking price when Milan were entering the final straight in previous Musah talks after an offer of €13m plus €4m in bonuses. Furlani will increase the bid to €19-20m including bonuses, and he is confident.

The same source reports that the 4-2-3-1 system will be set aside to make room for the 4-3-3. While there are minimal differences, it seems Milan will no longer play with a natural attacking midfielder and will thus seek more balance.

A midfield trio of Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Tijjani Reijnders and Musah could therefore be what the Rossoneri start next season with.

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    1. So I guess you’d rather have a team full of mediocre Italians than an actual good team, therefore you must be missing dollarumma right now?

      1. I’m not opposed to good Italians like bozzolan in the primavera who I like very much but the truth is that the Italian market is not exceptional and when there is any decent talent they seem to be nightmares to negotiate with because of their absurb values

        1. You mean overrated Italian players as Newcastle is about to find out. If Milan sign Musah, they will undeniably have a stronger midfield than last season and added to the attack with Pulisic. Well done Cardinale. The sale of Tonali was worth it.

    2. Musah grew up and spent half of his life in Italy. He also has Italian passport.
      He is definitely more Italian than Jorginho.

    3. I agree. I’m not racist or anything but i am dying to have some Italians on this Italian team. It really is pathetic

        1. Exactly. He probably knew his nation was pathetic in the world of football. Italian players in Italian team are needed. English and American players have historically been crap. That is just a fact.

        2. Well historically Milan have always been a “Italian” team inter was created because Milan only wanted Italians, that’s why they are called internationale. So it’s part of the culture and history at the club to focus on Italians. Personally I don’t care, but it’s not surprising someone do

        1. Singo needs another 2-3 years to learn to cross. He couldn’t cross the ball if his life depended on it. He mostly runs, that is it. Calabria is safe until 2025 at least.

    4. Musah is Italian, grew up in Veneto and lived there for ten years. He’s never even lived in the USA. Your comment is disgusting really.

        1. He was offered a chance to be a nailed on starter in a World Cup as a teenager.

          If the idea is wanting Italian internationals, you guys should really just say that. I know there would be none of these comments if Milan signed Retegui, a guy who has spent a total of 10 minutes in Italy.

    5. We have Sportiello, Calabria, Florenzi, Gabbia, Pobega, and Mirante. I didn’t include Maldini, Colombo and other youngsters. Don’t know why the cry about Italians in our squad

  1. With a maximum of 5 non EU players I’d like to see Milan with more american then italian players. Right now we have 8 italians and 1, possible 2 US players including Musah. And both have EU passports…And are great signings

  2. Consider it a done deal. Gerry boys are all in for American players due to marketing and investments from their powerhouse like NY Yankees.

    Maybe Yanks can borrow us for Balogun while we’re at it.

      1. You can find Kessie replacement for 10M. He is a glorified bully. This guy is way better than him, a real football player.

    1. Would you rather have one 100M€ player and not fix the many holes in the team or fix all the holes with 20M€ players? I think it’s an easy and obvious choice for anyone who has watched Milan play during the last 3-5 years.

      Ridiculous? The budget is what it is. There is no money to buy five 50M€ players.

  3. This is our best summer window since 2019. I hope Pioli can put all the pieces together again and bring us another trophy soon.

  4. There are good Italians on the market like Casadei, Baldanzi, Zaniolo, Parisi, Berardi, Scalvini

    All of them are actually pretty young exept for Berardi who is in his prime years so there are options.
    We can even go as far as implementing players from the Primavera. There are sever talents. Let’s not forget that Calabria or Donnarumma came from there .

    So there are options. The problem is that the owner is American so I am not even suprised that a transfer like injury prone Pulisic who is American happened while there was struggle to sign Frattesi or still is struggle to sign Chukwueze (where 5 mil more than offered would probably seal the deal..but nah, not American)

    1. None of those Italians are that good. Frattesi was never on the cards. They weren’t after him. That was a market rumor and he went for a sum that was far in excess of his true value.

      I want more Italian players, but the opportunities aren’t there and in reality most of them are just average right now. Even the ones you named.

      1. Added bonus is that the Italians cost about a third more in wages due to the tax laws. So even worse value.

        To me, Musah sounds like he grew up in Italy and speaks some Italian, has an Italian passport. He’s more Italian than several national team players and I can only think of one way to describe someone who says Retegui is more Italian than Musah…

    2. It’s not an owner issue. It’s availability of talent for the price issue. Maldini didn’t exactly sign Italians only… plus there’s the growth decree.

  5. He is true kessie replacement. It is bargain if AC Milan can get yunus with 20m euro . Fassone bring kessie to AC Milan with total cost 32m euro ( including cost loan fee for 2 years) . Yunus are better player than RLC

    1. He is about 3 times better than Kessie also. If you ever watched him, he can play football, dribble, pass, score. He is better than both RLC and Reijnders by a lot because he is a 2 way player, defends well but he is really good going forward as well.

        1. 1 billion. Is that enough? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We are talking about a midfielder that carries the ball from defense well. Luka Modric has 10 goals for every 100 matches, same with assists. Bad player, right?

          1. Maybe stop saying nonsense and answer the simple question? You said he can pass and score, and I wonder how many assists and goals he has? I think you spoke out of your ass.

        2. Dude, yunus are DMF his main job not to score and give asist , even kessie cannot score many goal unless from penalty . Yunus for USA squad are similar to kante for french squad

  6. People on here aren’t saying a certain thing. This isn’t about nationality. People are being racist. Just admit you’re racist. You don’t want Musah to join not because of his nationality.

    Also Musah has an Italian passport. He grew up in the country. I hear enough of this nonsense from people like Giorgia Meloni and other hateful people.

    1. Yeah, sure. You know what everyone thinks. It has nothing to do with Milan being an Italian club, but random Italian people keep coming here and being racist. 🤫🤫

      1. As you can tell with my name, I’m of Italian descent (actually am more Spanish as I was born there), but I welcome these players on their merit and talent. I know why some don’t want Musah to join and it isn’t because of nationality, rather race. These types aren’t real fans

        1. I want to sign Gnonto so me not being happy with the amount of foreigners in the team has nothing to do with ethnicity. I want the core of an Italian club to be Italian. There is nothing wrong with that and it is not racist.

        2. lol you’re being an idiot. Race doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’d love to have Gnonto in the team.

        3. What I would say is that you’re a coward that has to bring their political views and opinions into everything. Nobody cares about that. Move on, stop making things up.

      1. Name me some Italian players that are worth signing. We got linked to some random Italian left backs that played for Lecce and Sampdoria on this site the other day.

        1. There is more than one, depends on the position. But Zaniolo , Orsolini and Gnonto come to mind first since Milan is looking for wingers. In the end they will get Djanuma and you will say that is a worthwhile signing?

          1. No, no and no. Zaniolo… and people want to sit here and talk about injuries and attacking Pulisic for that. How many surgeries has Zaniolo have had? Orsolini is mediocre. And Gnonto is a name linked to no one. Danjuma is better than all three, but my preference is Chukwueze as he’s a RW.

  7. It will be a very good signing, just like Reinjinders. Not so fond of RLC, but let’s wait and see what it happens.

    And I also favour a pragmatic stance concerning these matters: I’m against open immigration politics in general, but a profissional football club must go for the better players available (of course taking in account economic questions and yada yada yada), not matter their nationality.

  8. Too many English and American players in the team. One or two is fine, 4 is too much. I don’t like it and I doubt this will end well.

    If these nations knew how to play football they would’ve won something by now.

    1. RLC is an average player. Tomori was a disaster last season. Musah will be anyone’s guess.

      Pulisic is the only solid buy for us, even though he’s injury prone and Milan can’t take a break from injuries.

      1. Tomori was a disaster last season lmaoooo do you even watch Milan? Out of all the players, Calabria was the one making many defensive errors

    2. Now you’re the biggest idiot on this site. Also if those nations knew how to play football? Like missing out on qualifying for the world cup several times in a row lol like italy?

      1. Italy have 4 World Cup trophies you moron, how many do England and USA have combined? LMAO get outta here with your racist crying nobody’s interested 💩

  9. And did we even see Italy qualified for WC this past 2 editions?
    Italian are way too expensive with less qualities. Some of them are just overly hyped.

        1. “Orsolini is like 30”

          LOL! Turned 26 this year. Not even close to 30 – or reaching the peak – yet but sure, let’s call him “too old, too slow and injury-prone”. 😀 😀 😀

    1. But by that Milan should be buying Croatian, Argentinian and French players. What did USA ever do at any competition? Nothing. Your argument makes 0 sense.

  10. Zaniolo… how many ACL tears and surgeries has that guy had? Won’t be surprised if he retires soon. He’s a completely broken player.

  11. It is very clear They do business in Italy and they don’t like Italian players
    They make Milan team as garbage shame

    Curbs Sud such pussy

  12. Should I tell everyone what our owner have in mind they are preparing for the world cup which will held in American in upcoming years

  13. They aren’t supposed to be good now but talented. Kessié, Theo, Tonali ..all of them weren’t good player from the beginning. Exept for Zaniolo and Berardi who are more than good right now. They are certainly better than those wooden players Milan bought so far like RLC ..
    The only players who are OK so far are Tijani and Sportiello..

    1. Pulisic is good when fit. RLC is crap like his friend Tomori was last season. One English player was too many now they went and signed another.

      Musah… I don’t know maybe he turns into a fine player in the future but it’s a gamble. People are getting excited like they did when Fassone and Mirabelli started splashing the cash on garbage players but Reijnders and Pulisic are the only functional players they have signed for now. Let’s see who they get for striker and right wing positions.

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