CM: Milan have an August plan for Maignan after Chelsea’s failed attempt

By Oliver Fisher -

There is no doubting that Mike Maignan is one of the most important players in the AC Milan squad at present and the club are planning a move to recognise that. report that Chelsea came knocking to try and sign Maignan which was actually not much of a surprise to the club given how decisive he has been, but Milan made it clear that a negotiation would not be opened for less than €100m.

That amount has not yet been forthcoming from any side who are keen, while Milan are planning a move of their own and they want to discuss the renewal of the Frenchman’s contract during the month of August.

Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada absolutely want to secure and reward one of the strongest players in the squad. Within 10/15 days Furlani is planning a first discussion with Maignan’s agent to start concrete negotiations.

The goal is to extend the current agreement expiring in 2026 by one or two seasons, showing the strength of the project and improving the current salary of €2.8m net per season.

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    1. they wont bid on Theo. They have other positions to fix and they know Milan will never let Theo go for just 60M. They also have pretty solid lbs

      1. LOL. So even so-called-fans are bashing Milan for lack of money etc but I bet being a ManU-fan isn’t a walk in the park either. Hasn’t been since Sir Alex left. At least we won the scudetto recently.

        1. they spent 120 million thats about as much milan spends in 3 years. They outspent man city. It’s their fault they invested massive sums of money terribly

  1. Renew him ASAP and set a higher buyout clause. Inevitably at some point another “can’t pass up” offer will arrive, this time for Mike.

  2. Renew maignan contract would be first test for furlani & moncada capability in new management. If they fail renew ,better sell maignan in summer 2024

  3. So we will tell him, we think you are one of the best at your position in the world, we need uou here in the future and present of this squad, a pilllar for us, let us renew your contract for 5.5 million euros, half of what you can earn anywhere else, so we can sell you like Tonali despite promising you this cut in salaries is to keep the team together and as competitive as possible. So Magic Mike? Want to see an opportunity to set your family up for generations disappear like Houdini to make us richer? We will build a stadium off your sweat and make our friends rich, overpay them for real estate projects, give ourself tax breaks, but undervalue you? Doesnt this sound amazing?

      1. Absolutely, I call bullsht when I see it. We let our best players leave over minute discrepancies between computer model valuations, the reasonable asking prices of our players and what current market trends would suggest they are worth. We dragged on talks with our stars over 1 to 1.5 million difference between our offer and their demands which were way lower than what they could get elsewhere. I will stand by the men who sweat and play their hearts out for us over a statistician’s opinion on how much our players should earn. I am not suggesting we should pay 10, 12, 14 million a year, but 6 to 8 million for players that are in the top 10% in their position, invaluable to our team, is reasonable.

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